Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Planning is the most important step for Success

I woke up one hour ago. Today, I have no special work and I have all the hours ahead of me to write or blog. So, I can easily work for 8 hours now without any interruption. In fact, my stress has almost finished and at last, I can start working fulltime without any real pressure.
Now, the main problem in front of me is that what I should do in the next few hours. I know that I should write some entries but what would be the topic. It is a very simple question but I have seen many people facing problem from this simple matter. This simple matter wastes a lot of time in our daily life. It is a common problem everywhere.
Of course, if you are in a job then you already know what you should do. At the beginning of your job, your boss or your manager normally tells you what to do. After you have become experienced, you already know what you have to do. On the other hand, I am a self-employed person. I run a small company. So, I have to decide what has to be done everyday. I have to decide for myself and for others working with me. So, planning is indeed a crucial thing.  
Until now, I never spent a lot of time on planning. Because of this reason, I have suffered many setbacks in the last few years. I have been able to stop watching TV and I have been able to cut back on the time of browsing Internet without a purpose. So, I have more free time now and I must focus on this matter from now.
I am fond of speed but in the last few months, I have realized that if I do not plan what I have to do then I cannot accomplish enough. Planning is not enough and I know it very well. I have to try to execute the plan in daily life. Without that there is no difference between planning and dreaming. On the other hand, you cannot execute your plan successfully every day. In that case, you must not become frustrated. There is no better enemy in life than frustration.
For the last two years, I was so preoccupied with my physical weakness that I could not focus on my mind that much. It is now time to motivate myself so that I can work fulltime. I am still very young and I have at least 30 years of working life. So, losing two years from bad health is not a big deal. 

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  1. I am pleased your stress is reducing, it really is so bad for you. I have a blog post to put up over the next few days and you will see how stress affected me at the beginning of my illness. Planning is good! I find I have a lot of good ideas at once and then no ideas for ages so I try to write them all down so I've got a few ideas to go on in the future - although of course you blog a lot mroe often than me so it would be harder for you. x