Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 2010 Brings New Hope

November is finishing today. I could achieve what I wanted- going back to full time work. From tomorrow, it is the beginning of December 2010. For the month of December, my theme is happiness. By nature, I am an optimistic type of person. I find myself happier than most people around me. Part of the reason is that I can be satisfied with almost nothing.
I was very spoilt in eating and perhaps still this is the case. However, in the last one month, I have changed my eating style radically and I have been able to totally come out of my addiction of coffee, Coke and Mutton. I have also been able to substantially decrease eating spicy foods and frying foods. Of course, I have to give most of the credits to my wife as she tried her best to change my eating habit.
Coming back to the theme of happiness, this month, I want to try to be happier. Perhaps, I am too much focused every moment. It is not bad as it helps me a lot in my career but it also puts too much stress on my health and mind. I always try something extra. If I can write 1000 words in a day then I try to write another 100 words. For doing so, there is a lot of extra pressure and this is the thing I will try to change from now. Secondly, I am all the time checking the results. For example in blogging, I am checking after every 20 minutes how my blog is doing- in other words, I check the sitemter quite often to see the stats of visitors and page views. At first, it was very useful as I needed to learn about blogging. I needed to see the effects of my entries in the short term and long term. Now, I really do not need it. Instead, I just need to do my work.
For the next one month, I am going to find out the things that take away my mental peace and I will try to deal with them. It is not as easy as I am saying. In fact, life is not like a machine or computer software. It is too complicated and it is full of surprises, exceptions and unexpected things.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Really Back to Full Time Work: A Very happy Feeling

Today, I really felt that I was back to my full energy as I could write 14 entries for my another blog. My previous record was 12 and thus, today, I could make that record some better. Well, of course, when you write 14 entries on a single day then quality is bound to suffer but I am more or less satisfied. What has happened is that I have been trying to work round the clock in the last few days and that is why, today, I could work much faster. The main reason, I wrote so many entries is that it was Black Friday 2010 and there was so much to cover.
It shows that I am back to professional blogging after an absence of almost 16 months. I could rest a lot too and I did not need to put any undue stress on my body or mind. Instead, I feel fresh now. If it was not nearly 2 AM, I could perhaps easily work another 3-4 hours.
Actually, I enjoy writing a lot. Some of my friends are fan of movies while some like travelling but for me writing is my profession, passion, hobby, work everything. I really missed it too much because of bad health. That is why, I must not put any undue pressure on my health.
My health is improving and I can sense it each day. Today, I noticed that I am getting back some energy at last and I have started to feel fresh. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

At last Truly back to Full Time Work

The last one week has been extremely busy but I enjoyed it a lot. At last, I am back to full time writing. I have dedicated everything for my gadget blog:
Well, in normal circumstances, I would not put myself to write about technology and gadgets but now, I have no other choice. I could not work for nearly 16 months. Technology and business can bring good money and I need to start earning money. More than most people, I understand the value of having enough money to pay the bills as most part of my life has been a sheer struggle with earning money.
That is perhaps why my favorite novel is Keep the Aspidistra Flying. It is written by George Orwell. In this novel, the hero declared against Money but then finds out in the end that we cannot live without money.
In my case, I never declared war against money but I had a very bad family who just drained away my energy. Anyway, it is a very long story.
So, now, as long as I am alive, I am reading and writing about smartphones, tablet PCs (like iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab), laptops and netbooks. May be, after a few weeks, I will start to dream about them. I am not sad or unhappy because I enjoy writing about computers although all my life, I just studied humanities subjects like Literature, Linguistics, History, International Relations, Political Science, Logic and so on.
This time, I am trying to be cautious about not working too hard. Whenever, I feel tired, I try to take rest for 30 minutes. As a result, my health is improving and I am happy.
My wife is very supportive and her support is crucial for me. She is doing everything possible in her capacity to take care of me. I not only missed her last 15 months, I also missed her taking care of me. Couple life indeed is the most important part of our life but I have seen many people neglecting it at the expense of outside fun and entertainment. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now Facing Problem with Internet

When everything looked very well for me, Internet problem came. For the last 5-6 days, my Wimax modem is not working properly and whenever I start to browse Internet, within a few minutes, it gets hanged and then after a few minutes it becomes ok. It is a very annoying problem. Today, I took the modem to the shop and they could not fix it 100% but the situation has improved some at least for today.
It is too much frustrating for me as when at last, it seemed to me that I can start working full time I cannot work properly. Anyway, this is a small price you have to pay for living in a third world country.
Now, Internet is some better and I hope to start working. I am dying to write fulltime as I miss it too much. 

Monday, November 01, 2010

A New Beginning on 1 November 2010

It is already 1 November 2010 morning in my city and I woke up 30 minutes ago. I am going to start working fulltime again from today. It has been 16 months indeed that I could not work because of illness. It is not that I stopped working totally. I had to look after my small company and the workers and had to manage the day to day happenings. However, I could not work regularly and consistently. As a result, my blogs have suffered a lot and my income is at its lowest point for the last 5 years. Thus, I have to work hard indeed.
This blog has helped me immensely to pass through the rough time. If you read the older entries then you will get an idea of my sufferings. There were many days that I was sitting beside my PC for whole night but could not write anything or could not sleep either. I am just happy that I can start working.
Now, I know my problem very well- dehydration. So, I have to drink water all the time and I will also drink some fruit juice.
Now, the blog has 43 followers. If any of you are reading this entry now, the only I like to request you is to take care of your body and mind.