Friday, December 17, 2010

Happiness Makes Tolerating Suffering Easier

Half of December has already passed. I have been more or less busy in the last two weeks and I am almost back to full time working. However, I was almost out of work for a long time and that is why am finding it difficult to adjust to the real life again.
This is life and we have to face many obstacles on a regular basis. I have realized that despite all the hardship that I am facing, I am a very happy person. Happiness is very important in life and unfortunately, most people think that earning a lot of money or having a lot of luxury can bring all the happiness.
At this moment, my income is at perhaps its lowest point in the last four or five years. Still, I can find myself to be a very happy person and in the last five years or even in ten years, I am now in the happiest condition.
Because of this happiness, it has become much easier for me to tolerate all the obstacles in life. I have to face many challenges. I have to look after my business and also try to grow my company. It is a difficult work because I am still not back to my 100% fitness. I have to also try to improve my Blog and increase the traffic of my Blog. It is also another difficult work because I have been out of regular work for a long time.
I am a big fan of Buddhism and according to Buddhism, happiness means trying to fight and win against your sadness. In our life, we have different kind of sorrows and we have to fight with them. If we can find a good way to overcome them then we are really happy.
This is the main message of Buddhism and although I am not a Buddhist, I have understood that this is true. In fact, most of us are busy with searching for happiness, comfort and luxury. We want to be successful and famous. What we do not         understand is that at the end of the day, being happy does not mean that you have to become famous.
Being happy should mean that you get satisfaction from your life. So, if you are unhappy for anything or you are suffering in your life then try to spend one hour or two hours for thinking about it. Ask yourself that what is the cause of your unhappiness. Is it somehow related to money? Is it related to failure in your career? Just try to find what makes you happy and then you can become successful in anything you do.

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