Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Revive a Blog after One Year of Absence?

This is my main challenge now. I could not work for nearly 18 months (July 2009 to December 2010). I a gradually coming back to my full capacity as, my health has been improving slowly but steadily. I hope to again start full time blogging from 1 January 2010. These days, I do not put any pressure on my health and whenever I feel some stress or tired, I stop working. It is frustrating but this is wisest thing to do. As a result, I am getting back my strength and have started to feel fresh.
It is like repeating the same thing again and again in this blog. However, things have improved a lot in the last one year. I was taking a look an entry of this blog of one year ago: What are your Writing Goals in 2010? I stated that my goal was to just write daily 2000 words for my blogs. I could not fulfill my goal because of bad health. Now, I am hopeful about 2011. I think that I can achieve this goal.
How to revive my blog after one year or one and half year of absence? The answer is simple. I need to just work every day. I have all the knowledge needed to increase traffic. In other words, I know what should be done. I have to do the things I know.
Fortunately, the economic recession is over too and this is a good sign. 

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