Monday, February 28, 2011

Trying to find answers to some Questions in Work

I am back to fulltime blogging almost. I know that I am saying the same thing for many days but fortunately, I am almost back to the level before I became sick and suffered a series of misfortunes. So, I am almost getting back my health.
Now, as I have started working seriously, I have noticed that I lose my way most of the days. That is why, I have realized that I need to find answer to some questions so that I can overcome my problems and focus on my writing.
It is better I try to write down the questions of which I need to find some good answers.
1. How to find out the most important problems?
2. How to focus on my work every day?
3. How to overcome the distractions and just work continuously for an hour?
4. How to ensure that I can sleep at the right time and do not suffer from sleeping problem?
5. What are the things should I do to become successful in blogging?
There are many questions that I need to find answers. Many of us have similar problems and they try to find the answers.
Earlier today, I was thinking of writing about these problems and their solutions in this blog. At first, I thought that I should not write about these things as they often become similar like spam content. After all, there are many websites and blogs about personal development. Then, I felt that it was not a bad idea to write about these problems because I am a person who is dealing with these things every day. So, at least, I can share my experience and my struggles, my successes and failures.
I am not exactly trying to earn anything by writing about these questions and trying to find their answers as they will be mostly written from my personal experience. Even, I cannot claim that I know perfect answers for even one of these questions. I also don’t know if I can really follow my own advice. What I just know is that I will be able to discuss about these questions from real life problems and experience.
Steve Pavlina is perhaps my most favorite person in this regard. I like his website and blog simply because he suffered real problems and then tried to overcome them. So, he wrote most of the content in his website from his own personal experience. Well, to be honest, I do not agree with many of the things he said in his website and blog and I hardly follow any of the strategies he wrote there. I never purchased anything from his website or I am not even encouraging anyone to do so either. I just like his website because it helps me to think about my own life.
So, from 1 March 2011, I am going to think about a particular problem for a day or for two three days continuously. I will try to find solution to the problems and then will try to write about the whole matter. 

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  1. I have been using a trick where you write down any problem or thing you're worried about before you go to bed - like you have done in your blog. I've found it stops the worries going round and round in your head and disrupting your sleep! So writing down is definitely a good idea!