Saturday, February 26, 2011

Literally in the second phase of my Professional Blogging Career

Last night, I spent several hours checking the condition of our blogs. Now, we update 7 blogs and we are 4 bloggers. In theory, there should be nothing wrong but in reality, I have to start from the scratch as the condition of all the blogs is very bad. So, I am kind of back to the beginning as far as professional blogging is concerned.
It is sad and painful but I cannot blame anyone as I could not work for many months. Anyway, I am happy that Google has decided to act tough against content farms and spammers at last. This is good news for people like us who always focus on good content.
Because of this decision from Google, life should become some easier for me now. Anyway, if I can work hard then generating good amount of traffic wont take more than one month. I have come back to fulltime blogging at last. 

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