Sunday, October 31, 2010

It has been a very tough Journey: I am back to my fulltime Work

At last, I have been able to come back to work. I still cannot work fulltime but it is much better than the last 16 months. For the last few days, I was very busy with writing a cover story for a magazine. It was a very difficult work and I hope to finish it today. Thus, indeed, I am going back to work by the end of this month. There is one day more and I hope to rest a lot tomorrow and start fresh in my career from 1 November 2010.
My health has improved significantly at last. From yesterday, I have totally stopped eating red chili powder in curry. This is indeed a radical change in me. I was too much fan of red chili powder. I could tolerate it in very high level and if the curry did not have enough of it then I would find it very difficult to eat.
It is still impossible for me to imagine mutton or chicken curry without red chili powder but then, I have totally stopped eating meat. So, my weight is not increasing and my health is not deteriorating either. 
Most probably, at last, I have realized my problem. I am suffering from dehydration. I am drinking a lot of fruit juice and water and I feel much better. This is a very odd problem and no doctor has been able to understand this matter until now. My wife has been suffering from the same problem. She could understand it and now, both of us feel much better.
In fact, today, I could work a lot and I felt very healthy. I have not felt this way healthy for at least 2 years. Today, I could finish the cover story for the magazine. It was 6,000 words long report and it was very difficult for me. However, this writing exercise has helped me a lot to come back to my work. Since it was for a magazine, I had to finish it before the deadline.
By the way, I am watching a Korean serial in Internet in the last few days. The name of the serial is Pure 19 and you can enjoy the episodes at free of cost here:
The drama is in Korean language but there is English subtitle. If any of you have any time then give it a try. Just watch 10 episodes and I am sure you will like it enough to watch the rest of the series. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So near yet so far

For three days, I suffered from a very nasty cold and hopefully, tomorrow, I will recover enough to start working. It became a sad thing for me because I was almost well enough to start working and then the cold destroyed everything.
My weight has reached to a stable condition and I am now moving around 95 KG. If I can just decrease another 5 KG then it will perhaps be enough to maintain a healthy life. My eating habit has radically changed. I am taking now much less oil and spice than compared to even 3 months ago. I am eating brown rice every day and it is very healthy.
It is one week of my wife’s coming and naturally, I was very busy. My hands and fingers have got a lot of rest as I could not get any opportunity in sit in my computer. My hands and finders feel fresh. This is a great blessing for me. For almost 9 years, I have been using computer every day and as a result, my fingers suffer a lot of discomfort. This break of one week has made them fresh again.
I still have 14 days to go back to fulltime writing. I am hopeful for it. Yesterday, a nice thing happened. A very popular blog from Hungary gave link to an entry of another blog of mine and as a result it brought 4,000 extra page views.
I have been able to remain optimistic because I have won in my war against obesity. I guess that going back to fulltime writing would happen very soon. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need a Tablet PC for my Writing Job

Today, I was supposed to work normally but when I woke up then I realized that I have caught a very nasty cold. As a result, it became impossible for me to sit in front of the computer and write. I was in bed for most of the time. I wish that iPad comes to my country soon and I can buy one. Apple’s iPad is too expensive for me but the Eee Pad of Asus should be a good bargain and it is supposed to come to the market on March 2011. Then, I can work even from my bed.
For the last 5 days, I could not write anything and that is why, my hands and fingers feel fresh today. This feeling is very good because my hands have become tired after typing for many years at a stretch.
I could never imagine that someday, I would not be able to write at all. The last 15 months have taught me that I must take care of my health or else, it will become impossible to write. There is a good news- the largest selling computer magazine in my country has published my article as their cover story for October 2010. As far as I know, it was the first in depth article about cloud computing in my country. I am making a comeback to freelance writing. The magazine has requested me to write something every month for them and I hope that I can do it.
There are still 18 days left for me to come back to fulltime writing. For October 2010, this is my goal. It is not that easy but I am trying my best.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Very near to back to fulltime Working

I am very happy now as my wife came back 2 days ago. I was supposed to start working fulltime from today but a bad thing happened. In our area, electricity went at 10 AM in the morning and it came after 8 PM at night. So, there was nothing to do for me. Well, I am hopeful that from tomorrow, I can start working fulltime. I am a freelance writer and blogger and that is why, writing is my only work.
My health has improved significantly. Today, I found that my weight was 95 Kilo Gram and I am slowly losing weight. Even my waist measurement has decreased by almost 5 inches (12.6 centimeters) in the last 3 and half months. I still need to lose 10 KG of weight and must become 6-7 inches slimmer in waist. I am very happy now as I am in the right track. This month, my main focus is to go back to fulltime working. I am hopeful for it now.
After the return of my wife, life is very sweet and pleasant and I am very optimistic that things will become much brighter for me within a short time. In the past, I used to think that I would stop updating this blog after I can go back to fulltime working. However, now, I feel that writing in this blog has helped me a lot to get back to normal life.
 Last year this time, I was really sick and my weight was 110 KG. I just finished a very painful teeth treatment in which the dentist did root canals with 7 teeth of mine. I became very sick and weak. I was suffering from obesity. Today, I feel very happy and I am hopeful that things will be very bright for me from now on.
Last year this time, in this blog, there were just 5-6 followers and now, this blog has 41 followers. This matter has brought a lot of happiness. I think that some people cared to read about my nagging about my bad condition. At times, I felt really ashamed that I was only writing about bad health. However, now, I understand that, writing in this blog has helped a lot to me to get rid of my mental stress. After all, I am not exactly a very extrovert person.
If you are suffering from physical or mental problems then may be blogging can help you a lot to get free of the stress.
By the way, if you have time then read this feature in Yahoo:
I like to thank all of you for reading my entries. 

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Let it Be and have a Dream

It was a very tiring day because last night, I did not have enough sleep.  What happened was that this morning, I had to wake up to do something.  Anyway, tomorrow will be a better day.  For the last three or four days, I’m suffering too much from the matter of electricity.  For example, today there was no electricity for nearly 4 hours.  As a result, I could not have the peace in my mind to work.  Since my wife is coming within a short time, I can start working from next week.
Enjoy this song from Beatles:
 I have started to feel much better in my health.  Most probably, from next week, I will not have any problem to go back to my work.  It is very interesting to think that all the good things are happening almost at the same time.  Perhaps, life is like that because if you read the earlier entries of this blog you will surely notice that for the last one year, all the time I was complaining about my condition.  Even one month ago, my condition was not good to do any work.
Of course, I’m not still back to my work and I miss writing.  One good thing is that I have now positive mind set and it has come mainly because my health has been improving for the last three weeks.  I feel that I’m very close to getting back my health as well as my job.  Looking after health has become my first priority at last.  I was always very bad in it and I cannot blame anyone else but myself for neglecting my health all my life.  Well, I had experienced very abnormal condition for most part of my life.
I have experienced extreme poverty and suffering.  For many years, I suffered from malnourishment and underweight.  Then, I was under too much pressure and started working very hard.  Suddenly, I gained a lot of weight and started from obesity.  Then, I had to fight for decreasing weight and it has been a very bad kind of battle in which I had experienced more failure than that success.
There is now a lot of hope in everything.  Maybe, at last, good time is coming for me and this time, I’m mentally ready to it that the challenge.  I have realize the value and importance of positive  attitude. Of course, I am not in any way implying that positive attitude will solve anything or perform any miracle. However, when you are suffering in the worst way or you are trying to recover then having a dream will help you a lot. Because of having the dream to come back to fulltime writing, tolerating the tough days became easier for me.
If you do not have a dream then really, try to have one. This may give you a lot of comfort in times of trouble. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Working for One Hour is not Impossible

This week, it is my time to work for 1 hour at least each day.  If I can work more than that then there is no problem but my minimum should be at least 1 hour.  I am finding it very difficult to come back to full time writing and that is why yesterday, I have made this decision that from now, I’m going to work 1 hour a day for one week.  Next week, my goal is to at least work two hours each day.  This way, I like to increase my working time to 8 hours after eight weeks.
All my life, one of the biggest problems has been to try too much and this has done a lot of harm to my career.  Of course, this is a part of growing up in life.  If you can learn from your mistakes then you can improve.  I’m happy that I have learned this matter that I should not go for any kind of extreme in anything.  If I go for any extreme then it will only destroy my health and my mind.
This time, I’m determined that I will slowly come back to my job.  The last one year has been very difficult for me but it has been a time of learning some valuable lessons that are now helping me.  I do not want to be in a hurry for something.  Instead, I want to move in life in a good way.  More than most people, I’m fond of it speed and I like to compete against myself to do something more quickly.  Slow and steady wins the race- this should be my motto from now.
After a few days, my wife is a coming and I’m eagerly waiting for her return.  It is very good to see that her health has recovered almost completely and my health is improving to the level that I do not feel that I’m sick anymore.  We have both tried a lot for our couple life and as a result, we both became sick almost at the same time.  Now, we’re very happy that we have almost got back our health.
For me, it was very difficult to change my eating habit and start some kind of physical activity regularly.  I have achieved tremendous success in both of them in the last one month.  Fortunately, my wife has very good eating habits and now, I can join her.  It is a very good and nice feeling that I’m out of the obesity level.  Obesity is a very big problem in the world today and the sad part is that very few people are conscious about the danger of this disease.
I have been able to stop eating outside food totally.  Fast food is a very dangerous thing but few people care about this matter.  Whenever I can find time, I try to read about health related issues in Internet.  In the past, I used to do a very bad thing of drinking too much coffee and Coke.  Thus, I used to get artificially fresh and used to work all night.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Planning is very Important for Blogging and Life

Yesterday, I said to myself that today would be the day in which I will start blogging again professionally. However, it has not been a good day so far. Of course, there is another problem for which I could not start working. From yesterday afternoon, I am doing a 45 hours water fasting. Today, I am not eating anything but just drinking 10-12 glasses of water. Water fasting gives my body a lot of comfort but it makes the body tired and exhausted. Still, I have started to like water fasting because it brings a lot of comfort to my body.
In fact, I have become so much fan of water fasting that even after I can lose weight enough, I will continue to do it for 48 hours every week or even just 24 hours in a week. Anyway, another important problem that I encountered today is the matter that when I sat down in my computer table, I had no idea what should I write. I did not make any plan last night. Thus, I felt that I was stuck in my mind and my mind was empty. If I had made plan then it would have been easier to start working today.
Blogging has a lot of flexibilities to offer. For example, I am now writing this entry. I surely cannot publish this kind of entry in a newspaper or a magazine but I can do so in a blog. Some readers will read this entry. Today, I have realized that I am near to getting back to fulltime blogging and freelance writing but I am still not there yet.
Now, I have no shortage of opportunities to work. I have at least 3 good blogs in which I can write about South Asia, Gadgets and Sports. If I can write quality content then Google brings good traffic, my entries get linked by other blogs and websites and some money come too. Last month, two magazines requested me to give them some articles. I also have got some opportunities to write research articles.  
Just ten years ago, the condition was totally opposite. I was struggling in every way. I could not earn enough money to pay my bills. I did not have enough opportunities to publish my articles. Often it happened that I wrote something and took to the newspapers or magazines but the editors did not like my writing. Well, this is a normal part of a writing career. It happens to almost every writer. Even after my writings got selected and published, I could not get the money in time for them. This was my life ten years ago in the year 2000.
I should be very happy that I have been able to run away from poverty and suffering. Actually, having a positive mindset is very important in life. So, today, I will not get frustrated for the matter that I could not start working. I have the full month of October to get back to fulltime blogging. Today is 3 October 2010 and I have another 28 days of the month.
I have to make a plan for tomorrow. One of the basic mistakes that I always make is that I set my target too high and I cannot achieve it most of the days. I should start with small goals. For example, today, I should try to just write one entry for South Asia Blog. Surely, writing one short entry is not impossible for me. This month, the main challenge for me is to fight against my mind and change my mindset. It has been many months that I do not work full time.
Therefore, it is impossible for me to suddenly start blogging for 8 hours a day. I should try to start with 1 hour a day and try to increase my time with blogging slowly. Last month, I got huge success with doing cycling following this method. I started with just 2 minutes of cycling and in one month, I could reach to 30 minutes per day.  I need to do the same thing to get back to working.
So, I’m going to work for 1 hour today for my blog.  Even if I cannot write any entry, I will still sit for 1 hour and try.  Gradually, I will increase the amount of hours each day and by the end of the month, I hope that I can work for 8 hours a day. Even if I can reach to 4 hours a day, I will be satisfied. Then, it will just take another one month to reach to 8 hours a day. I think that this is the good idea. Each week, I will add one hour of working and this way, within the next 8 days, I can reach to my target.  

Saturday, October 02, 2010

October 2010: The Month of Getting Back to Fulltime Work

The month of October started from yesterday and this new month has brought a new challenge and new optimism in me.  In September, I had to fight for two things: changing eating habits and doing exercise.  I’m happy that I could get modest amount of success in both of them.  For example, yesterday there was chicken curry and today there was very tasty and spicy shrimp curry but I did not eat any of them. Secondly, I have been doing cycling for at least 20 minutes every day.  As a result, I have a started to feel fresh in my body.
This month, there is a new challenge and it is related to my work.  I want to come back to full time writing.  Fortunately, my wife is coming back from her parents’ home next week after more than 14 months.  This is a great news for me for various reasons not to mention that it will end of my loneliness.  Also, I will not need to chat with her by using my hands and fingers.  It will make my hands fresh again.  Thus, I’m hopeful of going back to fulltime work again.
It seems to me that everything is now becoming normal after nearly 1 ½ year.  Now, I’m not sad or frustrated about the long suffering because first of all I’m almost in a normal condition in every way.  On the other hand, I have learned many lessons that had helped me to become a happier person.  My income has decreased a lot but I know that if I can start working full time again it will not be a problem with the help of God.
When I look back to the last one year, I really thank god that I could survive one after another disaster.  I feel that I have become more matured and it is needed in life.  All of a sudden, I find myself in a happy state of mind despite the fact that my condition is far from ideal.  At least, I can find that I have a lot of mental peace compared to most people around me.  There is no doubt that I still have a lot of problems to overcome but I can confidently say that I’m very happy now.
My advice for you is that try to be happy in every condition.  I know that it is impossible because in this website, if you read my entries of the last one year then you will surely notice that I have all the time nagged a lot.  It is clear that I was not happy and was frustrated because my condition was extremely bad.  However, I have done one good thing and that has perhaps in the end saved me: the dream that someday I will again become normal.
Even if you cannot be happy because of the severity of your condition, still, have the dream.  Having a dream will not do any harm.