Thursday, October 07, 2010

Let it Be and have a Dream

It was a very tiring day because last night, I did not have enough sleep.  What happened was that this morning, I had to wake up to do something.  Anyway, tomorrow will be a better day.  For the last three or four days, I’m suffering too much from the matter of electricity.  For example, today there was no electricity for nearly 4 hours.  As a result, I could not have the peace in my mind to work.  Since my wife is coming within a short time, I can start working from next week.
Enjoy this song from Beatles:
 I have started to feel much better in my health.  Most probably, from next week, I will not have any problem to go back to my work.  It is very interesting to think that all the good things are happening almost at the same time.  Perhaps, life is like that because if you read the earlier entries of this blog you will surely notice that for the last one year, all the time I was complaining about my condition.  Even one month ago, my condition was not good to do any work.
Of course, I’m not still back to my work and I miss writing.  One good thing is that I have now positive mind set and it has come mainly because my health has been improving for the last three weeks.  I feel that I’m very close to getting back my health as well as my job.  Looking after health has become my first priority at last.  I was always very bad in it and I cannot blame anyone else but myself for neglecting my health all my life.  Well, I had experienced very abnormal condition for most part of my life.
I have experienced extreme poverty and suffering.  For many years, I suffered from malnourishment and underweight.  Then, I was under too much pressure and started working very hard.  Suddenly, I gained a lot of weight and started from obesity.  Then, I had to fight for decreasing weight and it has been a very bad kind of battle in which I had experienced more failure than that success.
There is now a lot of hope in everything.  Maybe, at last, good time is coming for me and this time, I’m mentally ready to it that the challenge.  I have realize the value and importance of positive  attitude. Of course, I am not in any way implying that positive attitude will solve anything or perform any miracle. However, when you are suffering in the worst way or you are trying to recover then having a dream will help you a lot. Because of having the dream to come back to fulltime writing, tolerating the tough days became easier for me.
If you do not have a dream then really, try to have one. This may give you a lot of comfort in times of trouble.