Monday, September 22, 2008

How to stay motivated in Blogging?

Blogging is a challenging work and very few people can actually dream to have a significant income source from blogging. You have to work every day in this profession. There is no new year or birthday. Many people will talk about The freedom that blogging brings but reality is that if you want to make serious money from blogging then you have to work extremely hard on a regular basis. If you don’t trust me then Just visit some of the top blogs in Internet and notice the amount of content updated every week. You can find More than 30 entries in some of the top blogs in Internet in a single day. In fact, it is a difficult for you to keep up with the content of this kind of blog.

Now, let us come back to the new Bloggers who do not earn good amount of money from his work. The major challenge for This kind of Bloggers is how to stay motivated for a long time? Compared to many people, I work extremely hard and I enjoy writing. I feel excited when I can find that more than 100,000 people have visited my Blog in one month. It hasn’t been more than one time for me and each time, I felt very happy. Still, sometimes I feel tired and Lazy and out of motivation. So, I can easily imagine how a new Blogger feels from time to time. My advices that when you feel out of motivation and you don’t want to write anything at all then you should try to accept the problem first. If you can accept the problem then it’ll be easier to deal. The second thing you can do Is that you can take a break and do something else. What I do is that I tried to read a lot about blogging and related topics. This way, Although I do not work at all but I can gain some volatile knowledge and wisdom by reading. Later, I can apply My knowledge. Thus, I think that you can follow my style. It’ll be Helpful for you and can bring some improvement in your blogging skill. Why don’t you give it a try?