Saturday, November 27, 2010

Really Back to Full Time Work: A Very happy Feeling

Today, I really felt that I was back to my full energy as I could write 14 entries for my another blog. My previous record was 12 and thus, today, I could make that record some better. Well, of course, when you write 14 entries on a single day then quality is bound to suffer but I am more or less satisfied. What has happened is that I have been trying to work round the clock in the last few days and that is why, today, I could work much faster. The main reason, I wrote so many entries is that it was Black Friday 2010 and there was so much to cover.
It shows that I am back to professional blogging after an absence of almost 16 months. I could rest a lot too and I did not need to put any undue stress on my body or mind. Instead, I feel fresh now. If it was not nearly 2 AM, I could perhaps easily work another 3-4 hours.
Actually, I enjoy writing a lot. Some of my friends are fan of movies while some like travelling but for me writing is my profession, passion, hobby, work everything. I really missed it too much because of bad health. That is why, I must not put any undue pressure on my health.
My health is improving and I can sense it each day. Today, I noticed that I am getting back some energy at last and I have started to feel fresh. 

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