Sunday, October 03, 2010

Planning is very Important for Blogging and Life

Yesterday, I said to myself that today would be the day in which I will start blogging again professionally. However, it has not been a good day so far. Of course, there is another problem for which I could not start working. From yesterday afternoon, I am doing a 45 hours water fasting. Today, I am not eating anything but just drinking 10-12 glasses of water. Water fasting gives my body a lot of comfort but it makes the body tired and exhausted. Still, I have started to like water fasting because it brings a lot of comfort to my body.
In fact, I have become so much fan of water fasting that even after I can lose weight enough, I will continue to do it for 48 hours every week or even just 24 hours in a week. Anyway, another important problem that I encountered today is the matter that when I sat down in my computer table, I had no idea what should I write. I did not make any plan last night. Thus, I felt that I was stuck in my mind and my mind was empty. If I had made plan then it would have been easier to start working today.
Blogging has a lot of flexibilities to offer. For example, I am now writing this entry. I surely cannot publish this kind of entry in a newspaper or a magazine but I can do so in a blog. Some readers will read this entry. Today, I have realized that I am near to getting back to fulltime blogging and freelance writing but I am still not there yet.
Now, I have no shortage of opportunities to work. I have at least 3 good blogs in which I can write about South Asia, Gadgets and Sports. If I can write quality content then Google brings good traffic, my entries get linked by other blogs and websites and some money come too. Last month, two magazines requested me to give them some articles. I also have got some opportunities to write research articles.  
Just ten years ago, the condition was totally opposite. I was struggling in every way. I could not earn enough money to pay my bills. I did not have enough opportunities to publish my articles. Often it happened that I wrote something and took to the newspapers or magazines but the editors did not like my writing. Well, this is a normal part of a writing career. It happens to almost every writer. Even after my writings got selected and published, I could not get the money in time for them. This was my life ten years ago in the year 2000.
I should be very happy that I have been able to run away from poverty and suffering. Actually, having a positive mindset is very important in life. So, today, I will not get frustrated for the matter that I could not start working. I have the full month of October to get back to fulltime blogging. Today is 3 October 2010 and I have another 28 days of the month.
I have to make a plan for tomorrow. One of the basic mistakes that I always make is that I set my target too high and I cannot achieve it most of the days. I should start with small goals. For example, today, I should try to just write one entry for South Asia Blog. Surely, writing one short entry is not impossible for me. This month, the main challenge for me is to fight against my mind and change my mindset. It has been many months that I do not work full time.
Therefore, it is impossible for me to suddenly start blogging for 8 hours a day. I should try to start with 1 hour a day and try to increase my time with blogging slowly. Last month, I got huge success with doing cycling following this method. I started with just 2 minutes of cycling and in one month, I could reach to 30 minutes per day.  I need to do the same thing to get back to working.
So, I’m going to work for 1 hour today for my blog.  Even if I cannot write any entry, I will still sit for 1 hour and try.  Gradually, I will increase the amount of hours each day and by the end of the month, I hope that I can work for 8 hours a day. Even if I can reach to 4 hours a day, I will be satisfied. Then, it will just take another one month to reach to 8 hours a day. I think that this is the good idea. Each week, I will add one hour of working and this way, within the next 8 days, I can reach to my target.  

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