Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 was not a Bad Year

I am not exactly a person to celebrate the coming of New Year or go to any party. Instead, I try to work or have a normal day. Today, I was thinking of the year that is passing 2010. It has started in a very tough way for me because I could not sleep at all. In fact, for the last ten months of 2010, I had continuous sleeping problem. It was only from November, my health improved some and I could sleep. Now a day, I do not have that problem.
Sleeping was not the only problem for me in 2010. I had to face other difficulties too. This time the electricity was very bad and for nearly four months, I suffered from summer gift. Fortunately, from the first week of August, I had air conditioner and that is why that time from August to October, summer was tolerable.
My work and income both suffered extremely because I could not work continuously even for a week. However, from last month, I could get come back to normal work but my income is still miserable. Now, I have noticed that getting back to full time work is becoming possible and that is why although I am worried about money, I know that it will be solved very soon.
Yes, in 2010, I suffered a lot but when it is finishing, I felt that it was not a bad year. It helped me to fight against my health and improve my health to a good level. I am still 100 kilogram and I need to fight seriously about decreasing my weight but I am also hopeful. I am hopeful because in 2010, I achieved a very important victory over my health. I could change my eating habit and I could also remove the laziness about doing exercise. As a result, I feel fresh and some energetic compared to one year ago. In a way, 2010 was the year to fight and also too build some base for myself. Now, in 2011, I have to work very hard and earn some decent amount of money and get some success in Blogging.
If you ask me what was the best thing for me in 2010, I will say that it was the learning about the importance of hope and positive energy. I feel optimistic about the future although I do not have the good income now. My wife is still fighting with bad health. Hopefully, she will become better in the next one year. Now, she cannot work with me anymore and naturally, it has added more pressure but it is not a problem for me because I have understood that happiness is even more powerful. If I can just get back my energy and work like past then earning money or getting success in Blogging is not a big problem because I have a lot of knowledge in this field.
In 2011, I have two major goals. I want to get back to 80 kilogram of body weight slowly. I tend to decrease 1.5 kg of weight every month in the twelve months. Secondly, I want to achieve success in Blogging but I do not want to achieve success quickly. In fact, neither to decrease my weight nor improve my career, I want to be in a hurry. Instead, I want to achieve them in a year instead of just 3 months.
This Blog has helped me a lot to fight against the rough time that I passed in the last one year. I will try to update it regularly from now and may be after a few weeks, I will try to write about my personal matters less but write about other things more. Even I have started to feel bored from repeating to same thing about my condition. So, I can easily understand that most of the readers have no good feeling either. Still I like to thank all of you for reading the Blog and this really helped me a lot emotionally. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 and May your Life Become Better

The year 2010 is almost coming to an end and it is perhaps the time to take a look at the last one year.  In short, it has been a very tough year for me every way.  However, when I look at the same time last year than I have to accept that my condition has improved a lot.  So, I’m not sad and even I am optimistic that 2011 will be a good year for me.
Last year this time, I was suffering in every way possible.  Working was impossible for me and the worst thing that I had to deal with was lack of sleeping at night.  I think that for nearly one year I could not sleep at night.  So, I’m happy that 2010 is finishing and the new year is coming. 
If you had gone through the entries of the last one year in this website, you will notice that I had been saying almost the same thing over and again.  It is because, it was very difficult for me to come out of the bad condition.
Unfortunately, when you were an adult then you cannot just leave everything and focus on your health.  For example, no matter how sick or weak I became, I had to look after a small business.  Fortunately, my business is Internet related and I can manage it from home.  Still, running a business has its challenges and when you were extremely sick, any new problem seems too much to deal with.  The economic depression or recession made life even more difficult.  I noticed that with the same amount of traffic, my income became half.
It has been more on less the same story for me for the last one year.  Now, the biggest challenge for me is to find some decent amount of money but I’m not afraid or nervous because my health has improved significantly.  On the other hand, the bad impact of the economic recession has decreased.
I know that some of the readers of this website are reading my interests on a regular basis.  I like to thank all of them for this.  I wish all of you a very happy new year.

You should not be Perfectionist while Coming back to Full time Work

To be honest with you, I’m finding it very difficult to come back to full time work.  It is much harder than I anticipated and I’m trying almost every day but still no good luck.  November was much better but December has been bad.  I’m hoping that from January 2011, I can really start working fulltime.  One of the problems that I find is that I’m trying to be a perfectionist and as a result, I have to suffer from a lot of negative energy.
For example, when writing this entry, I am concerned whether it is becoming good or making any sense.  This is really foolish of me because the reality is that I have still not been able to come back to my full capacity.  When I can come back to my full capacity and then I should bother about quality.  From tomorrow, I will not think of quality at all but focus on just writing.  I know that it is a very long journey of becoming a successful writer.  It may take another 10 years but I will try my best to achieve the dream.
This is the thing that I will try to remember from tomorrow.  It is indeed a very long journey in life to become successful as a writer.  I have to face many limitations and to be honest with you, I’m very lucky that I could find blogging nearly five years ago.  So, from now, I waited only focus on working fulltime and forget everything else.  In January, my only focus will be to work fulltime and nothing else.  I would not bother even if the content that I create is absolutely trash without any kind of quality.
Instead, I will try to a remind myself every day that quality comes after trying a lot.

Monday, December 27, 2010

How to make a Comeback to Fulltime Work after a Long absence?

It has been nearly two months that I tried to come back to full time work.  I almost managed to comeback but somehow, it was not enough.  Sometimes, it is quite frustrating and I wish that it happens very quickly.  I am hopeful that I can really start working fulltime from the new-year or from next week.  The most important lesson that I have learned is that it is very difficult to make a real comeback to full time work after a long absence.  I’m doing a lot of soul searching and trying to find a right strategy in this regard.  Anyway, I’m going to talk about some tips that may be helpful for you if you are suffering from same kind of problem like me.
Be slow but be consistent: When you are trying to make a comeback at first, it will be very difficult to maintain consistency.  I am still finding it very difficult.  So, it is better that you try to be slow for the first few weeks or a few months.  In fact, sometimes, I feel going back to full time work very overwhelming because I do not have any habit for a long time.  So, what I’m trying to do is to work less amount of time but work every day.  You can give it a try.
Don’t Get Upset from setbacks: In life, suffering from setbacks is very natural.  When you are trying to come back to full time work then be sure that you will suffer even more setbacks.  Just try to take it easy and do not get upset.  Do not put any stress or pressure for it on your mind.  Just remember that at the end of the day you do not have any other choice but to come back to your work.  If you are still young like me then you really have no choice.  So take it easy and do not get upset.
Hobby is not a waste of Time: I am more or less a workaholic person and I enjoy doing work.  However, at this point of time in my life, I have realized that it is better to spend a lot of time with something that I really enjoy a lot.  I found some movies and Korean TV serial that I watched a lot for the last few months.  It has really helped a lot.  It has helped me to get free from some of the stress and brought a lot of freshness in my mind.
Talk to yourself: I did not know what kind of person you are but I like to talk to myself a lot.  Talking to myself has helped a lot and every day, I tell myself that sooner or later I will be back to full time working.  At the same time, I constantly remind myself that I must not put any kind of stress on my nerve.
Always be optimistic: Positive energy can really make a difference in your life.  When I feel bad or pessimistic then I try to remind myself that just compared to one year ago, my condition has improved significantly.  Last year during this time, on every night, I could not sleep and had to stay awake until noon.  I could not do any work and I did not have any kind of physical energy or mentally strength.  Compared to the same time last year, my condition has improved a lot.  If this trend continues then in the same time next year, it will be much better.  This kind of optimism really brings a lot of hope in my mind about the future.  I’m still young and energetic.  So, my advice for you is that in any case, keep your dream and positive energy intact.  You really need them at this crucial moment in life.
Failure is a part of Life: This is a very important lesson that I have learned in the last 20 years.  Yes, I have failed a lot and most probably 90% of the time, I could not become successful in anything.  Failure is not only a part of life but also it has helped me to learn and grow.  For example, five years ago, I started trying for Blogging in Internet and at that time my financial condition was very bad and miserable.  I tried my best and unfortunately, I poured a lot of stress on my mind and health and my health collapsed.  Thus, although in a short time, I achieved tremendous among of success in professional Blogging at a very short period of time, I could not sustain the success and became seriously ill.  This time, I have learned my lesson from the previous failure and I want to grow gradually.
Final Words: In conclusion, I hope that the tips I gave you in this entry will be helpful for you.  Even if you find nothing useful still, I want you to think about this matter and you must not put any pressure on your mind when you are making a comeback to fulltime work after a long absence. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

It is Christmas Day. I am not a Christian but I respect Jesus Christ a lot for his dedication towards humanity.
The spirit of Christmas to me is to try to be a better human being. If all of us just try a little then the world really can become a better place. The world is too much filled with selfish people who are ready to do anything for their own benefit. I am not an angel either but most of the time, I feel that we easily can sacrifice our own wanted a little bit and this can improve the world.
We all seek peace and happiness. But in a society, peace and happiness does not simply depend on ourselves alone. It is dependent on everyone. Christmas gives us this message that we all need to try to make the world a better place. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Razib’s World: The new name of this Blog

I have decided to change the name of this blog and from now on, the name of this blog will be Razib’s World.
On February 2011, this blog will become 5 years old. I started the blog at a very crucial time in my life. At that time, I had hardly any idea about blogging. So, everything was new to me. Just one month after starting this blog, I got the opportunity to join a blog network and earn money. As a result, I had to leave this blog and I could never take it seriously.
My original goal was to write about Bengali or Bangla Literature. We posted some entries on it. We also posted some entries on English literature but for the last one year, I just wrote about my own condition. I suffered from bad health and writing this blog helped to take away some of the mental stress.
While doing it, I understood that this was more fun than writing about Literature. I always wanted to write about my ideas on different topics. However, professional blogging or blogging for earning money is not that compatible with writing about different topics. Professional blogging is more related to targeting some keywords and try to take them on the top positions of Google Search. This way, people would visit and you would earn money.
It is not that I do not need to earn money. I desperately need now to increase my income. However, I do not need to earn money from this particular blog. For that, I have another blog on technology and I want to earn money from there. I am working very hard these days for that blog. A lot of my time is spent to read about business and technology each day.
I want to use my spare time to write for this blog. Fortunately, the condition of my health has improved a lot. So, I hope that I can update this blog regularly from now. My target is to update it 3 times a week.
What about the content? I want to write about anything that I like. I know that it is not good for a blog and perhaps even not good for readers as they will find it difficult to follow. Still, I wish to do it as I think that it is my best opportunity to write what I want. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Revive a Blog after One Year of Absence?

This is my main challenge now. I could not work for nearly 18 months (July 2009 to December 2010). I a gradually coming back to my full capacity as, my health has been improving slowly but steadily. I hope to again start full time blogging from 1 January 2010. These days, I do not put any pressure on my health and whenever I feel some stress or tired, I stop working. It is frustrating but this is wisest thing to do. As a result, I am getting back my strength and have started to feel fresh.
It is like repeating the same thing again and again in this blog. However, things have improved a lot in the last one year. I was taking a look an entry of this blog of one year ago: What are your Writing Goals in 2010? I stated that my goal was to just write daily 2000 words for my blogs. I could not fulfill my goal because of bad health. Now, I am hopeful about 2011. I think that I can achieve this goal.
How to revive my blog after one year or one and half year of absence? The answer is simple. I need to just work every day. I have all the knowledge needed to increase traffic. In other words, I know what should be done. I have to do the things I know.
Fortunately, the economic recession is over too and this is a good sign. 

Happiness Makes Tolerating Suffering Easier

Half of December has already passed. I have been more or less busy in the last two weeks and I am almost back to full time working. However, I was almost out of work for a long time and that is why am finding it difficult to adjust to the real life again.
This is life and we have to face many obstacles on a regular basis. I have realized that despite all the hardship that I am facing, I am a very happy person. Happiness is very important in life and unfortunately, most people think that earning a lot of money or having a lot of luxury can bring all the happiness.
At this moment, my income is at perhaps its lowest point in the last four or five years. Still, I can find myself to be a very happy person and in the last five years or even in ten years, I am now in the happiest condition.
Because of this happiness, it has become much easier for me to tolerate all the obstacles in life. I have to face many challenges. I have to look after my business and also try to grow my company. It is a difficult work because I am still not back to my 100% fitness. I have to also try to improve my Blog and increase the traffic of my Blog. It is also another difficult work because I have been out of regular work for a long time.
I am a big fan of Buddhism and according to Buddhism, happiness means trying to fight and win against your sadness. In our life, we have different kind of sorrows and we have to fight with them. If we can find a good way to overcome them then we are really happy.
This is the main message of Buddhism and although I am not a Buddhist, I have understood that this is true. In fact, most of us are busy with searching for happiness, comfort and luxury. We want to be successful and famous. What we do not         understand is that at the end of the day, being happy does not mean that you have to become famous.
Being happy should mean that you get satisfaction from your life. So, if you are unhappy for anything or you are suffering in your life then try to spend one hour or two hours for thinking about it. Ask yourself that what is the cause of your unhappiness. Is it somehow related to money? Is it related to failure in your career? Just try to find what makes you happy and then you can become successful in anything you do.