Saturday, February 12, 2011

Health First and only Health First

In the last 10 days, I was too busy with a couple of projects and could not take care of my health. As a result, I became sick and it is not fun. I am still not in good condition. The main reason was that I was very excited with a work, I was too much engrossed with the problem of one of my assistants and I needed to use my health and brain both a lot.
This sickness has taught me a very valuable lesson. From now, I will just focus on my health and I will not do anything that would enter any serious pressure.
It has been years of fighting for existence. In a way, I feel that I have won the major battle of my life and I am now in a position to make life better from this point of time.
Until now, all my efforts were centered on just one thing- survive. Month after month, I was worried about just getting enough money to pay the house rent and utility bills. How can I forget the days when I could eat 3 decent meals a day?
Yes, in a decent way, I have achieved a decisive victory. God has supported me all the way. Now, it is the second battle that I need to win. This time, it is not for paying the bills or it is not for eating 3 square meals a day. This battle is for motivating myself to stay healthy and become successful in my career. I like to congratulate myself for being able to come to this stage.
I do not know if any of you have experienced same kind of difficulty in life but from my own experience, I know very well that whatever difficulty you had or still have- the pain is still the same. So, you have all my support. Just do not give up your dream of coming back to normal life. 

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