Monday, February 28, 2011

Trying to find answers to some Questions in Work

I am back to fulltime blogging almost. I know that I am saying the same thing for many days but fortunately, I am almost back to the level before I became sick and suffered a series of misfortunes. So, I am almost getting back my health.
Now, as I have started working seriously, I have noticed that I lose my way most of the days. That is why, I have realized that I need to find answer to some questions so that I can overcome my problems and focus on my writing.
It is better I try to write down the questions of which I need to find some good answers.
1. How to find out the most important problems?
2. How to focus on my work every day?
3. How to overcome the distractions and just work continuously for an hour?
4. How to ensure that I can sleep at the right time and do not suffer from sleeping problem?
5. What are the things should I do to become successful in blogging?
There are many questions that I need to find answers. Many of us have similar problems and they try to find the answers.
Earlier today, I was thinking of writing about these problems and their solutions in this blog. At first, I thought that I should not write about these things as they often become similar like spam content. After all, there are many websites and blogs about personal development. Then, I felt that it was not a bad idea to write about these problems because I am a person who is dealing with these things every day. So, at least, I can share my experience and my struggles, my successes and failures.
I am not exactly trying to earn anything by writing about these questions and trying to find their answers as they will be mostly written from my personal experience. Even, I cannot claim that I know perfect answers for even one of these questions. I also don’t know if I can really follow my own advice. What I just know is that I will be able to discuss about these questions from real life problems and experience.
Steve Pavlina is perhaps my most favorite person in this regard. I like his website and blog simply because he suffered real problems and then tried to overcome them. So, he wrote most of the content in his website from his own personal experience. Well, to be honest, I do not agree with many of the things he said in his website and blog and I hardly follow any of the strategies he wrote there. I never purchased anything from his website or I am not even encouraging anyone to do so either. I just like his website because it helps me to think about my own life.
So, from 1 March 2011, I am going to think about a particular problem for a day or for two three days continuously. I will try to find solution to the problems and then will try to write about the whole matter. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Literally in the second phase of my Professional Blogging Career

Last night, I spent several hours checking the condition of our blogs. Now, we update 7 blogs and we are 4 bloggers. In theory, there should be nothing wrong but in reality, I have to start from the scratch as the condition of all the blogs is very bad. So, I am kind of back to the beginning as far as professional blogging is concerned.
It is sad and painful but I cannot blame anyone as I could not work for many months. Anyway, I am happy that Google has decided to act tough against content farms and spammers at last. This is good news for people like us who always focus on good content.
Because of this decision from Google, life should become some easier for me now. Anyway, if I can work hard then generating good amount of traffic wont take more than one month. I have come back to fulltime blogging at last. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Try to stay calm in Tough Condition in Life

Just a few minutes ago, Bangladesh achieved an inspiring victory against Ireland in ICC World Cup Cricket 2011. Naturally, I am very happy that my country won the match. Cricket is the most popular sports in this country.
The win of today was inspiring and amazing because Bangladesh batted first and scored just 205 runs from their allotted 50 overs. Very few people could think that Bangladesh would be able to defend this small score. The bowlers tried their best and in the end, Ireland fell short of 27 runs.
This victory brought a lot of inspiration in my heart because my condition is more or less like our cricket team these days. I am trying to make a comeback to my career of professional blogging. Right now, I am the underdog and things are not working well. That is why, this cricket match brought a lot of hope in me. Bangladesh players could make a very strong and dramatic turnaround because they worked hard.
So, in a happy heart, I am going to stay calm and work hard. I am going to be dedicated and serious about blogging from this moment. I am going to try my best. In fact, five years ago, when I started professional blogging, I did not think of anything else but I gave all my heart to become successful. Success did not come right away. It took nearly one year but when the success came, it was resounding. I have to remember that lesson and again try with all my heart. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

At last back to Blogging Again

For the last 4 months, I have been trying to come back to fulltime blogging. I could not do for various reasons but now, I am back to my real profession. I do not need to do anything extraordinary or special- just do the thing I can do best. I am fond of writing and this is the thing I can do best.
My condition is reaching to desperate level but I know that things can change totally within just one month. So, I am very optimistic.
My wife is also trying help me in her own capacity. I was reading this entry of Problogger: I Do: Tips for Co-blogging with Your Spouse
My wife has supported me a lot in the last 5 years. She helped me every way possible- from house work to blogging. She has really been my source of inspiration. I wish that I was a better husband for her. I am now trying my best in this field.
So, I am happy to be back to blogging again. I have been able to finish the other couple of projects in my hand. My assistants are now serious too. So, hopefully things will improve very soon. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomorrow is just a new Day

Today was not bad as I could work with some satisfaction. I am hoping for a better tomorrow as I can realize that I am slowly moving towards going back to full time blogging. At this moment, I am not only blogging but also doing a couple of projects related to freelance writing.
The best thing that has happened now is that the 3 members of my team are working hard. They are serious. So, it is easier for me to guide them towards the completion of a project. Just last week, we finished making a website on sports and we earned some praise for it.
We are not very happy with the website as it did not justify our skill, knowledge and talent. We had to finish it very quickly. For some unknown reasons, Internet attracts me a lot. I enjoy working in this field more than anything else. May be the main reason is that here, I have all the freedom. There is no one to limit my potential.  
Well, in a way, I am almost back to normal work because now a days, I can work most of the time. So, I do not need to feel frustrated. Rather, I must keep on trying and keep on going.

Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Get Back the Confidence: A million Dollar Problem!

While I am back to my normal self in fulltime work, I am still to get back my confidence. The main problem is that because of almost two years of absence from fulltime work, my blogs are now doing very badly indeed. Traffic is at its lowest point. The same goes for revenue too. So, I cannot be in a happy state of mind.
On the other hand, I know very well that if I can focus on blogging then things can become bright within a short period of time. I surely lack the confidence now. As a result, I am unable to work with all my efforts and focus. Thus, I am unable to find my consistency in blogging. This is now the main problem for me.
Perhaps, the best thing to do at this moment is to again start fresh. I am too much tired emotionally. Five year ago, on this day, I started the blog (20 February 2006). At that time, I was in a desperate condition in life. I had no income and there was no hope for the future. I just tried to find something in Internet. Fortunately, within a month, I found a blogging job and then I could earn money.
Again, I have to start from almost zero. So, I am going to try my best to become successful in blogging. This time, I need to do my best. I really cannot afford the luxury of seeking my confidence. I have to do or die just like 5 years ago. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Work hard without Becoming Sick?

I am now better and I am almost back to my best energy level. The bad news is that I have again gained some extra weight and at this moment, trying for weight loss has become a necessity.
The good news is that I have been able to come back to my normal work. In just two weeks, along with my 3 assistants, I could finish a project of writing content for a sports website. It was a tough project but we finished it in a good way. Now, I am not eager to take any new project but I want to focus on our blogs.
I really missed fulltime blogging for quite some time. I started full time professional blogging from March 22 2006. So, it is becoming 5 years. Until March 2009, I could work fulltime. Then, a series of disasters happened and I lost two years. Now, it is the time to start again seriously.
The most important lesson that I have learnt in the last two years is that I must never try to overdo any work. In other words, I must not put any stress on my health and mind. The best way to understand is to work as long as I do not need to drink any coffee or Coke.
If I can follow this simple rule then I can surely work hard without making myself sick. This is now the main challenge and I have work hard on it. It is not difficult but it just needs that I do not get carried away without anything. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arsenal has won against Barcelona: I am Happy

The match just finished and in this Champions League 2011 match, Arsenal won by 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium. I am a big fan of Arsene Wenger and it is a happy night for me. At the end of the first half, Barcelona was leading by 1-0.
Until the 77th minute, Barcelona could hold on to that lead. Then on the 78th minute, Arsenal got the goal through Robin van Persie. It was a superb strike from zero angel and the Barcelona goalkeeper got stunned. Then in the 83rd minute, Nasri provided a superb pass and Arshevin scored.  
The second leg will take place after two weeks. This may just be the season of Arsene Wenger. I am also hopeful that this will be my own year too. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Health First and only Health First

In the last 10 days, I was too busy with a couple of projects and could not take care of my health. As a result, I became sick and it is not fun. I am still not in good condition. The main reason was that I was very excited with a work, I was too much engrossed with the problem of one of my assistants and I needed to use my health and brain both a lot.
This sickness has taught me a very valuable lesson. From now, I will just focus on my health and I will not do anything that would enter any serious pressure.
It has been years of fighting for existence. In a way, I feel that I have won the major battle of my life and I am now in a position to make life better from this point of time.
Until now, all my efforts were centered on just one thing- survive. Month after month, I was worried about just getting enough money to pay the house rent and utility bills. How can I forget the days when I could eat 3 decent meals a day?
Yes, in a decent way, I have achieved a decisive victory. God has supported me all the way. Now, it is the second battle that I need to win. This time, it is not for paying the bills or it is not for eating 3 square meals a day. This battle is for motivating myself to stay healthy and become successful in my career. I like to congratulate myself for being able to come to this stage.
I do not know if any of you have experienced same kind of difficulty in life but from my own experience, I know very well that whatever difficulty you had or still have- the pain is still the same. So, you have all my support. Just do not give up your dream of coming back to normal life. 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Why should you Open a Blog?

When I opened my first blog nearly 6 years ago, the only thing I had in my mind was to earn some money. The goal has not changed yet but this blog has taught me another lesson. These days, I am back to normal lie as my health has improved a lot.
I have written about my condition for the last one year here and now, I feel that if your life is in a miserable condition then you really should open a blog. You do not need to give all the personal details or any kind of sensitive information. Still, you can write about daily life here.