Monday, November 01, 2010

A New Beginning on 1 November 2010

It is already 1 November 2010 morning in my city and I woke up 30 minutes ago. I am going to start working fulltime again from today. It has been 16 months indeed that I could not work because of illness. It is not that I stopped working totally. I had to look after my small company and the workers and had to manage the day to day happenings. However, I could not work regularly and consistently. As a result, my blogs have suffered a lot and my income is at its lowest point for the last 5 years. Thus, I have to work hard indeed.
This blog has helped me immensely to pass through the rough time. If you read the older entries then you will get an idea of my sufferings. There were many days that I was sitting beside my PC for whole night but could not write anything or could not sleep either. I am just happy that I can start working.
Now, I know my problem very well- dehydration. So, I have to drink water all the time and I will also drink some fruit juice.
Now, the blog has 43 followers. If any of you are reading this entry now, the only I like to request you is to take care of your body and mind. 

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  1. What great advice :-) So glad you are feeling so much better and can get back to doing some work. Although I do miss you updating this blog!!!! ;-) x