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December 10 2008: FC Porto vs Arsenal Live Score and Detailed Analysis

If you want to get online live score and updates of the FC Porto vs Arsenal match, then visit the following link:

FC Porto vs Arsenal Live Score and Updates

Porto vs Arsenal match has perhaps become an academic exercise for both of the teams. There is not a lot of play for. Whatever the result comes on 10 December (Wednesday) 2008 night, both of the teams will advance in the next round of UEFA Champions League 09-09. They will be in the last 16 of the tournament from G group. Both of them have played 5 matches and Arsenal has 11 points while Porto has 9. So, the only thing to play for is to becoming the group leader. For that, Porto has to win while a draw is enough for the London club.

Match Summary:

Match: FC Porto vs Arsenal; Group G, UEFA Champions League 2008-09

Date: 10 December 2008, Wednesday

Venue: Estadio do Dragao Porto, Portugal

Kick off: 19:45 BST (British Standard Time)

Arsenal’s recent form is not that much impressive. Their lackluster form in the 1-0 league victory over Wigan Athletic on Saturday was not enough to boost up their confidence they lost thanks to the Carling Cup defeat to Burnley last week. However, the Arsenal players can seek inspiration from their away victory at Chelsea last week. Actually, Arsenal has been going through a mixed form so far this season and inconsistency has been a great problem for the North London club. With 29 points from 16 matches, Arsenal is currently at the fourth place in the league standing with 8 points behind leader Liverpool.

However, in Europe, Arsenal maintained a level of consistency which saw the Gunners winning 3 and drawing 2 matches in Group G. In their last European fixture, Arsenal defeated Dynamo Kiev 1-0 at home. Arsenal has already been out of their Carling Cup campaign in what ended manager Arsene Wenger’s chance to test Arsenal’s young blood. As the match against Porto is not very important, Wenger might include some of his young, reserve bench players in the starting line up for the Porto encounter.

For Arsenal, there is a good news. Times Online reported:

Eduardo da Silva is to make his comeback from a broken left fibula and dislocation of his left ankle with the reserve team next week, but Tomas Rosicky will have to wait another three months at least as he recovers from hamstring problems.

For Porto, they need a victory in order to get into the knockout phase of the tournament as the group champion. In front of their own supports, Porto is expected to be aggressive to avenge their previous defeat to Arsenal on the road. Portuguese champion FC Porto’s mediocre domestic form, which sees Porto securing the fourth place in Portugal Liga with 20 points from 10 matches, may not give them much confidence ahead of the Arsenal clash. However, Porto’s very recent form is really impressive as the Portuguese giants won all of their last six matches in all competitions. In their recent league match, Porto defeated Vitoria Setubal 3-0. Porto is taking the second place in Champions League group thanks to three wins and two defeats- thus accumulating nine points from 5 outings. So, you can see that Porto’s form in Europe is inconsistent. Yet, Porto’s recent form in Europe is really very impressive as the three-time defending champions of Portugal Liga pulled off two away victories over Fenerbahce and Dynamo Kiev in their last two Champions League matches.

Telegraph wrote:

Nasri is doubtful for the trip while Eduardo is closing in on a long-awaited return.

Wenger said: "Nasri has injured his ankle again. We have to see what happens there. In the Premier League on that front you need strong ankles! But we know that and it takes some time for them to get used to it.

Online Live Score and Update

Here, I am giving some name of online live score and update websites from where you can get the live score and updates of the match:

Live Score


Live Football Scores

Footie Scorez

To be honest with you, I have mixed feelings about the favorite of this match. Who will win it? Well, I would like to say that Porto is favorite because the recent form of Arsenal is not consistent at all. They are playing good and bad both. On the other hand, Porto is dying to get revenge for 4-0 defeat at the Emirates stadium a few months ago. However, I think that Arsenal is the favorite because they are in superb form this season in Europe.

What do you think?

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The Success of Stephenie Meyer

If you do not know who is Stephenie Meyer then you should read the Wikipedia entry on her. This December she is going to celebrate her 35th birthday. She is not that old yet but Stephenie Meyer is now a successful name in the world of writing. Yes, her rise from obscurity should inspire all the people in the world who have the dream to become a writer. She used Internet in an effective way to promote her book.

Yes, Internet has given us a great opportunity. For example, think of this blog. Around 30-40 persons visit it everyday and sometimes, they write comments. Well, I don’t have the free time to give for writing fiction but who knows someday this blog may help me to become a successful fiction writer.

I am very busy at this moment with establishing a new blog: Sports37. If you are a fan of sports then I invite you to visit it.


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Epic Poetry in the 21st Century

We all are fan of epic poetry. There are many poems in different countries and some of the poems are considered to be a part of national heritage and treasure. Think of Iliad and Odyssey. They were written originally in Greece but in our time, they are considered to be a part of the heritage of European civilization. Well, you have to agree with me on one mandate that most of the epic poems were written many years ago or I should say many centuries ago. I cannot think of any notable epic of the twentieth century in any language.

What about the twentieth century? I wonder whether we can find any national epic in this century. What is your idea about it? 

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Lyric: Major Features of Lyric Poetry

Lyric is non-narrative, short poem that reveals the speaker’s personal feeling, emotion, mode, state of mind, expression, thought, attitude, perception etc. in a first person narrative. Lyric poetry does not tell any story, unlike Epic and Ballad; rather it is very personal and solely focused on the speaker’s personal feeling and ideas. Lyric poetry does not address wider public. The speaker in a Lyric poem always uses first person. For example, I, My love etc. So, in Lyric poetry, the speaker directly addresses the readers, invoking his own personal feeling and expressions.

The word ‘Lyric’ comes from the Greek word ‘Lyre’, a stringed musical instrument. Initially, Lyric poem was meant to be sung and poets were used to singing Lyric in a Lyre. Originally, Lyric poet tends to be musical and suits to music very well and musicality is one of the characteristics of Lyric. However, over the time, the meaning of Lyric has been changed and it does no longer mean music. Rather, Lyric poetry is now largely meant for reading.

Sappho is an ancient Greek lyric poet of 6th century B.C. However, only a few of his literary works have so far been retrieved, while much of her other works were destroyed over the years. Still, Sappho is considered to be one of the great Greek poets in world literature. Sappho’s poems are very intimate in meaning. Lyric poetry is generally very intimate in nature. Initially, love was the most popular theme of Lyric poetry. However, other intimate personal feelings gradually came into existence as the theme of Lyric poetry.

Explanation of the speaker’s intense emotion, thought and feeling is the main purpose of Lyric poetry. That is why, some critics say that ‘you do not hear Lyric poem; rather, you overhear Lyric poem’. Among the different kinds of Lyric poetry, 14-line Sonnet is most popular. Some other forms of Lyric poetry are Ode, Elegy etc. For the last 500 years, Lyric has been the most popular form of poetry in the world.

Ballad: Major Features of Ballad Poetry

Ballad is a short narrative poem that tells the tale of a local battle or war or event and local heroic through rustic or unsophisticated or dialectal form of language. Ballad was originally created, performed and preserved orally through generations. In fact, Ballad is originally meant to be sung and the story of a local heroic in a local battle, that a Ballad portrays, is revealed through the song.

Ballad poetry does not tell a grand story of national significance or great heroic deeds, unlike Epic poetry. Rather, Ballad portrays the local heroics of local battles or events or local incidents which have less national importance compared to the Epic heroics. Generally, a Ballad consists of 40-50 lines, but sometimes, it can be as short as 12 lines. Ballad poetry does not have long narration of the events as the length of Ballad is very short compared to Epic. So, in a Ballad, actions happen rapidly and events unfold in flashes. That means, Ballad is fast-paced in terms of its narration.

Initially, Ballads were composed in local dialect or folk form by the illiterate poets, but over time, many great, educated poets also wrote Ballad. Ballad reflects history, fairy tales and myths that are some of the common subject matter of Ballad. This form of poetry is very close to folk tales. As Ballad was originally composed orally, in most of the cases, Ballads are anonymous. Ancient Ballads were preserved or passes through generations, but the name of the creator of a Ballad was lost over time. So, it is assumed that many Ballads were also lost in this process as the Ballads were not written initially.

In Ballad, line or lines are repeated very often in the course of the poem and these repeating line or lines are called ‘Refrain’. Refrain mainly acts as an aid to the memory of the readers. Refrains are given in all stanzas. For example, in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “Water, water, everywhere” is used as a refrain. Ballad is very old traditional form of poetry which remains popular till today. During Romantic age, many famous poets imitated the form of folk Ballad.

What is Epic? What are the Major Features of an Epic?

Epic is one of the oldest and widely popular poetic genres in the world. Epic is a traditional form of narrative poetry that portrays heroic deeds of great heroes in a war or adventure and the intervention of Gods and Goddesses on human life. This is a very long poem that uses elevated or majestic language- meaning formal language. Culture and history of a nation or race is often reflected in an epic. For example, Greek poet Homer’s great epics – Iliad and Odyssey- are vastly based on Greek mythology and thus it reflects the Greek culture. The same thing goes to Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata through which Indian culture is revealed. Iliad is based on the Trojan War or battle of Troy and thus it reflects history too. Moreover, Epic can also illustrate the founding of a nation. For instance, in Latin Epic Aeneid by Virgil, it is shown how legendary character Aeneas, an inhabitant of Tory, founded Italy and became the ancestor of the Romans.

Almost every language in the world has its own epic like Iliad and Odyssey in Greek, Ramayana, and Mahabharata in Sanskrit, Beowulf in English etc. Great heroic, war, Gods and Goddesses are some of the common features of epic poetry in any language. Heroes, who are centered in the story of an Epic, are often portrayed as the sons of Gods and Goddesses. In an Epic, a hero is often involved in a war or adventure or journey and encountered with various obstacles, sometimes even created by the Gods and Goddesses. The hero overcomes all the obstacles, sometimes with the help of Gods and Goddesses, in order to win the war or finish the journey or reach the goal, by showing his heroic and portraying some morals that are highly valued in that particular society. The journey, war or adventure often leaves a mark in their later life.

In Western Epic, description of wars, ancestry of the heroes, journey to the other world, Gods and Goddesses are given at the beginning. Gods and Goddesses very often invoke inspiration by their deeds. Similes and metaphors are also used in Epic. Another important feature of Epic is found in Homer’s writings: Iliad and Odyssey- where you can see that people are involved in a war or adventure or journey, but Gods and Goddess play the role of a determiner as they pre-determine the human destiny. For example, in Odyssey, the central character, Greek hero Odysseus, requires 10 years on his way home to Ithaca because the Poseidon, the God of sea, creates lots of obstacles for Odysseus on his way back home. However, he gets over all the obstacles with the help of his protector, the Goddess Athena. There are some other characteristics of Epic.

An Epic starts in media res- meaning the narrative of an epic begins in the middle of the story, not from its beginning. Past events, characters and setting of Epic are often presented through a series of flashbacks. The setting of an Epic is generally very vast involving many nations or races, the world or the universe. Use of epithet is seen in Epic as you can see in Homer’s Epics. Epithet is a word or group of words or phrase which is used to personify a character or a thing in an Epic. In place of the name of a character or thing, an epithet is used, invoking layers of meaning. For example, in Homer’s Iliad, Achaeans, the inhabitants of Achaea, are referred to as “flowing-haired” or “bronzed-armored”. These are the epithets which are used repeatedly in the course of an Epic. Heroes often reflect the values of a particular civilization that the hero belongs to in an Epic.

The oldest Epic in the world is “Epic of Gilgamesh” which is set in Arab Peninsula of Ancient Mesopotamia. The name of the writer of this poem is unknown. Epic of Gilgamesh is the tale of mythological king Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, and his journey to the City of Dilmun, looking to know the secret of the eternal youth so that he could bring back his dead friend, Enkidu, on the earth. Here, I am giving a list of names of popular and widely-known Epics of world literature:

1. Epic of Gilgamesh (based on Mesopotamian mythology)

2. Iliad (Greek Epic) by Homer

3. Odyssey (Greek Epic) by Homer

4. Aeneid (Latin Epic) by Virgil

5. The Divine Comedy (Italian Epic) by Dante Alighieri

6. Beowulf (Old English Epic)

7. The Faerie Queene (English Epic) by Edmund Spenser

8. Paradise Lost (English Epic) by John Milton

The role of Epic has been changed over the years. Initially, Epic was the most popular medium of telling stories, but over time, Prose has taken over the role of telling stories. However, still Epic has its appeal among the readers intact in the literary world.

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Major Divisions of Poetry: Narrative and Non-Narrative

Poetry is the oldest literary form through which a poet evokes his emotion, feeling, sensual response, thought, ideas, liking, disliking etc. mental and personal aspects either subjectively or objectively. Poetry very often provides the readers with layers of hidden meaning through its lines, using different elements of poetic diction like ambiguity, symbolism, irony etc. In poetry, use of language or poetic diction is very important because language is what makes difference between poems, even if the poems are written on similar theme. Language is used aesthetically in poetry. Sometimes poetry is written independently, while sometimes it is written in a particular poetic form or convention.

On the basis of subject matter, style or literary characteristics, poetry is classified in two genres. These are:

1. Narrative Poetry

2. Non-narrative Poetry

Narrative Poetry

Narrative poetry is the oldest genre of poetry which tells a story with regular rhyme scheme and meter. Narrative poetry can be short or long. Very often, narrative poetry reveals tradition and culture of a particular nation or country. This kind of poetry dates back to ancient time and many scholars believe that narrative poetry, in the past, was performed orally or recited as the evening entertainment for the people. For example, ballads in Scots and English, the tales of Robin Hood, some Baltic and Slavic heroic poems have this oral tradition. Sometimes, narrative poetry may consist of a number of short narrative poems relating individual episodes. Greek poet Homer’s famous epics Iliad and Odyssey are prominent examples of this kind of narrative poetry.

The story revealed in narrative poetry can have historical link- meaning the story is based on historical fact. For instance, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade is based on the incident that occurred at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. However, sometimes the story might come from poet’s imagination or ancient mythology like Mahabharata, Ramayana of ancient India. Epic and Ballad are the two old and popular form of narrative poetry.

Non-narrative Poetry

Non-narrative poetry does not tell any story, unlike the narrative poetry. This kind of poetry reveals the speaker’s emotion, feeling, thought, mode, attitude, belief, observation, experience, state of mind etc. Poets of non-narrative poetry directly address the readers, without describing the characters and their actions. In this genre of poetry, poems are totally focused on the inner thought, ideas, feeling, perception and emotion of the speaker or poet. Some of the popular forms of non-narrative poetry are Lyric, Sonnet, Ode, Elegy etc.

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T. S. Eliot, "Tradition and the Individual Talent" and The French Revolution

T. S. Eliot is perhaps the most influential literary critic of the twentieth century. "Tradition and the Individual Talent" has opened a new way of thinking in literary criticism and it is not considered to be one of the must read texts about literally criticism. I read it the other day. Here, idiot has talked a lot about and a poet conforming to a tradition. If you’d think that tradition is a positive thing and we should have a positive outlook towards it. He strongly disagrees with William Wordsworth about the poetic process.

When Eliot talks about tradition, he mainly indicates the tradition of Europe from Homer. I wonder why Elliott is not keen about the French revolution. After all, it was the French revolution that inspired the creation of modern Europe.

What do you think?

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How to stay motivated in Blogging?

Blogging is a challenging work and very few people can actually dream to have a significant income source from blogging. You have to work every day in this profession. There is no new year or birthday. Many people will talk about The freedom that blogging brings but reality is that if you want to make serious money from blogging then you have to work extremely hard on a regular basis. If you don’t trust me then Just visit some of the top blogs in Internet and notice the amount of content updated every week. You can find More than 30 entries in some of the top blogs in Internet in a single day. In fact, it is a difficult for you to keep up with the content of this kind of blog.

Now, let us come back to the new Bloggers who do not earn good amount of money from his work. The major challenge for This kind of Bloggers is how to stay motivated for a long time? Compared to many people, I work extremely hard and I enjoy writing. I feel excited when I can find that more than 100,000 people have visited my Blog in one month. It hasn’t been more than one time for me and each time, I felt very happy. Still, sometimes I feel tired and Lazy and out of motivation. So, I can easily imagine how a new Blogger feels from time to time. My advices that when you feel out of motivation and you don’t want to write anything at all then you should try to accept the problem first. If you can accept the problem then it’ll be easier to deal. The second thing you can do Is that you can take a break and do something else. What I do is that I tried to read a lot about blogging and related topics. This way, Although I do not work at all but I can gain some volatile knowledge and wisdom by reading. Later, I can apply My knowledge. Thus, I think that you can follow my style. It’ll be Helpful for you and can bring some improvement in your blogging skill. Why don’t you give it a try?

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What is your most favorite drama of Shakespeare?

There is little doubt that Shakespeare is most popular dramatist in the whole world. There are other dramatists in other languages but no one could reach near Shakespeare when it comes to popularity. He died almost 400 years ago but still, his dramas are played in every country in the whole world.

So now, let us come back to the original question that I asked at the beginning of this entry. If you ask me then my answer is that I like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and the Merchant of Venice.

I like Romeo and Juliet because it shows that love is always higher than everything else. The Merchant of Venice has a good plot that is focused on around theme of justice. Then, hamlet talks about revenge.

How to Improve your Writing Skill: Write Everyday

Yes, this is the first lesson I want to give to everyone about writing. I don’t want to say that I am a good writer. Well, to be honest with you, I earn my living by writing. So, I know some about writing. I love to write and in fact, I try to do that everyday. Yes, I do it even on holidays, even when I am sick. Of course, if I am too sick then I cannot write but then I try to read. Reading is directly related to writing.

It is true that I cannot update this blog regularly but I write everyday. In fact, I am working on a number of blogs and last week, I started a new one about South Asia.

So, what are doing these days?

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The Merchant of Venice: Character of Antonio

Antonio is not the hero of The Merchant of Venice but if we look at the opening scene then the readers may get the idea that he is the most important character in the drama. He is indeed the Merchant of Venice but not the hero of the play. It is true that he is directly or indirectly related to all the events of this drama. It is Antonio who entered into bitter feud with Shylock about lending money. He borrowed some money from Shylock because he wanted to help his best friend Bassanio to sail to Belmont. He somehow failed to repay the loan in due time and Shylock wanted to have a pound of his flesh as agreed in the contract of the loan. Then the trial scene happened and Portia came to save him from danger. In the end, he gets back everything including his life.

The first impression we get about Antonio in the Merchant of Venice is that he is a different kind of wealthy businessman. We know him as the rich merchant but he has hardly any of the qualities of a merchant. He is not a greedy rich man. Instead, he loves to share his wealth. He does not mind lending money to others without interest. Thus, he saved many people from becoming the victim of Shylock. That is why, Shylock is very annoyed and angry with him. Shylock hates Antonio as much as he can.

Antonio is shown in the drama as a generous friend. He is generous with all of his friends. He is rich but he does not show off. He is not a proud man infront of his man. Instead, it is clear that he treats his friends just like his equals. This is something that really should attract many readers. In our own lives, we have some friends who are extremely rich. I guess that most of the time, we find these friends as quite the opposite of Antonio. They are not generous and they show off a lot in front of their not so well off friends. It is a common disease among many rich men and women. That is why, Antonio looks to be different than other rich merchants. He cares for the condition of the ordinary people. He happily helps them without any expectation.

Antonio values friendship a lot. He likes Bassanio and they are best friends. Bassanio is not a rich man. He is infact a fortune seeker and he wants to go to Belmont to try his luck about getting married Portia, a very rich heiress. At that time, women could not own property after marriage in Europe. So, whoever gets married to Portia would get the princess and full kingdom. Antonio did not have enough cash in hand as most of his wealth were spread in his merchant ships. Still, he went to Shylock, lowered his head and agreed to a fatal contract about the repayment of the loan.

So far, I just talked about good sides of Antonio. Now, let us focus on not so good sides. I don’t think that he was a bad or evil character. It is true that Antonio sometimes abused Shylock with his words. Well, there are two sides to this matter. First of all, you can say that Antonio abused Shylock because Shylock was a Jew. On the other hand, you can say that Antonio disliked Shylock because he was a money lender and very few people are fan of a money lender who charges high interest. Anyway, his treatment of Shylock castes a dark shadow on Antonio’s character in The Merchant of Venice. If you want to identify him as an evil person for this matter, I will not debate with you.

Antonio is a naïve person. I cannot understand why he agreed to such a contract that if he failed to pay the loan to Shylock in due time, a pound of his flesh would be taken away by Shylock. Antonio knew very well that Shylock did not like him and Shylock was capable of doing bad things.

If signing the document was a shocking thing, still more shocking was that he was totally inactive when it came to repay the loan of Shylock. He did not try to appeal to his friends, relatives and other merchants to loan him some money even in interest and this way, he could have easily repaid the money to Shylock. It was not a huge amount of money. He helped many people in the past. So, at least, some people would love to help him in his time of distress. This is something that I cannot understand about Antonio in the Merchant of Venice.

Antonio’s inactivity might have come from his melancholy. He is sad most of time but we can find hardly any information about the cause of this sadness.

John Bunyan and The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress is a masterpiece not only of John Bunyan but also of the 17th century England. John Bunyan wrote it in sometime after 1660 and it was published in 1678. Since then, this book has never gone out of print and it has been translated to around 200 languages. This shows that The Pilgrim’s Progress is one of the most popular books written ever in any language. It is a classic book.

I read it when I studied English Literature (I did my BA or Bachelor in English Literature) in University of Dhaka. I liked the book the first time I read it. Well, to be honest with you, anything related to the Civil War of England (of the 17th century) and related to conflicts among the Anglicans, Catholics and Puritans attracted me a lot when I was a student of English Literature. I like to study about politics and history a lot. The Pilgrim’s Progress is more than a literary work and novel (if it is indeed a novel). In fact, I like to take it as a book on History, Religion and Politics of England of the second half of the 17th century.

In the last few days, I again read The Pilgrim’s Progress. I reread the book after 12 years. English is not my mother tongue and 12 years ago, I was not so skilled in English like now. Yet, I remember that I did not have that much problem reading and understanding The Pilgrim’s Progress a decade ago. It is a large book but I enjoyed reading the book and I could finish it in just 3 days.

Have you read The Pilgrim’s Progress? What is your idea about this book?

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What you want to have in this Blog?

I am sorry that I could not update this blog for the last few weeks. Well, I am preparing some materials for the blog. I like to thank all of you who have subscribed to the feed.

What do you want to have this blog? Please, let me know and I will try to write the things that you like to be featured here.

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Relationship of Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley in Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is the most successful novel of Jane Austin. She wrote this novel more than two hundred years ago but it is still very popular in the world. The main reason behind its popularity is that Pride and Prejudice deals with something that is common to every society. Jane Austin has dealt with the subject of love and marriage and this something that is relevant to every society in every age. In our modern age, the matter of love and marriage has become more important because of media promotion all the time. The hero of the novel is Darcy and the heroin of the novel is Elizabeth. However, two other characters have got almost equal important from Jane Austin. They are Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingly.

Jane Bennet is the eldest of the Bennet sisters. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and sister of Elizabeth. In the novel she is 22 years old and at the first part of the novel Jane gets a lot of importance from the author. In fact, Jane Austin has created this character into her own name. At the first, it is seen that Jane is the most beautiful girl among her sisters. She was also the prettiest girls who were present in the dancing party. She catches the eye of Mr. Bingley who comes from neighborhood. Mr. Bingley was considered to be an attractive man for all the young girls and their parents. He liked Jane and danced with Jane more than one time.

Charles Bingley was one year older than Jane. He is only 23 years old but a rich man and he was a friend of Darcy. At the beginning of the novel, a lot of attention is given by Jane Austin to Mr. Bingley. In fact, if we read first two or three chapters then we may have this idea that Charles Bingley is the hero of this novel. He likes Jane because Jane is beautiful and also Jane has good behavior.

If we want to talk about Jane and Bingley’s relationship then we should also talk about two other characters: Elizabeth and Darcy. Elizabeth had a lot of influence over her sister Jane. Elizabeth was younger than Jane but she was more matured and more intelligent. At the same time, she tried to convince that Jane should not be too much good with everyone. Whenever Jane needs some consulting she goes to Elizabeth and Elizabeth gives her good advice. On the other hand, Darcy is the closet friend of Mr. Bingley. Darcy also had the same kind of influence on Mr. Bingley that Elizabeth had on Jane.

Jane and Bingley fell in love with each other. I think the main reason is that the two characters have a lot of similarities between them. For example, Mr. Bingley is a gentle man and Jane is a gentle girl. Jane is very friendly with others and she always has good idea about other people. Even others are intolerable, she is patient and she tries not to look at the bad sides of other people and look only at the good sides. Mr. Bingley has almost the same ideas and he is also friendly and he likes to meet with other people. The relationship of Jane and Mr. Bingley had a smooth progress. Sometimes, there were some problems but most of the time it did not have any problem. For example, at first Bingley likes Jane and then this relationship became stronger but Bingley had to leave the area and suddenly there was a distance but in the end again Bingley came to Jane and relationship grew stronger. One important thing to note here is that Jane and Bingley had never any serious argument or quarrel. Their relationship was more influenced by outside people. The good thing about Jane was that Bingley’s sister did not dislike Jane although they disliked the family of Jane. They could not tolerate the bold attitude of Elizabeth.

In the end, we can say that the relationship between Bingley and Jane was a lovely and smooth one. Sometimes, it got boring for the readers as they did not have any fighting.

Trial Scene of The Merchant of Venice

The trial scene or the judgment scene is the longest scene in the drama The Merchant of Venice which was written by William Shakespeare. This is the most important scene in this drama and it is one of the most interesting and attractive scene of any drama written by William Shakespeare. It is the climax of The Merchant of Venice where good prevails and bad evil get punished. Although the trial scene was mainly about the punishment and saving of Antonio but in the trial scene it was a fight between Portia and Shylock.

It was the condition of Antonio that everyone was concerned in the trial scene. Bassanio was prepared to a many times more of the original loan. Even the duke was sympathetic to Antonio and wish that Shylock forgets him from taking the flesh of Antonio. However, Shylock was not interested at this and he wanted to only take flesh from Antonio’s body. He was not interested to listening anything about mercy and all he wanted was revenge of all the insults he had suffered from Antonio and every other Christian in Venice. The first part of the trial scene was dominated by Shylock and everyone including the readers, viewers and audience think that there is no way to stop Shylock.

The arrival of Portia brings some hope to everyone but Portia in disguise of a lawyer supported Shylock’s claim that Shylock had all the rights to take pound of flesh from Antonio’s body. Hearing this Shylock got very happy and excited and praised the judge. However, when Portia said that Shylock has to take a pound a flesh without dropping any blood from Antonio’s body then everyone understood that Portia’s judgment was saving Antonio. In the end, Shylock lost the trial and judgment went against him. He suffered a lot and it was stated by the court that Shylock would lose all his property and he will have to convert as a Christian.

In the trial scene, we can see the conflict of idea of judgment of two religions. According to Judaism (Jews religion), justice means punishing the bad people. So, Shylock feels that he has suffered and he must get an eye for an eye. Eye for an eye or pit for a pit is the main idea of justice according to Jews religion. So, Shylock wanted this kind of justice and he wanted the flesh from the body of Antonio because he felt that it is the exact justice for him after suffering a lot of insults from all the Christians including Antonio.

On the other hand, Christianity has a softer approach to a justice and revenge. One famous idea of Jesus Christ is that if someone then put your right chick in front of that person. Christianity gives a lot of important in forgiving and mercy. Shakespeare has tried to show that the idea of justice of Christianity is better than the idea of justice of Judaism. So, Shakespeare has shown that Shylock became a Christian and this way Shylock got saved.

That trial seen is the fight between Portia and Shylock. All other characters watched the fighting between them. Shylock thought that he had won the trial and no one could have stopped him from taking revenge against Antonio. He was so sure that she started to celebrate very early and others could understand that he was a very bad person who did not care for humanity. On the other hand, Portia was a very smart person and she was determined to save Antonio.

The trial scene is a memorable one because of the strong dialogues from Shylock and from Portia. Some of the dialogues has become very popular and are seen common among the English people.

Love, Marriage and Friendship in the Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare is a romantic comedy. So, we can easily understand that the topic of love will be very important in the Merchant of Venice as it is a romantic comedy. Indeed, love, marriage and friendship all of them have very important role in this drama. The drama revolves around the friendship of Antonio and Bassanio then we have the love of Portia and Bassanio and also of Lorenzo and Jessica. The two couples got married din the drama and the topic of friendship is very significant and important in the plot of the play.

If we talk about love then the first that should be considered is the love of Portia and Bassanio. Bassanio wanted to get married to Portia because she was a beautiful and wealthy woman. So, from this point of view, Bassanio can be accused of loving the beauty and wealth of Portia more than Portia herself. On the other hand, Bassanio really liked Portia and wanted to get married to her. So, for this he took a risk of putting Antonio at the mercy of the enemy Shylock. On the other hand, Bassanio also took the oath that if he failed to solve the mystery of the cascade she would never get married again. Portia was a romantic person and really liked Bassanio. She did not like all the princes and rich men who wanted to marry her. In stead, she wanted to get married with a nice man like Bassanio who was easy going and lovely.

If we look at the relationship between Lorenzo and Jessica it is a very interesting relationship. Jessica was a Jew and the daughter of Shylock. On the other hand, Lorenzo was friend of Antonio and Bassanio. Lorenzo liked Jessica and Jessica was too much annoyed from her father and she did not like any Jews man. In stead, she found a Christian man to be more attractive because she was too much annoyed so she ran away with Lorenzo.

One interesting thing of Merchant of Venice is that William Shakespeare has talked about the successful love and unsuccessful love both. He has talked about the love affair of unsuccessful person towards the end of the drama.

There is another couple that should be mentioned is Nerissa and Gratiano. Nerissa was Portia’s servant and friend and she got married with Gratiano. Shakespeare has talked very little about this couple.

The ring episode is interesting. Both Bassanio and Gratiano promised to their wives that they will not part with the wedding ring. However, they had to give the wedding rings to the lawyer and the clerk who saved the life of Antonio. They did not know that they gave the wedding rings to their wives who were in disguise. These wedding rings reflex faithfulness and loyalty in marriage. To the audience of Elizabethan age wedding ring was a very important thing and they could never imagine of parting with it.

In Merchant of Venice, we can see conflict between self interest and love. All the Christian characters and also Jessica loved to do good things to other people. Antonio risked his life for his friend Bassanio. When Bassanio heard that his friend was in deep trouble he even did not enjoy his couple life and came back to Venice. Gratiano, Lorenzo all of them were helpful to each other. On the other hand, Shylock was a very self-centered person. He only considered self interest and he was a selfish person and he did not care for other people. This conflict of self interest versus love for others is one of the main themes of Merchant of Venice.


If we look at the treatment of marriage of Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice then we can see two important things. The first thing is that Lorenzo and Jessica got married. Lorenzo was a Christina and Jessica was a Jew and they got married and they were happy. So, Shakespeare shows that people of two religions could get married and yet be happy. The second thing that we look at Shakespeare’s treatment of marriage in the Merchant of Venice is that Bassanio was from Venice and Portia was from Belmond. So, Shakespeare also supported the idea of two persons of two different cities getting married. Here, we have to remember that during the Elizabethan age most people used to get married within their city or within their even village. The same thing happens in Bangladesh even at the present time. Most people want to marriage within their district. They do not want to go far and most people do no want to go far and most people do not want to get married to people outside if the religion. So, Shakespeare has taken a very liberal attitude towards marriage and love in the Merchant of Venice.

Friendship is perhaps the strongest thing in Merchant of Venice. The friendship between Antonio and Bassanio was very deep. Antonio risked his life and took loan from the enemy Shylock to send Bassanio to get married with Portia. Even there was no guarantee that Bassanio would be successful because it depended on his solving the mystery of cascade. Yet, Antonio took the risk. On the other hand, when Bassanio heard that Antonio was in danger he lost all his happiness. He just owned the hand of Portia for marriage but yet he did not enjoy this matter at all. He became a very wealthy man by getting married to Portia but wealth was not important for him. He was only sad at that moment for his friend Antonio who was in danger only for helping him.

There is another topic that we should talk when it comes to friendship of love- hatred of Shylock against all the Christians. I have said earlier that Shylock was a self centered and selfish person. He did not understand what friendship is and what love is. To him, the only important thing was money and power. He cared only to crease his money and to be stronger in the society.

In conclusion, we can say that Shakespeare has treated the ideas of love, marriage and friendship very successfully in the drama Merchant of Venice.

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Portia in The Merchant of Venice

It is often said that the Merchant of Venice of William Shakespeare does not have any hero but it has a heroine, Portia. Portia is perhaps the strong character in the Merchant of Venice. She is a good counterpart of Shylock who is the evil. If we look at the other leading male characters like Bassanio and Antonio we can find that they were not as strong as Portia who could fight the villain Shylock. So, Portia is a very impressive and exceptional of character in English drama. She is one of the strongest characters made by William Shakespeare.

The first impression we get of Portia is that she is a beautiful and wealthy women. She is the news of her beauty and wealth all over the world and people from different countries came to the hope of getting married with her. Thus, Portia was a very attractive woman to everyone. To get married to her, princes from Scotland and Morocco came. Bassanio even made Antonio take loan from his enemy Shylock just to go and test his fortune to get married with Portia. Thus, the beauty and wealth of Portia made her an exceptional figure. There was the rule that any man who could solve the mystery of the Cascade would be able to marry her and enjoy her wealth.

Although Portia was very rich, at the same time she was very romantic. When sweeter from different countries came to seek her for marriage she gave interesting opinions about them. It is clear that she liked Bassanio who was a good man. Bassanio was not a rich or powerful man. He was not a prince or even he was not a big trader. He was only the friend of Antonio. This was his main identity in the society of Venice. Even Portia did not care for this and she thought that Bassanio was the perfect man for her and she was eager that Bassanio can solve the mystery of the Cascade and get married with her. This clearly shows that Portia gives more value to love and romance than wealth and power.

Portia was a very smart and skilled person. She was educated and the same time she was clever person. She could out with Shylock in his own game. This is a lot of mental strength and also a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Portia had all the wisdom that a woman can dream of. She knows what to say in which condition and this smartness in the end saved Antonio.

Portia was a very brave woman. When she needed she could be soft, when she needed she could be brave. When she heard the news of Antonio then she decided that she must try to save Antonio because Antonio had fallen into danger only by helping Bassanio to come to Portia. So, she took the disguise of a man and went to Venice and then fought with Shylock head to head and toe to toe. Shylock was an evil character and he was a very powerful person. Antonio or Bassanio or even the duke could not convince him or could not even make him little bit softer towards Antonio. But Portia had the mental courage to fight against Shylock and in the end she successfully defeated Shylock.

One of the qualities that attract the readers towards Portia is that she was an obedient daughter and at the same time she was a very loyal and obedient wife. She agreed with the wish of her father about the matter of cascade. She waited patiently to get married. If she wanted she could easily told Bassanio or another person what was the secret of the secret of the secret of three cascades and could get married but she waited patiently and even allow other princes to try for it. She was loyal and obedient but at the same time she had firmness, she had firm characteristics, she was brave and she was ready to fight with anyone. She was also ready to fight with injustice. This quality of her really makes her exception.

Portia is one of the finest characters created by William Shakespeare. Normally, the characters of Shakespeare are strong. If we look at Lady Macbeth then we can see that she was a very strong character. On the other hand, the characters of the comedy are not that strong but I think that Portia is an exception to this matter. Portia was not only strong but Portia had many qualities that I have talked about. I have already said that she was beautiful, she was a romantic person, smart skill and educated and she was also brave. All these characteristics have made her into a very exceptional woman of Elizabethan time. I have no doubt that there were very few women in that time in England and Europe who possessed remarkable qualities like Portia.

In conclusion, I like to repeat that Portia is a very good character and characters like Portia are very rare in the drama.

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Philip M. Parker: The End of Writing Books?

Writing a book is not a easy thing. It takes a lot of effort and months of trying to write a book. Of course, computer can do many things and imitate human but one of things that computer lacks until now is human creativity such as writing an original writing and writing a book. Computer programmers are trying to solve this problem and artificial intelligence is something which deals with concept that computer can become creative just like human being. Philip M. Parker is doing similar research and he has done something which ha taken the media world by surprise. I saw a report in New York Times that Philip M. Parker has created 200,000 books with the help of computer.

According to New York Times report, Philip M. Parker has used artificial intelligence and computer algorithm to write some books collecting information from internet. You know that in internet there are many information which is in the public domain and are free to be used. So, Philip M. Parker has created computer program and they search internet and on different topics they collect information and create a book. This way he has now compiled 200,000 books with this computer program.

In fact, Philip M. Parker has taken this matter very seriously and he has even set up an account in So, what Philip M. Parker is doing is that he is trying to show the world that there can be many books on different topics.

Of course, there has been very little research done on the book created by this man and we do not know how the books are useful or not. However, Philip M. Parker has admitted in the New York Times report that if someone is good in finding information about internet then that person should not buy the book. This book is for those people who are not that much tech savy and who will not try to go into the difficulty of finding information from internet. In fact, many of his books are published on demand. That means that if there is a consumer who want to buy the book then this book will be printed and sent to the consumer. This can be helpful on topics that are rare and have limited demand for the books. For example, there are some topics that very few people are interested and may be 10 copies of that book will be sold and may be no book is on this topic. So, the solution of Philip M. Parker can be very valuable about this kind of thing.

When I first read this report in New York Times I got a bit shocked and the first thing that occurred to me was that if the software of Philip M. Parker will finish the days of writing books. In fact, I am a professional blogger and writer and I earn my livelihood by writing. So, naturally if any computer software can write books like me then like many writers I will be out of business and will have to find new ways of earning money which is really very difficult at this age.

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Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is the central character of the novel Pride and Prejudice. I don’t need to remind you that Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular English Novels of all time and it is read around the world by millions of people each year.

Elizabeth is perhaps the best character created by Jane Austen. Elizabeth Bennet comes from an ordinary background but she is a strong personality. She is smart and intelligent. She is not as pretty as her elder sister Jane Bennet but she is attractive. She was an exceptional person compared to her age. While most girls would consider getting married as the only goal of life, Elizabeth did not like to run after men.

Mr. Collins wanted to marry her but she refused because she knew that Mr. Collins was a shallow and boring man. Mr. Collins had a stable good income. She got married with Darcy in the end but before that she made it sure that she was getting married with the right man.

As a daughter Elizabeth is more close to her father than her mother. Mr. Bennet likes Elizabeth most because he thinks that she is the best of her five daughters. So, he admires her a lot and he gives a lot of importance to her ideas. So, when Mrs. Bennet insists that Elizabeth must get married with Mr. Collins then Mr. Bennet came forward and said Elizabeth from a big disaster. Mr. Bennet said that if Elizabeth gets married with Mr. Collins then he will not have good relationship with her. In fact, Elizabeth wanted this thing too. So, this way Mr. Bennet only cleverly supported Elizabeth.

As a sister Elizabeth is a very influential person. She influences all the sister. She is two year younger than the eldest sister Jane but Jane always depended on her ideas. So, whenever Jane needed to discuss something she came to Elizabeth. Of course, Lydia was not such a fan of Elizabeth because Lydia was a dancing type of person. On the other hand, Elizabeth was a serious person and that was why Lydia was not fond of her.

Elizabeth has a very bold attitude towards life. She is not a gentle girl like Jane. She is not afraid to tell what she thinks. That is why, she has conflicts with some characters in the novel. She has conflict with her mother. Her mother does not like her and does not think that she is a pretty girl. She has also conflict with Darcy because Darcy insulted her with his pride. It took a lot of time for her to forgive Darcy. This shows that Elizabeth is a tough person with a tough mentality and when he gets annoyed with someone it take a lot of time for that person to get the forgiveness from her.

The mistake about Darcy is perhaps the most important thing in the novel. At first, Darcy insulted Elizabeth by refusing to dance with her and Darcy commented that Elizabeth was not that much beautiful. This offended Elizabeth a lot and it is natural because this kind of comment would offend any girl especially in a dance party. However, this bitterness blinded Elizabeth’s eyes about Darcy and she continued this prejudice against Darcy for a long long time. This only made her own life more bitter. Darcy proposed to her for marriage and she refused. So, this matter created regret in her later that she felt that she could have become the wife of a very rich person.

Elizabeth also did a mistake about George Wickham. She hated Darcy and she thought that Darcy acted badly with Wickham. In fact, Wickaham was a clever person and she pretended to Elizabeth that Darcy has done very big injustice with Wickham. However, Elizabeth did not try to investigate more and she got bad idea about Darcy and she continued her prejudice about Darcy for more time. This mistake proved to be very costly for Elizabeth. She later found out that Wickham was a very bad person and he even made Lydia crazy and Lydia foolishly eloped with Wickham. Wickham was not that much interested to get married to Lydia and then Darcy had pre-intervened and ensured that Wickham gets married to Lydia and this way the honor of Elizabeth’s family got saved with the help of Mr. Darcy.

The character of Elizabeth changed a lot from the beginning to end of the novel. At first, Elizabeth disliked Darcy and she disliked many things. Gradually, she tried to investigate and find out the reality about Darcy. This matter shows that Elizabeth was a smart and intelligent girl. She was not that kind of person who forms an idea and sticks to it. She tried always to update her views and ideas about the world and this makes her a very attractive character to the readers.

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Some Freelance Writing Jobs News

If you are a freelance writer and you are looking for news about freelance works then one of the places that I should direct you is this link:

It is maintained by Anne Wayman and she updates it 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). They are basically some links of freelance work postings and ads of other websites but it is very useful. It does not matter from which country you are browsing but it might help you.

I am happy that thanks to OLPC laptops, some people in rural Nepal might have access to Internet.

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Why Writing is So Difficult?

I love to write and I try to write a lot. In fact, I have written over 3000 entries for my blogs in the last two years. Thus, on an average, I have written nearly 5 entries everyday. I know that there are many bloggers who write 10/15/20 or even more entries each day and some of them are really successful. Well, I feel that I should read a lot first and thus I have been reading a lot for the last two years. I have been writing continuously since 1997 and it is almost 11 years now. I have written for newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, Internet. I have also done a lot of ghost writing. Still, I feel that writing it not that easy.

Of course, typing is very easy but writing is difficult. One reason may be that I mainly write in English language (second language). My mother tongue is Bangla but my working language is English and for the last 2 years, I had hardly written anything in Bengali. This is perhaps a big tragedy for many writers living in the third world countries. One of the problems that I often face while writing in English is that I find it extremely difficult to find a particular word or phrase at the right time. This struggle often takes the away the energy and interest and I have to try a lot to find my rhythm. Of course, if I do not care for quality then it is not a big problem but I try to maintain a minimum standard. At least, I like to believe that I do so.

I recently attended a fair in my city. There, I saw many companies showcasing their products. One thing I liked about the companies and it was that they were focused with their work. I guess that writers often distracted in life. Of course, writing is different from other works. You want to write something but you are not satisfied. You have thought a lot of and believed that you can write a masterpiece but then when you sit to writing then you lose your track. I guess that this matter happens to almost every writer. When I was younger, these things caused a lot of unease for me. Now, I have learnt to deal with this.

For pursuing the career of writing, I had struggled a lot in my life. In my darkest period, I got a lot of inspiration from the writing of Alex Haley. I am quoting from him:

Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer. I always encourage such people, but I also explain that there’s a big difference between being a writer and writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hours alone at the typewriter. You’ve got to want to write, I say to them, not want to be a writer.

The reality is that writing is a lonely, private and poor- paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune, there are thousands more whose longing is never requited. Even those who succeed often know long periods of neglect and poverty. I did.

If you want to read the full essay, visit this link:

The Shadowland of Dreams

I am lucky that I was never a luxurious person in my life. I guess that this is the most difficult part of writing. It is not easy to sacrifice all the comfort of life and embrace tension.

In the end, writing is difficult because life is difficult.

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A Grammarian's Funeral and Buddhism

‘A Grammarian's Funeral’ is not a religious poem. It talks about the Renaissance spirit. We know that Renaissance took place in Europe against religious orthodoxy. Well, ‘A Grammarian's Funeral’ is not against religion. Even, it talks of God and good ways. However, the path that the grammarian followed was a bit different than traditional Christianity. To the grammarian, knowledge was everything.

I feel that there is some resemblance with the spirit of Buddhism. I am not sure if Robert Browning was that much familiar with the main teachings of Buddhism or not but I feel that there is striking similarity between ‘A Grammarian's Funeral’ and Buddhism. According to Lord Buddha, knowledge can bring salvation and the grammarian believed in the same thing. In fact, he followed this teaching in his own life. Then, Buddha said that true happiness does not come in luxury and comfort but it comes in conquering sadness and pain. I guess that the grammarian could do that in the best way. He did not care that he did not have money but he cared for only knowledge and thus he was a happy man.

That is why, I feel that the grammarian is a nice example of a true hero of Buddhist spirit. Do you agree with me?

A Grammarian's Funeral of Robert Browning: Some Reflections

Robert Browning is one of my most favorite poets in English literature. This is a touching poem reflecting Browning’s admiration for Renaissance spirit. I studied this poem in the third year in university and I was deeply moved with this poem. This is one of the poems that has become a part of my life. It’s not that I recite it a lot or even read it a lot but I think of the poem ‘A Grammarian's Funeral’ a lot. Today, out of curiosity, I searched about it in Google and found very little discussion about it. Well, it disappointed me some as I expected that there would be a lot of discussion about the poem in Internet.

The poem opens a grave note:

Let us begin and carry up this corpse,

Singing together.

Leave we the common crofts, the vulgar thorpes

Each in its tether

Sleeping safe on the bosom of the plain,

Cared-for till cock-crow:

The students of the Grammarian are carrying his dead body and they are going to bury him on the hill. Well, they are not students but they are the disciples of the Grammarian. They respected the Grammarian despite the fact that he was not rich. This is interesting to me. Teachers are respected in all the ages although they don’t have a lot of wealth. Their wealth is their knowledge and with their knowledge, they can teach their students new things.

Another thing that attracts me of the poem ‘A Grammarian's Funeral’ is the fact that the Grammarian did not study anything that could make him rich. I mean he studied humanities not science or commerce. In our own age, studying humanities (or Arts) is not a cool thing in many parts of the world. The money is in science and in commerce. So, most students and their parents tend to neglect the subjects of humanities.

Now, take a look at the next few lines of the poem:

Look out if yonder be not day again

Rimming the rock-row!

That's the appropriate country; there, man's thought,

Rarer, intenser,

Self-gathered for an outbreak, as it ought,

Chafes in the censer.

Here, we can see a distinction drawn between ordinary people and the grammarian. The grammarian was a man of noble sprit and virtue and his place is surely not with the ordinary people. He was higher than others because he dedicated his life for knowledge. In our age, acquiring knowledge is a good thing. You can become rich and famous and even powerful and respectable with knowledge but at that time, there was hardly anything to gain by dedicating a life for knowledge. There was no research grant, no publishing deal or scholarship or teaching position for people like the grammarian. He does not mind the limitations and obstacles in life. He just knows that he has a mission in life and that is acquiring and imparting knowledge. It is mission, passion and perhaps religion. There is a sense of fulfillment through knowledge.

I will write more about this poem in this blog in the coming days. You can subscribe to the feed of the blog. I urge all of you to take part in the discussion about this poem.

A blog about Bangla/Bengali Literature and Other Literatures

Yes, it is like coming back to the basic again. I started this blog 23 months ago and that time, I was struggling in my career. I was trying to establish myself as a freelance writer in Internet. Internet has eradicated the limitations of distance and I really understood this matter. I did not become successful as a freelance writer but I have experienced considerable success in blogging and so, I am not struggling anymore. This blog did not take off because I had no idea how to make a blog successful. Now, I have some healthy experience and skills about blogging and I am deeply grateful to God for that.

So, I have come back to the blog from where I started. I am again going to write about literature. I studied English literature for my BA. So, I know about most of the major poets, dramatists and writers of English literature. Of course, studying for exam is never a very enjoyable thing. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading Charles Dickens and George Orwell. I also loved William Wordsworth.

My first passion is not English literature- rather it is Bangla/Bengali literature. I started this blog with the goal of presenting Bangla literature to the world. You will not find a lot of materials about Bengali literature in Internet. Well, I know that I cannot do it as I really have no time these days. Nevertheless, I want to write about Bangla literature. I want to write about English literature. I want to write original short stories and I want to translate short stories.

So, come back as often as you can read.

By the way, I am going to change Feedburner subscription and email subscription. So, if you want to get updated by email and feed then you should subscribe again.

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Google Taking AdWords to New Markets

Google is always looking for new markets. I feel that Google has now found a good market segment. There are many small business companies around the world who do not have strong (or even any) presence in Internet. You know that these most people search about almost everything in Google and other search engines. This is a huge market but largely absent in cyberspace.

I like the way Google was pursuing this new market segment. To read more, visit here: AdWords and local markets.

Back again! Hopefully

This was my second blog and it was my most favorite blog. I tried to create a healthy amount of content in this blog first about Bangla literature and then about blogging. Well, I feel sad to see that I have neglected this blog totally. I know that I cannot be back again as much as I can but from now, I like to post at least once a week- hopefully.