Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to be Happy in Life?

No, I am not giving you some tips about becoming happy in life. I am just going to explore this question and hopefully give my own opinion. We all seek happiness and often we get confused between happiness and comfort. I feel that it is different from comfort, luxury, success and achievement. To me happiness means a state of condition where sadness can attack you less. If you are happy then you are cheerful even in most depressing and desperate condition. On the other hand, if you are not happy then you don’t find peace although you are successful and rich.
I am a big fan of the concept of Four Noble Truths of Buddha but real life is more complicated than what Buddha said. Just think of this sentence: Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases. Is it so easy to overcome desire? In fact, it is impossible to overcome desire or ceasing of attachment to desire. So, this advice sounds impractical for real life but may be, you should not discard it totally without giving a serious thought.
May be, we should try to be selective about which desires to pursue. We should try to pursue the desires that bring most happiness to us. Well, a new problem would arise because how do you know that the things you like a lot are good and would bring real happiness for you. For example, if you are fond of drinking wine (alcohol) then you know that drinking too much wine may lead to addiction and can cause serious damage to your health. So, if you want to be happy then you need to have some wisdom. Without wisdom, even if you can get happiness for the time being, it will not sustain on the long run.
If possible make a list of the changes that you want to make. Suppose, you have a bad temper and you get into trouble with others for that. First, try to accept your problem without giving any excuse and then you must want to change from your heart. As long as you give excuse to yourself, you will never be able to overcome it. It is really a very tough thing to accept our own mistakes. I can easily point out 10 mistakes of another person but it becomes very difficult for me to accept my own mistakes.
Until we can learn to accept that we make mistakes and we can pinpoint our own faults, it really becomes impossible to find true happiness. When you can find your own faults and can accept that they are really not good then you move a long way in your quest for real happiness. You see actors and actresses try to portray good qualities and good values in movies but in their own life, often they are very unhappy. So, they run into all kind of problems and often they end up being very unhappy. As long as you learn to accept your own faults and mistakes, you are just pretending like an actor.
So, you have to learn to embrace the reality and the truth. If you can accept your mistakes then you can try to overcome them and change yourself. Why not make a list of the 10 problems that you have with yourself? After making this list, just think about them and try to want them from your heart that you want to get free from them. You must want very strongly to get free from the mistakes or faults that you have.
Of course, you need to be patient if you want to get free from your faults or mistakes. It does not happen overnight. You will experience many defeats and as a result, you will feel frustrated. Failure is indeed the pillar of success. Secondly, when you try to change, you may find that people around you are not that eager to support. Even some of you may laugh at you and think that you are crazy. Don’t bother about them because it is your life and you must decide if you want to be happy or not.
If you are trying to quit smoking and all your close friends are fond of cigarettes then it is natural that you will get no support from them. Often, people think that honesty is stupidity, kindness is weakness and by being good you become a loser. No problem, let them think what they wish to. If you look around then you will notice that most people are not happy. They are not satisfied with their life. It is mainly because we live in a world where goodness is not valued and it was never valued in the past either.
When you can overcome your problems, mistakes, faults or sins even if not all of them but most of them- you will start to feel happy from your heart. Just being alive will bring you a lot of satisfaction.
If you have come to read this entry with the hope of finding some tips for becoming happy then I am sorry about that. Really, some tips cannot bring happiness for you unless you really want to change from your heart. If you are looking for some tips then read the following two articles:
How to be happy in life: let out your anger

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why not to overcome the Writer’s Block!

Each and every writer on every corner of earth suffers from the writer’s block at one or another point of life. You will literally find hundreds of articles on this topic and many articles surely contain valuable tips on how to overcome this problem. In this blog post, I am going to try to convince you not to try to overcome the writer’s block. Don’t get shocked or alarmed before reading the post. Believe me, it is not my goal to prolong your writer’s block but I am going to discuss this topic in a different point of view.
I am mostly concerned with the matter that often we face serious problems in life and as a result, we cannot work properly. Some of us may mix up these problems with writer’s block. Let me give you an example from my own life. If you read this blog regularly then you know very well that I have been suffering from ill health for the last two years and I hardly could do any work. Sometimes, when my condition was not bad, I still could not write. When there was too much stress in life, I could not write either. You see for writing, you need some sort of mental peace and calm.
When we face too many difficulties in life at the same time, it becomes almost impossible for many of us to write. Perhaps, depression is another major obstacle and almost all of us have experienced depression in our lifetime. At first, I wrongly thought that I was suffering from writer’s block and tried very hard to come back to writing. This only made the situation worse for me because in addition to my other serious problems, assuming that I was suffering from writer’s block became even a bigger headache.
As a result, I became more ill and I felt more frustrated. That is why, although, I have recovered almost 100% now, I am not putting up any serious effort to start fulltime writing or blogging. I have offers of at least 3 projects now and one of them is really very attractive. Still, I have decided to take some more time and let the so called writer’s block continue. I want to come back when I feel I am 100% ready to write and I can work without putting any stress on my health or mind.
Enough of my problem. If you are really suffering from writer’s block then the first question you should ask yourself is: Is it really and only the writer’s block? Do I have any other serious problem at this moment?
Unless, you are struggling to pay your bills and you are in desperate need to earn some money, never force yourself to come back to writing when you are suffering from sickness or may be suffering in your love life. This may only make the situation more complicated and your returning to fulltime or part time writing may only get delayed.
With this post, I am going to stop talking about my health and from now, I am going to write about the things I want to write. Still, it somehow got related to my long illness. Sorry for that. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Real New Beginning

I know that I have suffered a series of false starts in the last two years. So, I am afraid to state that I am not sick anymore and it is a new beginning. Then, there is nothing wrong in dreaming. Yes, I need all the motivation and encouragement from myself to start again in life. There is my wife whom I miss a lot but she is supporting me 100% online.
Now, the only thing I wish to do is to get back full time work and the only skill I have is writing. There is no doubt that I enjoy writing more than anything else. At least, I can try to update this blog more frequently. I hope that I can do it from now. I really wish to write more in this blog but it never happened for the last 6 years. Yes, this blog is going to be 6 years old in coming February.
Most of the time, I just wrote here for increasing some entries for the network. For the last one year, I wrote mainly about my ill health. Most probably, after this post, I am not going to write much about my health. Instead, I just want to write about anything I like- I really miss it a lot.  
The wisest thing that I have done is not to try to come back to work in the last few months. In 2009 and 2010, this was the mistake I made- I tried to use my will power to come back to work. It was a stupid mistake but I am happy that I have learnt from my mistake. This time, I waited as long as needed and I am ready to wait another 2-3 months before getting back to full time work. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The last Chapter

Yesterday, I could exercise for nearly 100 minutes. No, I could not do it at a stretch but I could not imagine of doing exercise for 100 minutes in a single day. Today, naturally, I am tired but I feel good inside. I have almost forgotten when it was the last time I felt this level good. So, you can be sure that I am enjoying every moment of life now.
I have lost almost everything in life. However, there is still one thing left- my marriage. I am grateful to God for this marriage because my wife is really very supportive. Because of her constant support, I have survived very tough conditions in the last one decade. I met her 9 and half years ago in Internet. These days, getting married through Internet has become common but 10 years ago, few people could imagine it especially if they were from two different countries.
These days, I am listening to the songs of the movie A Walk To Remember and here is one:
It is like the final chapter in my sickness saga. I am near to get back to normal life. I know that it will take another on year but I am not sick like past anymore. The worst is really over and from now on, things will hopefully get better and better. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visible or Invisible: It is the Same Illness

Internet is really big blessing as it helps us to express our feeling and condition. I am a regular reader of My CFS blog and there Kitty wrote this entry a few days ago: invisible illness week – 30 things about my invisible illness and then, there is another entry that you might like to read: “30 Things About My Chronic Illness ” Meme
If you read this blog regularly then you know that I have been fighting my own battle against illness. Well, my illness is not invisible but in a way it is worse. A series of misfortunes almost destroyed my life. I used to live in a bad and unhealthy apartment for 12 years and fought with my own family, had fighting with some nonsense people over nonsense things. I also suffered from money stress and there was this overweight and cholesterol problem. Very small things added up together and made my life a living hell.
Others could not understand my problems because most of the time, they were so small and nonsense but when combined together, they really almost killed me. For example, I could not sleep at night at all and in day time, I felt sleepy but could not sleep as phone calls came, people called me or the bell of my apartment rang. They were really nothing but together, they were too much for me to handle.
So, I really understand the suffering of people who are suffering from invisible illness. I also understand that most of the time, normal people make fun of them as they cannot understand the problem. There is a poem in my language that states something like this: How can a person understand the pain of a snake bitten man without experiencing the poison?
I could not update this blog for more than 6 months. No, I was not sick. Rather, my health has improved significantly. I was very busy with two projects and finished them successfully. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not to repeat the Same Mistakes

August 2011 is coming to an end and I am happy to find myself in a much better condition. Today, my wife saw me in webcam and was very happy to see that my face looked fresh and healthy. I was happy too. In fact, I have forgotten when it was the last time that I looked this way fresh and healthy. May be 9 or 10 years ago or even more. In the last few days, my health has experienced good recovery. In the last 10 days, I could sleep a lot and this helped a lot too. For 10 years, I did not sleep enough and sleep starvation accumulated and contributed in destroying my health and mind.
I had 3-4 problems that combined together and broke my health down 2 years ago. First of all, I became addicted to tea, coffee and Coke. I also got addicted to all the junk food items. Secondly, I did not sleep more than 6 hours most of the time. Well, there were some problems that I had to face as far as sleeping was concerned. I totally gave up on doing any form of exercise because too much coffee, less amount of sleeping and junk food items put a lot of stress in my body and mind. Secondly, the pressure of blogging, family troubles and running a small company all by me were too much to handle. My wife was very supportive and dedicated but it was too much for her too. First, she became very sick and then it was my turn.
I stopped blogging 5 months ago, I changed home, I started doing exercise and eating better food. Now, I am trying to sleep more. My wife is as supportive as ever. So, I have recovered a lot in the last one month. Now, it is time that I will gradually go back to normal work. It is time that I will gradually go back to normal life again.
Yes, I am very happy for it but then I have to remember that I must not make the same mistakes again. The last two years have taught me some valuable things and made me wiser and matured. I have achieved some small victories that are perhaps insignificant to most people as they are not in my condition. Most of them perhaps eat healthy food anyway, do exercise regularly and do not have to suffer so much stress. However, I am happy for such a turn around. I am very happy for the change in eating habit in late thirties. I am also happy to do exercise almost every day for 30-45 minutes. I am happy to see the improvement in my heart condition. It reached to its worst condition last August and I had to go to a doctor start taking statins.
I am happy for all the small things that I have achieved in the last two years. However, I am happiest for the change in me as a husband. I am happy to be a much better husband that I was 2 years ago. You see I have read many romantic novels and watched many romantic movies. I always dreamt to be a good husband but when you are under too much pressure then becoming even a normal husband becomes impossible. So, I am happy that I don’t need any excuse to cover up my badness in my marriage. This is such a good feeling that I cannot describe it in words. I hope that someday, I can express this happy feeling in writing- be it in a novel, short stories or a drama.
So, I must not make the mistakes of the past anymore. I am a happy man now and repeating the mistakes of the past would only take away this happiness. I will try to take care of my health from now and must not try too much for my work.
I noticed that the number of followers for this blog has reached to 72. I am surely happy for it and I like to thank everyone again for this support. Well, I wish that some of you could put comments regularly so that I could feel strongly motivated to write more regularly in this blog. Then, I cannot blame any of you as I do not write comment in your blogs either. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just One Year Ago This Day

I have to say that my health has improved significantly but at times, I get frustrated as I am not fully recovered yet. It is frustrating and today, I felt really frustrated. Then, I tried to remember my condition last year. Except the matter that I had much more money on this day last year, everything has improved in one year. Since I could not work much in the last one year, naturally, I do not have more money.
Last year this time, I could not sleep at all as my heart was beating rapidly. I went to doctor and found that my cholesterol level was too high. In fact, I felt much poison in my body and mind. Today, I do not feel any poison in my body and mind. This is indeed a huge improvement.
Actually, my health is improving but very slowly. So, sometimes, I feel impatient. This is really a very long battle and I have realized that I must take care of my health from now. I must not put any pressure on my health for my work anymore. 

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Next 5 Months

Today is 1 August 2011 and I am very happy to state that my health has really improved. Today and yesterday, I could cycle for 70 minutes on a stationary bike. Thus, in 2 days, I could exercise for 140 minutes. This is a huge improvement for me as I always struggled about doing exercise for the last 5 years. I really feel very healthy today. Well, I still have nearly 20 KG of weight to decrease and it is not going to be that easy. However, since I can do exercise every day now, I am optimistic about it.
 In 2008, 2009 and 2010, I tried to decrease weight seriously but each time, I cut back on food a lot and although I could decrease 8 KG, 11 KG and 10 KG respectively, on each occasion, my weight again increased after I went back to normal eating. This time, I am hopeful because I am combining the two things- diet and exercise. This is the right combination.
Still, I have not been able to come back to full time work. However, I do not regret for that because, I know very well that if I try to work full time then within a month or two, I will again become seriously ill. Instead, I want to try totally for my health in the next 5 months. I hope to get back to full time work from 1 January 2011.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something to be happy About: Translation of a Novel

I am very happy for this work. The last time, I translated a book was in 1998 and it was Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One's Own. I did it from English to Bengali (my mother tongue). It was published in a newspaper serially. This time, I did not do the translation alone. In fact, Mehdi Hassan and Biplob Kishore Deb worked with me. We translated Datta by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay and you can find all the chapters in this link:
We are not the first persons to translate it. I guess that this novel has been translated by several people but we are the only one who have put it in Internet and you can read it free. From the sitemeter, I noticed that some people are reading all the 26 chapters. It took nearly 2 months for us to complete the project and now, we have to inform others.
It was always my dream to translate from my literature because first of all, Bangla is one of the top 6 or 7 most widely spoken languages on earth. Secondly, it has a very rich literature. Do you know that outside of Europe, it was Bangla literature that bagged a Nobel Prize first in 1913?
I am very happy that I could at last form a team for this project. I had this dream for the last 20 years but I always knew that it was impossible for me to do it alone. So, please read the novel and let me know your idea. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The weight Loss Journey Begins

It is simply amazing to see how just a single month can change everything. In the last one month, I could do exercise almost everything and as a result, I really feel fresh, energetic and young. I do not feel sick or weak and now, I am facing perhaps the last battle to get back to normal health- weight loss. I need to lose nearly 20 Kilogram (44 pounds). This is not a joke indeed and for the last 3 years, I have been trying very hard to lose weight but failed each time.
Each time, I could lose some Kilograms and each time, I came back to the border of obesity. This time, there is a real difference. I have been able to do exercise every day with a stationary bike for the last one month. Secondly, I have been able to change my eating habit radically. I have found some very healthy recipes thanks to YouTube and they are tasty too. The best thing that has happened is that I have been able to stop eating outside food (restaurant and fast food shops) 100%. Finally, I have started to get back the strong will power that I had in the past. Last but not least, I have real hope of getting God’s blessing in my weight loss journey.
Nearly 3 months ago, I changed my apartment and now, I live in a very comfortable and healthy place. So, everything is improving and I am deeply grateful to God. From this Friday, my real efforts will start to decrease weight. It will not be an easy thing but I have to keep on trying with all my heart. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

After frustration there is Hope

July 2011 is turning out to be a great month for my health. I feel much much better and my health has improved to the level that I could not imagine 30 days ago. I have started to feel younger and I already look fresh and energetic. May be it will take another 6 months to get back my health but I am very optimistic now.
How was July 2010? Not good at all. I was sick, weak, exhausted and frustrated. I had perhaps the best opportunity in my career but I could not work simply because I was too weak to do anything. I do not regret now for the lost opportunities because I have become a much wiser person in the last 2 years. Now, I need to find some opportunities or some opportunities need to come on my way.
It has been a very difficult time for me and most of the time, I was very frustrated and worried. However, hope kept me alive and kept me going. I find it almost impossible to believe that I am not sick anymore. This is such a good feeling that I cannot describe in words. Especially, it was a very long spell of weakness and it seemed that I would never become normal again.
This is a very important lesson for me. I must keep on trying and then success will come sooner or later. 

Monday, July 04, 2011

Just Never Give Up on Life

It is now almost one month that I have given up my habit of drinking tea. At first, nothing changed but now, I can see a good improvement in my sleeping time. I have been also doing exercise regularly these days. So, these two things are now helping me a lot. I can obviously say that my health has improved significantly enough for me to dream of starting working again. My stress has decreased to a great extent and it is very helpful too.
I just finished an interesting article: How to Defeat Kolrami and I agree with Steve Pavlina that in life if you are run after money then there is a good possibility that it will not come. You have to enjoy your work and then success will come. This is a very simple rule in life but most people learn it in a very hard way.
I thought about this matter that why I failed in my career. Five years ago, I became a fulltime professional blogger but after 5 years, I am a failure in this field. Well, the tragedy is that I did not fail because I was not skilled. What went wrong? Many things. Trouble with family, selecting wrong assistants, limitations of a third world country (no Paypal), no online transaction, poor health etc etc. Some of them were beyond my capacity to solve while I could solve others.
Anyway, now, my health is good enough to start working again and this time, I must learn from my past mistakes. 

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Back to Normal Life with some Important Lessons

Today is 1 July 2011 and I feel that my health has improved sufficient enough to think that I am not sick or weak anymore. I cannot say that I have recovered fully but in the last 7 days, I could do a lot of exercise and I have started to feel much better. Yesterday, I could cycle for 60 minutes and in the last 10 days, I could cycle for 60 minutes in 3 days. Well, I normally cycle 10 minutes at a stretch but still, I am very happy for the improvement.
Last year this time, my health was too bad. I had some really good opportunities but I could not do anything. In on 1 July 2009, it was real hell for me. My wife got very sick and at the same time, I became sick too. I had to stay two weeks in the clinic with my wife and this made me completely sick. At that time, I was doing treatment of my teeth. So, compared to two years ago or one year ago, on this July 1, I feel much much better.
The only bad thing now is that I am suffering from financial stress. Well, it is not unnatural because for two years, I could not work. My blogs are almost dead and I have to start from the scratch again. However, the problem is that I know that I have to still wait 6 more months to get back my full strength. Now, if I do not put any stress on my health then I feel good. However, in the last 7 days, I had to work whole night for 3 days. I have to change this habit and I must not work after 11 PM from now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rest is just as important as Work

Suddenly I got a good project and in the last 48 hours, I hardly had any sleep. In fact, yesterday I worked whole night and then until 12 PM noon. It is needless to say that it made my body weak and tired. I was so tired that last night, I could not sleep well. As a freelance writer, I always welcome these projects because they pay my bills. So, I was not unhappy with this recent project that battered my health. TO be honest with you, I was happy.
Anyway, after completing the project yesterday at 12 PM noon, I felt very bad and then I was worried if I would become sick. I decided to do nothing but just rest. This has done the magic. I did not become sick and today, I feel much better although I am still tired. This has taught me a very valuable lesson- rest is indeed as important as work.
This was my main mistake in the past. I got too much addicted to blogging and I used to work hard every day. Even if I worked whole night then again after waking up from bed, I used to start working with a weak and tired body. So, I got addicted to coffee, Coke and junk food items. Yes, for 3 years, they gave me enough strength but then my health broke down two years ago. I am still trying to recover fully from that and I still could not come back to fulltime work.
One good thing is that I have been able to launch a website on Bangla Literature Translation. It was my dream of many years. We have finished translating a novel from our own language (Bangla/Bengali) and now we are going to upload the chapters in the next few days. Here is the url:
Well, the website needs a lot of changes but I am happy that the work has started. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad News but Good News

Today, I gave blood test and I found out that my cholesterol level is bad- very bad. Well, it has been quite a struggle for me to fight against weight loss for the last two years. I have become overweight again. So, this is the bad news. What is the good news? The good news is that for the first time in a very long time, I feel healthy despite being sick. I feel much better although the test result told me that I am not fine.
So, now, I can try to get back health. I have decided to totally try for it and I have just started a 24 hour long water diet. Already, 10 hours have passed and another just 14 hours to go. I could even walk 20 minutes and cycle 40 minutes today. So, it was one hour of exercise even. I feel much better and I am committed to do a real change in my eating habit this time.
Having a good wife (or a husband) is indeed the best blessing in life. I hardly write anything about my wife here simply because I just want to keep my personal life as private as possible. I just want to say that I could overcome all the nightmares in my life because of constant support from her.
In short, the good news is that I have at last started to feel normal and the only thing that I need to change now is my sleeping habit. I still cannot sleep at night. Well, tomorrow will be 14 days that I am not drinking any tea. So, I am hopeful that I would be able to change my sleeping habit within a month. It feels nice to see that stress has decreased substantially.
Now, it is all for trying for weight loss and decreasing cholesterol. Not an easy thing to accomplish but I am hopeful. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New stage and New Challenge

I wish that I could say, I am completely fine and now, I am back to fulltime work. Well, I am not but I am not sick either. I am really now in the transitional period.
In the past, the main mistake I did repeatedly was that when I felt just some better than I became eager to start working fulltime and then I again became sick. At last, I am acting wisely by not putting any undue pressure on my health. If I have to work hard one day then I make sure that I can have enough rest in the next day. As a result, I am getting better day by day. Because I am getting better, I can do my works easier and faster.
Sometimes I wish that my life was normal like most people around me but then it would have been boring. I am eagerly waiting for the next adventure. Yes, I am leading a small team to do something that was always my dream. We hope to get it done in the next two weeks. This dream project is my next challenge and it is consuming all my time and all my attention. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Life goes On

It has been 5 long weeks that I have not written anything in this blog. Life has been eventful and many things have changed. Fortunately, good things happened at last for a change and my health has started to improve. Almost every day, I feel that I am getting back to my normal health and most probably within a week or two, I will really be able to get back to normal career. It is a long and perhaps cruel struggle for existence but I am very happy to have experienced it.
So, what next? Perhaps, the more important question is, what now? Now, for the time being, I am still not back to my normal condition. I still need to wait but now waiting has become sweet. I can now rest in a good mood. For many years, this kind of normal condition was absent. Stress became my constant companion for year after year. Stress brings bad feeling and it does not allow you to move in life.
The worst thing happens is that you lose vitality in your heart and you stop believing in your abilities. What can be worse than this in life? Last year, this time, I was sick and the only thing that I can remember is that I had some great opportunities to write but I was simply too sick to do so. Now, I have to create some opportunities by working hard. It is not very difficult if I can work hard.
The reason that I like the suffering of last two years is that it has taught me any valuable lessons. More than anything, it has made me emotionally stronger. It has made me wiser and more than anything else, it has made me happier. So, hopefully, I can update the blog once a week from now on a regular basis. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Small changes can make a Huge Difference in Life

I am now in a do or die position in life. I have to shine in my career and I have to shine in the best possible way. Failure is not indeed an option. So, I have to try my best. For this, I need maximum effort. Only then I can think of becoming successful. This is not easy at all because I am not young anymore and I do not have the energy. Still, as I just said, failure is not an option.
So, I have to think of increasing the level of my efforts. I do not see any big problem but what I need is to make some small changes in my daily life. The goal of these changes will be to increase the time of my daily work. I do not have any shortage of skill and I know how to earn money. I just need to make a comeback to fulltime regular work. I need to forget everything and just focus on my work. I know from my experience that money will come automatically.
May be it is repeating the same thing all the time but this is now my only problem. I must just start working fulltime. This is my only way out in life. 

Monday, April 04, 2011

Back to normal life Back to normal Work

At long last, I feel very happy that my health has improved enough and I can go back to normal work. It has been nearly two years of absence from normal life and normal work. Fortunately, my mental stress has finished significantly too. So, I really can start fresh.
I do not have any grand scheme or any ambitious plan at this moment. Just working 4-8 hours a day seriously is the only thing I wish to accomplish. If I can do it then it will bring maximum happiness for me. Before I became sick, it was my major problem. I was not satisfied with almost anything. I was pushing myself all the time for more success.
Now, there is no competition with anyone. I will just focus on myself and just carry on my day to day activities. This blog has helped me a lot and I intend to continue writing here whenever I can. I like to thank all of you for all the support. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Beginning with New Hope

Life can sometimes become painful and frustrating. My main problem in life is that I am in a country where PayPal has not come yet. I am hoping that Visa can shine in this field as in my country we have Visa card. So, I have to face limitations in every step. This can be as frustrating as possible. I have all the skills and ideas but my hands are tied. On the other hand, writing is the only thing I like and I can do well. Because of bad health and mental stress of last two years, even I could not blog well.
Now, I have to make a very strong comeback and I am doing so. Yesterday, I could do another thing that I felt that it was indeed a miracle for me from God. I could cycle for one hour. It is not a real bi-cycle but an exercise device and I burnt nearly 400 calories. This simple thing has now given me a lot of hope.
For at least 6-7 years, I felt very lazy about doing exercise. I tried to get my energy through coffee and Coke. I also consumed a lot of junk food. Now, it is almost 19 days that I have become a vegetarian. It is another miracle for me given by the fact that I was too much fond of junk food items. The best part is that I do not feel any craving for meat now.
Yes, I have started to feel young again and I have started to regain my energy. So, it is the time for me to start writing fulltime again. I am very lucky to have a dedicated and supportive wife. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It was great to Write in this Blog

It is like a farewell post for me here. I am not going to totally stop writing here but I know that I will be totally irregular. I have to start from the beginning in online writing and there is no time for hobby writing unfortunately. So, I have to start again writing for money and sadly, I have to try my best now. I have to give all my efforts elsewhere.
I never took this blog seriously but still, it attracted a decent number of followers and Feedburner subscribers. I like to thank all of you for supporting me. It is a sad and painful decision but there is no other choice. I have to give all my heart for earning money through blogging. This blog is not suitable to earn any money. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hope can recover you powerfully

Today, I woke up at 6:30 AM in morning. For the last 3 days, I have been able to wake up early in the morning. For the last few years, it was my biggest problem as I could not sleep until 5 or 6 AM in the morning. Then, I had to wake up and I had to take tea and coffee a lot just to stay some fresh.
I had hope and dream and now, I realize the value of hope and dream more than ever before. Now, the next thing to fix is earning money through blogging. At the same time, I have to decrease weight. I am now under low calorie diet and mainly, I am trying to become a vegetarian. It is impossible to get out of overweight unless I commit to a permanent change in my eating habit.
This is the thing I am trying to do now. I could never imagine that someday I would be able to totally omit fish and meat. It is true that my heart craves a lot for spicy, frying and oily food items. I think of mutton and large shrimp every day. I think of burgher, sandwich, mutton chop, chicken fry, beef kebab almost every day but for the last two weeks, I could stay away from them. Even I have not eaten a single packet of crisps in the last 15 days.
This is a big revolution for a person like me who was addicted to junk food. I never gave up my hope of becoming a vegetarian.
In the last 20 months, I could decrease weight on several occasions but then again my weight again increased because I never tried to become a strict vegetarian. Now, I am trying my best for it. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Silent Revolution in Changing Sleeping Time

Now, it is 6 AM in the morning. No, I did not stay awake whole night. Instead, I could sleep at 9:30 PM at night and woke up 5 AM in morning. It happened yesterday too. I have to wait another few days to realize whether this change in time is permanent or not but I am very happy for it.
Even last week, it seemed to be impossible to me. Perhaps, becoming a vegetarian has helped a lot. For the last 3 days, I could even omit egg. Of course, I am overweight and now, the main priority is to decrease weight. I need to decrease at least 15 KG (33 lbs.). For the last 3 years, I have been trying to decrease weight. Sometimes I can do so and then again come back to the original weight. This time, I am hopeful because at last, I have been able to become a vegetarian. Of course, I have to decrease use of oil.
Becoming a vegetarian is good from financial side too. My expense has decreased significantly as vegetable items are much cheaper than meat or fish.
As for the sleeping habit, I must not go back to what I did in the last 5 years. Well, life was full of stress and I became nervous and sought comfort in coffee and Coke. Tea is much better. In the last two days, I even drunk tea but did not face any problem. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday: The Second Chapter in Life

Today is my birthday and I am happy for it. I am an Aries and I guess that I have many of the positive and negative sides related to this sun sign. Five years ago on this day (22 March 2006), I started professional blogging or blogging for earning money. I cannot believe that 5 years have passed. It really seems like yesterday. Now, after 5 years, here I am again.
I have to start almost from the scratch. However, I am not sad or unhappy. I am starting my efforts with a happy heart. My health has improved significantly. I can touch it easily. I am hopeful that things become bright for me. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to really learn from Failures and Bounce Back?

I cannot claim that I have bounced back from my failure but I surely know that I have learnt some valuable lessons. I am hopeful that these lessons will help me to effectively bounce back in life in the next few months. Now, it is important to find a good strategy to bounce back. In other words, the mistakes of the past must not be repeated. If you are trying to bounce back in life after a miserable failure in anything (job, love and marriage, health, education etc.) then read this post and try to join me in the discussion in the comment section.
Slow and Steady: Whatever you do, please, do not be in a hurry unless you are in such a desperate condition that if you cannot bounce back in a short time then you will become bankrupt and end up in the street. I have seen that many people do this mistake. Why should I blame others? I am just one of them. When you are in a hurry then either you make more mistakes or you become frustrated when you do not see good result at a short time.
Do your Homework Properly: No one dreams to be a loser in life. Why did you fail in the first place? If you repeat the same things like past then again you will fail- isn’t it obvious? So, do your homework and try to analyze your mistakes. Do not deceive yourself about it. If you do so then you will again end up in failing. On the other hand, if you can learn from your mistakes then there is every possibility that you can bounce back to success in life.
Health is wealth: When we are young, we tend to think that we will always be strong and healthy. Actually, health does not get destroyed in a week or even in a month. It slowly gets destroyed and then getting it back takes a lot of time and real determination. Whatever plan you have, in order to execute it, you need good health. In fact, this is now my main problem. I have all the knowledge, information and skill to become successful in professional blogging. I just still cannot work fulltime or 8 hours a day. Five years ago, when I started blogging, I could work 12-16 hours a day.
Do not bother about Others: Most people love to give advice. Especially, when you are failing in life or your condition is really miserable, then some people around you may consider it their holy duty to give all kind of advice to you. Secondly, some people would enjoy your bad condition and would try to offend you emotionally. While you cannot control others, you surely get try to control yourself about not getting emotionally hurt. From my own experience, I can say that it is not that easy. However, you must have the dream that someday, others wont be able to hurt you emotionally. This dream is valuable. When you can isolate yourself from other people, it becomes easier for you to focus on rebuilding your life again. I wish that I had this knowledge five years ago. Still, it is never too late.
Be patient: Although I have already stated above the importance of being slow and steady, I like to again emphasize that you must never hurry while trying to bounce back in life after a bad failure. You have to be patient and if you are not then you cannot hope to bounce back.
I have just gives you a few simple tips here. I seek your help to continue the discussion. What more tips can you give? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Professional Blogging: The Second Innings

I am happy to be back to fulltime blogging again. Because of sickness, I could not work for nearly 2 years but now, I feel much better. The last two years have taught me some valuable lessons. The most important lesson that I have learnt is that I must not make myself sick from too much work. There is no problem in working hard but I must not get too much excited and carried away and make myself sick.
I love blogging and I love when hundreds of people read my entries. I love when people praise me and thank me for my entries. So, here, I am back again in the second innings of professional blogging. I hope to enjoy it and become successful within a short time. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

I am better, Much better

At last, I have started to feel normal. I am not still 100% fit but I really feel well compared to anytime in the last 2 years. I am hopeful for the future. Now, the only problem is that I cannot sleep whole night. I am hopeful of solving it within a few days.
I also need to decrease my weight as it is now 101 KG. For the last 10 days, I am just eating vegetables and that is why, I feel even better. I always dreamt to be a vegetarian but I was too much fond of mutton. Now, the only touch of non-vegetarian food I get is eggs. Even I am determined to stop eating eggs.
No, I am not becoming a strict vegetarian. From time to time, I intend to eat and fish. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

One week of Not Drinking Tea

It is the 7th day that I did not drink tea. At last, I have really started to fell normal in my body and mind. Compared to one year ago, things have really improved a lot for me. I feel that I have no problem. I just need to change my sleeping habit and come back to normal life.
For the last 7 days, I got good rest. I did not need to go out at all and I could sleep properly. I just hope that I can maintain this style and get back normal health. When I look back to my past, I feel that life was often very cruel and miserable to me. On the other hand, I neglected myself a lot too. Now, life is much easier for me. So, I have to focus on taking care of myself properly.
I am trying to make a small company successful. Now, I have realized that it is not that easy as I have to manage some other people. Sometimes, it becomes frustrating because I have to be engrossed with dealing problems related to the company and I cannot focus on my health or my work properly. On the other hand, having good assistants is a great blessing too. If they work properly then life becomes easy for me. Thus, it is like a dilemma.
I am trying to come out of the dilemma and find a good balance between managing the company and my own personal life. It is not easy because in the company, I have to deal with human beings not with machines.
It is a small victory for me that I have not taken tea for one week. I did another good thing too. I ate like a vegetarian for the last one week. This is a big victory because I am too much fond of goat meat.
For the last few days, because of not drinking tea at all, I felt some abnormal. My mood changed a lot from time to time. Today, I feel much better.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why am I Fond of Blogging?

I am happy that at last I have found something to write about other than repeating about my health and mind. Just for the record, today is the fifth day that I have not drunk any tea and I feel some tired but fresh. It will be another night of not sleeping but I am hopeful that within one week I can sleep at night. Anyway, the original topic of this entry is why I like blogging.
I like blogging because first of all, I like writing. I always wanted to be a journalist or a writer. I tried some other jobs mainly teaching but I did not get that much satisfaction. Yes, I still enjoy teaching but I do not like going to a university or school and teach. Instead one or two students come to my home and I teach them privately. It is perhaps more tutoring than teaching. Anyway, blogging has brought the freedom for me to write.  
I used to be a freelance journalist and I have published more than five hundred writings in newspapers and some magazines. I have translated a book and I have written many things for other people. Ninety percent of the time I used to write for money but living in a third world country, the money from writing was never enough. So, blogging has brought me the freedom that on the one hand, I can write fulltime with all the satisfaction. On the other hand, I do not need to worry about money.
Many people tend to neglect or look down upon blogging. They think that it is less prestigious than freelance writing. In other words, a freelance writing carries more prestige and honor compared to blogging. Somehow, I agree with them but at the same time I like to remind them that even in freelance writing or writing, if your writing is not good and is not appreciated by other people then it dose not have any respect or value. Many people try their luck in writing but only a handful of them become successful in this field. The same goes for blogging.    
Many people or I should say millions of people have tried their luck in blogging in last five or six years. Very few of them could earn enough money and became famous. So, from this point of view, I do not see any major difference between freelance writing and blogging. Yes, freelance writing has one advantage. Most of the time, your writing is supervised by editors. In blogging, there is no editing in most of the cases. Still, as I have said if you are successful in blogging then it matters.
So, another good side of blogging is its potential to change life. For example, I live in one of the poorest countries on earth. We hardly have any modern facility. Communicating with people of other countries was always a major barrier for me. On the other hand, since I joined blogging, things have become much better. I can communicate with people of other countries. I have received some praise for my blogging too. Many people read my entries. Before coming to blogging, my hands were really limited but now in every way, I feel that I have more opportunities.
So, now you know why I am fond of blogging.  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Sleepless Night but without any Stress

I have understood that I will not sleep again tonight. It is 2 AM but I feel fresh. Today was the 4th day that I did not drink any tea. I am hopeful that within a week I can change my sleeping habit. It will be great if I can sleep within 1 AM or 2 AM at night.
The main problem now is that at day time others call me and I have to wake up. It totally puts a lot of stress on my health and mind and I cannot work well. Perhaps this is the main reason that I cannot come back to normal work. On the other hand, if I can sleep normally at night then I can work with a fresh mood in day time.
Tonight, I feel much better and I am hopeful that I can do some work. I am almost back to normal life and it gives me a lot of happiness. I know it very well that in my entries of last one year in this blog, I am just talking about the same things over and again. Sometimes, I even get bored but I realize that doing this nonsense thing has helped me a lot.
This blog has now 60 followers. I am deeply grateful to all of you. It is nice to know that some readers read my nonsense entries. While browsing throw some of the blogs of the followers of this blog, I realized that I should mention some of the entries:
Another lesson (Stephanie has talked about the importance of being patient)
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fighting against Addiction to Tea

I am perhaps among the rare people who find it difficult to sleep at night because of drinking tea. I have inherited it from my mother. Anyway, it all started 5 years ago when I fell into a bad condition in my career and I had to try desperately to get some work that would bring some money. I was unemployed for 3 months and I gave everything of me during that time. I used to work until 8 AM in morning and then sleep. Then, I developed habit of coffee and coke.
Fortunately, I could give up coffee nearly 18 months ago and Coke nearly 6 months ago. Now, the last thing I need to give up is tea. For the last 3 days, I have not drunk at all. My health has improved a lot and if I can just now change the sleeping habit then I think that I can come back to normal fulltime work. I have learnt my lesson and I will from now try my best to keep my mental peace.
So, for the time being, the only focus is on getting out of drinking tea. 

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Planning is the most important step for Success

I woke up one hour ago. Today, I have no special work and I have all the hours ahead of me to write or blog. So, I can easily work for 8 hours now without any interruption. In fact, my stress has almost finished and at last, I can start working fulltime without any real pressure.
Now, the main problem in front of me is that what I should do in the next few hours. I know that I should write some entries but what would be the topic. It is a very simple question but I have seen many people facing problem from this simple matter. This simple matter wastes a lot of time in our daily life. It is a common problem everywhere.
Of course, if you are in a job then you already know what you should do. At the beginning of your job, your boss or your manager normally tells you what to do. After you have become experienced, you already know what you have to do. On the other hand, I am a self-employed person. I run a small company. So, I have to decide what has to be done everyday. I have to decide for myself and for others working with me. So, planning is indeed a crucial thing.  
Until now, I never spent a lot of time on planning. Because of this reason, I have suffered many setbacks in the last few years. I have been able to stop watching TV and I have been able to cut back on the time of browsing Internet without a purpose. So, I have more free time now and I must focus on this matter from now.
I am fond of speed but in the last few months, I have realized that if I do not plan what I have to do then I cannot accomplish enough. Planning is not enough and I know it very well. I have to try to execute the plan in daily life. Without that there is no difference between planning and dreaming. On the other hand, you cannot execute your plan successfully every day. In that case, you must not become frustrated. There is no better enemy in life than frustration.
For the last two years, I was so preoccupied with my physical weakness that I could not focus on my mind that much. It is now time to motivate myself so that I can work fulltime. I am still very young and I have at least 30 years of working life. So, losing two years from bad health is not a big deal. 

Just Stress free Regular Working can make all the Difference

I do not exactly come from a poor background but my parents were not wise about money and as a result, I had to suffer most of the time in my life under too much stress over very simple matters. Today, I discovered that for the first time in my life, I have almost not stress. Now, the only thing I need is to work fulltime regularly. Even my health has improved significantly.
I have years of experience with me. So, I do not have to do anything new. Instead, I just need to increase my productivity. Until now, I was always under a lot of stress and I used to feel that whatever I did was not enough. Now, I know that I do not need to put my health to any danger. So, now, my only focus should be to work fulltime without any stress.
I must not take any project that would put any undue stress on me. Instead, I will just do things that I can do without any stress. I feel very happy that I have realized this matter. Of course, I could come away of the shadow of the past stress and sufferings because of continuous efforts. I just need to continue trying. I am happy that my condition has reached to this level now.
When I look back to the past, I realize that my main problem was undue stress. Because of too much stress and tension, I could never work according to my full potential. I was always an under-achiever only for this problem. 

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Value of an Hour of Focused Effort

While I am trying to come back to normal full time work, the biggest obstacle that I am facing now is working continuously. There are too many distractions and in the end, I get frustrated almost every day as I achieve too little. I have been blogging for 5 years now and it is not a difficult work. It is not something that is totally impossible. Now, my health is almost back to normal level. So, blogging should not be a problem for me anymore. In fact, blogging is now the easiest work for me in the world. I know a lot about it. All I need is just to sit in the desktop or laptop PC and then work.
Still, somehow, I cannot come back to normal work. Last night, I was taking a look at the emails of 5 years ago. I tried my best to get a normal blogging work as I was desperately searching for a work in Internet. Even after I got the job, I had to struggle a lot as I had no idea of bringing visitors to my blog. Even that is not a problem for me now. So, I have to just start with one hour of focused work. Before that I need to find out the distractions.

Television: I would not say that T is the biggest distraction for me but I have noticed that 90% of the time that I watch TV, I watch something really meaningless. I mean that I just watch for watching. It is not that I am fond of the program that I am watching. TV is a passive thing and from now, I will try to avoid it as much as possible.
Internet: I am always in Internet- checking email, Sitemeter, Google News, some blogs and newspapers websites etc. This is the source of major distraction for me. I at first found it a lot of fun as I was under too much emotional stress in life. It is like a drug to forget the physical and mental stress. However, now, I am in normal condition. So, I will try to change this bad habit.
People: Fortunately, I do not mix with a lot of people. Still, I must improve in this side. I have to decrease interaction with others and allocate more time for my works.
Frustration: It is perhaps becoming the number one distraction for me. I am finding life somewhat difficult because I was out of full time work for almost two hours. I have to again start almost from the scratch. Believe me it is not easy.
One Work at a Time and One Hour at a Time
In order to come out of this vicious circle the best thing for me to do now is to take one work at a time. I will just start focusing on one hour at a time.
What I realize is that now, I have to start a fight to control my mind. Until now, the fight was to make my health some better. I have been able to come out of bad health. Now, it is time to improve my mental ability. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Trying to find answers to some Questions in Work

I am back to fulltime blogging almost. I know that I am saying the same thing for many days but fortunately, I am almost back to the level before I became sick and suffered a series of misfortunes. So, I am almost getting back my health.
Now, as I have started working seriously, I have noticed that I lose my way most of the days. That is why, I have realized that I need to find answer to some questions so that I can overcome my problems and focus on my writing.
It is better I try to write down the questions of which I need to find some good answers.
1. How to find out the most important problems?
2. How to focus on my work every day?
3. How to overcome the distractions and just work continuously for an hour?
4. How to ensure that I can sleep at the right time and do not suffer from sleeping problem?
5. What are the things should I do to become successful in blogging?
There are many questions that I need to find answers. Many of us have similar problems and they try to find the answers.
Earlier today, I was thinking of writing about these problems and their solutions in this blog. At first, I thought that I should not write about these things as they often become similar like spam content. After all, there are many websites and blogs about personal development. Then, I felt that it was not a bad idea to write about these problems because I am a person who is dealing with these things every day. So, at least, I can share my experience and my struggles, my successes and failures.
I am not exactly trying to earn anything by writing about these questions and trying to find their answers as they will be mostly written from my personal experience. Even, I cannot claim that I know perfect answers for even one of these questions. I also don’t know if I can really follow my own advice. What I just know is that I will be able to discuss about these questions from real life problems and experience.
Steve Pavlina is perhaps my most favorite person in this regard. I like his website and blog simply because he suffered real problems and then tried to overcome them. So, he wrote most of the content in his website from his own personal experience. Well, to be honest, I do not agree with many of the things he said in his website and blog and I hardly follow any of the strategies he wrote there. I never purchased anything from his website or I am not even encouraging anyone to do so either. I just like his website because it helps me to think about my own life.
So, from 1 March 2011, I am going to think about a particular problem for a day or for two three days continuously. I will try to find solution to the problems and then will try to write about the whole matter. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Literally in the second phase of my Professional Blogging Career

Last night, I spent several hours checking the condition of our blogs. Now, we update 7 blogs and we are 4 bloggers. In theory, there should be nothing wrong but in reality, I have to start from the scratch as the condition of all the blogs is very bad. So, I am kind of back to the beginning as far as professional blogging is concerned.
It is sad and painful but I cannot blame anyone as I could not work for many months. Anyway, I am happy that Google has decided to act tough against content farms and spammers at last. This is good news for people like us who always focus on good content.
Because of this decision from Google, life should become some easier for me now. Anyway, if I can work hard then generating good amount of traffic wont take more than one month. I have come back to fulltime blogging at last. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Try to stay calm in Tough Condition in Life

Just a few minutes ago, Bangladesh achieved an inspiring victory against Ireland in ICC World Cup Cricket 2011. Naturally, I am very happy that my country won the match. Cricket is the most popular sports in this country.
The win of today was inspiring and amazing because Bangladesh batted first and scored just 205 runs from their allotted 50 overs. Very few people could think that Bangladesh would be able to defend this small score. The bowlers tried their best and in the end, Ireland fell short of 27 runs.
This victory brought a lot of inspiration in my heart because my condition is more or less like our cricket team these days. I am trying to make a comeback to my career of professional blogging. Right now, I am the underdog and things are not working well. That is why, this cricket match brought a lot of hope in me. Bangladesh players could make a very strong and dramatic turnaround because they worked hard.
So, in a happy heart, I am going to stay calm and work hard. I am going to be dedicated and serious about blogging from this moment. I am going to try my best. In fact, five years ago, when I started professional blogging, I did not think of anything else but I gave all my heart to become successful. Success did not come right away. It took nearly one year but when the success came, it was resounding. I have to remember that lesson and again try with all my heart. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

At last back to Blogging Again

For the last 4 months, I have been trying to come back to fulltime blogging. I could not do for various reasons but now, I am back to my real profession. I do not need to do anything extraordinary or special- just do the thing I can do best. I am fond of writing and this is the thing I can do best.
My condition is reaching to desperate level but I know that things can change totally within just one month. So, I am very optimistic.
My wife is also trying help me in her own capacity. I was reading this entry of Problogger: I Do: Tips for Co-blogging with Your Spouse
My wife has supported me a lot in the last 5 years. She helped me every way possible- from house work to blogging. She has really been my source of inspiration. I wish that I was a better husband for her. I am now trying my best in this field.
So, I am happy to be back to blogging again. I have been able to finish the other couple of projects in my hand. My assistants are now serious too. So, hopefully things will improve very soon. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomorrow is just a new Day

Today was not bad as I could work with some satisfaction. I am hoping for a better tomorrow as I can realize that I am slowly moving towards going back to full time blogging. At this moment, I am not only blogging but also doing a couple of projects related to freelance writing.
The best thing that has happened now is that the 3 members of my team are working hard. They are serious. So, it is easier for me to guide them towards the completion of a project. Just last week, we finished making a website on sports and we earned some praise for it.
We are not very happy with the website as it did not justify our skill, knowledge and talent. We had to finish it very quickly. For some unknown reasons, Internet attracts me a lot. I enjoy working in this field more than anything else. May be the main reason is that here, I have all the freedom. There is no one to limit my potential.  
Well, in a way, I am almost back to normal work because now a days, I can work most of the time. So, I do not need to feel frustrated. Rather, I must keep on trying and keep on going.

Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Get Back the Confidence: A million Dollar Problem!

While I am back to my normal self in fulltime work, I am still to get back my confidence. The main problem is that because of almost two years of absence from fulltime work, my blogs are now doing very badly indeed. Traffic is at its lowest point. The same goes for revenue too. So, I cannot be in a happy state of mind.
On the other hand, I know very well that if I can focus on blogging then things can become bright within a short period of time. I surely lack the confidence now. As a result, I am unable to work with all my efforts and focus. Thus, I am unable to find my consistency in blogging. This is now the main problem for me.
Perhaps, the best thing to do at this moment is to again start fresh. I am too much tired emotionally. Five year ago, on this day, I started the blog (20 February 2006). At that time, I was in a desperate condition in life. I had no income and there was no hope for the future. I just tried to find something in Internet. Fortunately, within a month, I found a blogging job and then I could earn money.
Again, I have to start from almost zero. So, I am going to try my best to become successful in blogging. This time, I need to do my best. I really cannot afford the luxury of seeking my confidence. I have to do or die just like 5 years ago. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Work hard without Becoming Sick?

I am now better and I am almost back to my best energy level. The bad news is that I have again gained some extra weight and at this moment, trying for weight loss has become a necessity.
The good news is that I have been able to come back to my normal work. In just two weeks, along with my 3 assistants, I could finish a project of writing content for a sports website. It was a tough project but we finished it in a good way. Now, I am not eager to take any new project but I want to focus on our blogs.
I really missed fulltime blogging for quite some time. I started full time professional blogging from March 22 2006. So, it is becoming 5 years. Until March 2009, I could work fulltime. Then, a series of disasters happened and I lost two years. Now, it is the time to start again seriously.
The most important lesson that I have learnt in the last two years is that I must never try to overdo any work. In other words, I must not put any stress on my health and mind. The best way to understand is to work as long as I do not need to drink any coffee or Coke.
If I can follow this simple rule then I can surely work hard without making myself sick. This is now the main challenge and I have work hard on it. It is not difficult but it just needs that I do not get carried away without anything. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arsenal has won against Barcelona: I am Happy

The match just finished and in this Champions League 2011 match, Arsenal won by 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium. I am a big fan of Arsene Wenger and it is a happy night for me. At the end of the first half, Barcelona was leading by 1-0.
Until the 77th minute, Barcelona could hold on to that lead. Then on the 78th minute, Arsenal got the goal through Robin van Persie. It was a superb strike from zero angel and the Barcelona goalkeeper got stunned. Then in the 83rd minute, Nasri provided a superb pass and Arshevin scored.  
The second leg will take place after two weeks. This may just be the season of Arsene Wenger. I am also hopeful that this will be my own year too. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Health First and only Health First

In the last 10 days, I was too busy with a couple of projects and could not take care of my health. As a result, I became sick and it is not fun. I am still not in good condition. The main reason was that I was very excited with a work, I was too much engrossed with the problem of one of my assistants and I needed to use my health and brain both a lot.
This sickness has taught me a very valuable lesson. From now, I will just focus on my health and I will not do anything that would enter any serious pressure.
It has been years of fighting for existence. In a way, I feel that I have won the major battle of my life and I am now in a position to make life better from this point of time.
Until now, all my efforts were centered on just one thing- survive. Month after month, I was worried about just getting enough money to pay the house rent and utility bills. How can I forget the days when I could eat 3 decent meals a day?
Yes, in a decent way, I have achieved a decisive victory. God has supported me all the way. Now, it is the second battle that I need to win. This time, it is not for paying the bills or it is not for eating 3 square meals a day. This battle is for motivating myself to stay healthy and become successful in my career. I like to congratulate myself for being able to come to this stage.
I do not know if any of you have experienced same kind of difficulty in life but from my own experience, I know very well that whatever difficulty you had or still have- the pain is still the same. So, you have all my support. Just do not give up your dream of coming back to normal life. 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Why should you Open a Blog?

When I opened my first blog nearly 6 years ago, the only thing I had in my mind was to earn some money. The goal has not changed yet but this blog has taught me another lesson. These days, I am back to normal lie as my health has improved a lot.
I have written about my condition for the last one year here and now, I feel that if your life is in a miserable condition then you really should open a blog. You do not need to give all the personal details or any kind of sensitive information. Still, you can write about daily life here.