Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You should not be Perfectionist while Coming back to Full time Work

To be honest with you, I’m finding it very difficult to come back to full time work.  It is much harder than I anticipated and I’m trying almost every day but still no good luck.  November was much better but December has been bad.  I’m hoping that from January 2011, I can really start working fulltime.  One of the problems that I find is that I’m trying to be a perfectionist and as a result, I have to suffer from a lot of negative energy.
For example, when writing this entry, I am concerned whether it is becoming good or making any sense.  This is really foolish of me because the reality is that I have still not been able to come back to my full capacity.  When I can come back to my full capacity and then I should bother about quality.  From tomorrow, I will not think of quality at all but focus on just writing.  I know that it is a very long journey of becoming a successful writer.  It may take another 10 years but I will try my best to achieve the dream.
This is the thing that I will try to remember from tomorrow.  It is indeed a very long journey in life to become successful as a writer.  I have to face many limitations and to be honest with you, I’m very lucky that I could find blogging nearly five years ago.  So, from now, I waited only focus on working fulltime and forget everything else.  In January, my only focus will be to work fulltime and nothing else.  I would not bother even if the content that I create is absolutely trash without any kind of quality.
Instead, I will try to a remind myself every day that quality comes after trying a lot.

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  1. I am the same as you! Trying to be perfect all of the time. Have you heard of Type A personality? I think that I am one and you are probably too - someone who likes to do their best but puts pressure on themselves even if they are above average, they always want to do better. It will come to you I'm sure, and in the mean time to me you are a successful writer as all of your writings always speak to me!