Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Never Give Up: Try Before Quitting

From yesterday, I have noticed that I can write blog posts naturally. For 3-5 years, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on blogging or writing naturally because of very bad health, bad stress and tension. Even last, week, I could not realize that I would be able to get so much better within a week. For the last months, I tried to rest as much as possible. This has been perhaps the main reason for my improvement in health. When you are out of work for a long time then it becomes very tough to come back to real work.
I have learnt a very important lesson. Most of the time, I was frustrated and I saw hardly any hope for the future. However, I never gave up and kept on trying. I never quitted. This is the main reason that I am standing tall again in life. Of course, I still have to go a long way but I feel much better and normal now.

Life is full of ups and downs. At times, life is boring too. However, life can be beautiful if you try to keep on fighting. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Health is Wealth: Life is larger than Sorrow and Depression

I have not posted any entry in this blog since October 7, 2012. 2013 has been more or less a very difficult year for me so far. However, my health has improved a lot. I suffered many obstacles and problems related to others. I had to fight a lot for some of my close people. In fact, now my main problem is not health anymore but some personal problems and obstacles. Even most of the problems are not mine. However, since some of my disciples are facing obstacles in life, I am trying my best to help them.
Well, I hope that things will become much better for all of us and I can get back to full time work within a short time. It is this hope that has kept me alive and kept me going for the last 5 years. At times, it has been very frustrating and I felt that there was no hope for the future. At the on hand, my health only became from bad to worse and then I could not deal with the everyday real life challenges.
Things are becoming better and now, my main challenge is to gradually get back to real life work. It is a challenge because I have lost the habit of writing or working every day. I know that it will not be easy to get back that habit. In the last 5 years, I tried a lot to get this habit of working everyday but I failed and that is why, I have lost any hope of getting it back. However, my health has improved a lot personal problems have decreased significantly too. So, there is now real possibility of getting back to work.
When I look back to the last 5 years now, I feel happy and satisfied. Yes, things have been very tough indeed but the experience I have gathered is valuable too. I realize very well that failure is not bad, suffering is not bad. If you learn your lessons then you can become stronger and happier. You will become more successful in life. I am grateful to God that I could continue fighting during very harsh conditions. I have learnt a very important lesson that heath is indeed wealth. I must never neglect my health. I also must remain hopeful in difficult times. Life has ups and downs.
I also have realized that it is important to look after my mind too. IN tough times, a movie can make change your mood. I watched some underdog movies in the last one year. This week, I watched the movie Glory Road. This movie has inspired a lot and has given me real hope. I have remained most of my life a real underdog and perhaps time has come for me to accomplice something.
The future looks to be bright for me from now on. May be, I will have unprecedented success in life within in the next few years.