Friday, April 22, 2011

Small changes can make a Huge Difference in Life

I am now in a do or die position in life. I have to shine in my career and I have to shine in the best possible way. Failure is not indeed an option. So, I have to try my best. For this, I need maximum effort. Only then I can think of becoming successful. This is not easy at all because I am not young anymore and I do not have the energy. Still, as I just said, failure is not an option.
So, I have to think of increasing the level of my efforts. I do not see any big problem but what I need is to make some small changes in my daily life. The goal of these changes will be to increase the time of my daily work. I do not have any shortage of skill and I know how to earn money. I just need to make a comeback to fulltime regular work. I need to forget everything and just focus on my work. I know from my experience that money will come automatically.
May be it is repeating the same thing all the time but this is now my only problem. I must just start working fulltime. This is my only way out in life. 

Monday, April 04, 2011

Back to normal life Back to normal Work

At long last, I feel very happy that my health has improved enough and I can go back to normal work. It has been nearly two years of absence from normal life and normal work. Fortunately, my mental stress has finished significantly too. So, I really can start fresh.
I do not have any grand scheme or any ambitious plan at this moment. Just working 4-8 hours a day seriously is the only thing I wish to accomplish. If I can do it then it will bring maximum happiness for me. Before I became sick, it was my major problem. I was not satisfied with almost anything. I was pushing myself all the time for more success.
Now, there is no competition with anyone. I will just focus on myself and just carry on my day to day activities. This blog has helped me a lot and I intend to continue writing here whenever I can. I like to thank all of you for all the support.