Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rest is just as important as Work

Suddenly I got a good project and in the last 48 hours, I hardly had any sleep. In fact, yesterday I worked whole night and then until 12 PM noon. It is needless to say that it made my body weak and tired. I was so tired that last night, I could not sleep well. As a freelance writer, I always welcome these projects because they pay my bills. So, I was not unhappy with this recent project that battered my health. TO be honest with you, I was happy.
Anyway, after completing the project yesterday at 12 PM noon, I felt very bad and then I was worried if I would become sick. I decided to do nothing but just rest. This has done the magic. I did not become sick and today, I feel much better although I am still tired. This has taught me a very valuable lesson- rest is indeed as important as work.
This was my main mistake in the past. I got too much addicted to blogging and I used to work hard every day. Even if I worked whole night then again after waking up from bed, I used to start working with a weak and tired body. So, I got addicted to coffee, Coke and junk food items. Yes, for 3 years, they gave me enough strength but then my health broke down two years ago. I am still trying to recover fully from that and I still could not come back to fulltime work.
One good thing is that I have been able to launch a website on Bangla Literature Translation. It was my dream of many years. We have finished translating a novel from our own language (Bangla/Bengali) and now we are going to upload the chapters in the next few days. Here is the url:
Well, the website needs a lot of changes but I am happy that the work has started. 

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  1. This has been my problem in the past too - I do something and because I don't feel ill straight away afterwards I sort of forget that doing things can make me ill, and I carry on doing things until I get sick. It's important to try to stop BEFORE the sickness comes on, and manage it that way, but I do find it very hard and I'm glad you are doing a good job at it. Over here we call it "pacing".