Saturday, August 02, 2008

What is your most favorite drama of Shakespeare?

There is little doubt that Shakespeare is most popular dramatist in the whole world. There are other dramatists in other languages but no one could reach near Shakespeare when it comes to popularity. He died almost 400 years ago but still, his dramas are played in every country in the whole world.

So now, let us come back to the original question that I asked at the beginning of this entry. If you ask me then my answer is that I like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and the Merchant of Venice.

I like Romeo and Juliet because it shows that love is always higher than everything else. The Merchant of Venice has a good plot that is focused on around theme of justice. Then, hamlet talks about revenge.

How to Improve your Writing Skill: Write Everyday

Yes, this is the first lesson I want to give to everyone about writing. I don’t want to say that I am a good writer. Well, to be honest with you, I earn my living by writing. So, I know some about writing. I love to write and in fact, I try to do that everyday. Yes, I do it even on holidays, even when I am sick. Of course, if I am too sick then I cannot write but then I try to read. Reading is directly related to writing.

It is true that I cannot update this blog regularly but I write everyday. In fact, I am working on a number of blogs and last week, I started a new one about South Asia.

So, what are doing these days?