Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rest is just as important as Work

Suddenly I got a good project and in the last 48 hours, I hardly had any sleep. In fact, yesterday I worked whole night and then until 12 PM noon. It is needless to say that it made my body weak and tired. I was so tired that last night, I could not sleep well. As a freelance writer, I always welcome these projects because they pay my bills. So, I was not unhappy with this recent project that battered my health. TO be honest with you, I was happy.
Anyway, after completing the project yesterday at 12 PM noon, I felt very bad and then I was worried if I would become sick. I decided to do nothing but just rest. This has done the magic. I did not become sick and today, I feel much better although I am still tired. This has taught me a very valuable lesson- rest is indeed as important as work.
This was my main mistake in the past. I got too much addicted to blogging and I used to work hard every day. Even if I worked whole night then again after waking up from bed, I used to start working with a weak and tired body. So, I got addicted to coffee, Coke and junk food items. Yes, for 3 years, they gave me enough strength but then my health broke down two years ago. I am still trying to recover fully from that and I still could not come back to fulltime work.
One good thing is that I have been able to launch a website on Bangla Literature Translation. It was my dream of many years. We have finished translating a novel from our own language (Bangla/Bengali) and now we are going to upload the chapters in the next few days. Here is the url:
Well, the website needs a lot of changes but I am happy that the work has started. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad News but Good News

Today, I gave blood test and I found out that my cholesterol level is bad- very bad. Well, it has been quite a struggle for me to fight against weight loss for the last two years. I have become overweight again. So, this is the bad news. What is the good news? The good news is that for the first time in a very long time, I feel healthy despite being sick. I feel much better although the test result told me that I am not fine.
So, now, I can try to get back health. I have decided to totally try for it and I have just started a 24 hour long water diet. Already, 10 hours have passed and another just 14 hours to go. I could even walk 20 minutes and cycle 40 minutes today. So, it was one hour of exercise even. I feel much better and I am committed to do a real change in my eating habit this time.
Having a good wife (or a husband) is indeed the best blessing in life. I hardly write anything about my wife here simply because I just want to keep my personal life as private as possible. I just want to say that I could overcome all the nightmares in my life because of constant support from her.
In short, the good news is that I have at last started to feel normal and the only thing that I need to change now is my sleeping habit. I still cannot sleep at night. Well, tomorrow will be 14 days that I am not drinking any tea. So, I am hopeful that I would be able to change my sleeping habit within a month. It feels nice to see that stress has decreased substantially.
Now, it is all for trying for weight loss and decreasing cholesterol. Not an easy thing to accomplish but I am hopeful. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New stage and New Challenge

I wish that I could say, I am completely fine and now, I am back to fulltime work. Well, I am not but I am not sick either. I am really now in the transitional period.
In the past, the main mistake I did repeatedly was that when I felt just some better than I became eager to start working fulltime and then I again became sick. At last, I am acting wisely by not putting any undue pressure on my health. If I have to work hard one day then I make sure that I can have enough rest in the next day. As a result, I am getting better day by day. Because I am getting better, I can do my works easier and faster.
Sometimes I wish that my life was normal like most people around me but then it would have been boring. I am eagerly waiting for the next adventure. Yes, I am leading a small team to do something that was always my dream. We hope to get it done in the next two weeks. This dream project is my next challenge and it is consuming all my time and all my attention.