Thursday, September 30, 2010

Change in Diet and Exercise and Fresh Optimism for Writing

The good news for me is that my sleeping time has become normal. I am sleeping in nights instead of days. As a result, I feel much better and fresh in both my mind and body. It seems to me that the suffering is indeed coming to an end. I am not still back my best but I am in much better condition now. At least, I can start writing with mental peace and without any stress.
Today, we uploaded a good article in South Asia Blog: Cloud Computing in Bangladesh: A Proposed Model
It was written by Mehdi Hassan and I. This is the kind of blog entries that I really wish to write every day and now, I am hopeful. Optimism has come in my heart because of my success with changing eating habit. Today, I ate brown rice, lentil, cucumber salad, red amaranth and mixed vegetable and bananas. There were very tasty spicy shrimp curry and chicken curry but I did not eat them. Believe me, it needs real will power to change eating habit. However, I have been able to do it.
I was also really bad when it came to doing any kind of physical exercise for the last 5 years. Even one month ago, I could not cycle for 2 minutes. For the last 10 days, I am cycling at home for 20-30 minutes every day. Today, I was even better and could do it for 45 minutes. Of course, I could not do it 35 minutes at a stretch and in fact, still, I cannot cycle more than 10 minutes continuously. It is not even a real cycle but a home exercise device. Anyway, it suits my needs very well.
I guess that anyone who reads this blog regularly gets bored because I have been repeating the same thing again and again. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How the dream of becoming a Writer Helping me to fight for my Health?

 I am now in the midst of a water fast of 48 hours. I have spent 26 hours and still 22 hours are left. Well, I do not recommend anyone doing it as you will perhaps find that mainstream doctors are not very fond of water fasting. Anyway, I am doing it as I feel better each time I do it. In fact, for me, there is an added incentive. You see that I was totally spoilt when it came to eating habit. I was fond of all junk food items and goat meat and sweet were my favorite. Now, I am trying to go for mostly a vegetarian diet with some fish. Changing palate is really a nightmare for a person like me but water fasting helps a lot in this regard.
Of course, I am doing it for my health. However, I have added motivation. I want to be a good writer and in the last one year, I got some good offers in my city. However, I could not do any of them because of poor health. Even earlier this month, I made a plan and collected all the materials to write a research article on Nepal but could not do so for bad health. Also, my main blog, South Asia Blog, was nominated to become a media partner of a cloud computing event that would take place in November but bad health again stopped me from doing research on this field.
So, I am trying my best to change my eating habit and go to a strictly vegetarian diet that would make me healthy again.
Going to a vegetarian diet is very difficult for a person like me whose main food was goat meat, sweets, fast food etc. I have a very supportive and loving wife. I want to live long for her and I want to be in good shape. Then, I want to be a writer and want to write many cover stories, articles and books. With this hope, I am now trying with all my heart to change eating habit and improve my health. Well, the good part is that I feel optimistic because I have won in my battle against high cholesterol and I am hopeful that this time, I will become healthy and start full time writing again. 

My CFS: A Blog about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Before going to the blog My CFS, I never heard of the disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This blog has been started by Kitty who is a regular reader of this blog.
Kitty has just started the blog and there are not a lot of entries yet. However, by reading her first entry, I realized that this disease is not a very enjoyable one. In fact, it is a new disease and the cause of it is still unknown. All you know is that you are very tired. Perhaps, tired is a sweet word since if you are suffering from this disease then your only feeling will be exhaustion. You have to rest a lot but even rest will not bring any cure. In fact, until now, there is no cure. If you want to know more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then visit this link:
For the last one year, I suffered a lot of exhaustion and after I was diagnosed with high cholesterol 5 weeks ago, I started taking a statin medicine, changed my eating habit and did exercise regularly. Today, I found out that my cholesterol levels have come near to normal. However, today, I found out that my ESR in blood is extremely high and I may be suffering from another problem.
Anyway, I wish Kitty and everyone suffering from CFS all the best. It is a very tough disease to fight since no cure has been discovered yet. I hope that she can share her experience in her blog so that others can get mental strength.
After visiting Kitty’s and another blog called Learning to Live With CFS by Sue Jackson, I really considered myself lucky as whatever I suffered, I know about my problem and with good treatment, I can get back to my health. I really admire their mental strength. Hopefully, they will become better soon.   

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suffering is not bad if it Can bring Happiness in the END

I know very well that in the last one year, many of you have become bored with reading my entries in which all the time I complained about my health. It is true that I have suffered extremely in the last fifteen months. I could hardly do any work regularly and as a result my income suffered. Of course, there was economic recession in USA and it also hurt me a lot. Not only I became sick physically, I suffered a lot emotionally and I suffered a lot of stress. Fortunately, things are becoming better for me. My health is really much much better compared to one year ago. I do not have emotional stress and I’m hopeful that my income will also increase because economic recession has finished in USA.
Today, I was thinking about the suffering of last fifteen months and I thanked god because it has almost ended. What I did not perhaps tell you that in the entire time of fourteen months, I had to live alone without my wife because my wife became very sick and she went to her parents’ home in another country. I met my wife in Internet and we’re from two different countries. So, I also suffered loneliness and it made my life more miserable. My wife is coming to me in the next one month and this news has brought a lot of happiness in my mind.
I’m not unhappy or frustrated about the sufferings of last fifteen months because today I have realized that although I suffered a lot, I have become a wiser man. I have learned to give more value to the sweet sides of life. I have become indeed a happier person. I have learned a lot from my mistakes of the past and the last fifteen months gave me the time to think and contemplate about myself.
Therefore, I have learned that suffering is not bad if it can teach you some lessons. Of course you must have the attitude to learn from your suffering. The main lesson that I have learned is that I must not become impatient or extreme about anything and especially about my job. My biggest mistake was that I always had a very hungry heart about writing and I wanted to move ahead very first. This destroyed my health and mind both. It also put a lot of pressure on my wife despite the fact that I was a very good husband. In fact, I know that I’m a better husband than most men but only this mistake caused a lot of harm to both of us.
I’m happy that I have learned this lesson and now, I’m trying to increase the speed of my life. Now, both my wife and I do not suffer from any stress. Normally, I do not like to talk about my personal life in details but here I am sharing my experience with you because I have noticed that many people do the same mistake like me. Life is not Like 100m race that you must run very fast. Try to think life like a marathon race where you must conserve your energy to last for a long time. This is in fact the most important lesson I have learned and although my health has become better, I’m not rushing to work but I’m waiting that my health improves fully.
Thus, in the end I’m even happy for my suffering because it has brought happiness for me. Just one year ago, it was impossible for me to tolerate the suffering and find anything good about it. However, now when I take a look at the suffering of the last fifteen months, I think of God because I have got real blessing from God. Even if you do not believe in God still try to think about your own mistakes of the past. When suffering comes, then, think of the mistakes more and only then you can find happiness. To be honest with you, last month or August, 2010 and this month or September, 2010 are becoming the worst months in terms of earning money. I think that I had such bad income five years ago and in the last five years I never had this kind small amount of income. However, I have noticed that these two bad months are the happiest time of my life. It is a very happy time for me because I have improved a lot every way.
What about you? Why don’t you share your experience in the comment section?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Difference Between Strong Will Power and Trying Too Much

Right now, I am passing 36th hour of another water fasting. In other words, in the last 36 hours, I have not eaten anything except drinking water. It is very tough but I have hardly any choice. I have to decrease my weight and change my eating habit. Both of them are very difficult. It surely needs a lot of will power to do water fasting. You lose your energy to work. However, I have to use all my mental strength.
I am planning to continue my fast for another 4-5 hours or and break my fast when 40-42 hours pass. I also feel some kind of temptation in my heart to continue the water fast for another 24 hours but I know that if I do that then I will become sick. Thus, if I try too much then I will become very hungry and then I will be forced to eat a lot and gain back the weights that I am losing.
After many months, I could finally manage to start exercising and I am doing some cycling everyday. Yesterday, I could cycle for 30 minutes but today because of water fasting, I could just do for 5 minutes. Today, I again felt the urge that I should do at least 20 minutes of cycling but I know that when you are in water fast then you should not do any intensive exercise.
One of my biggest problems is that most of the time, I cannot understand the difference between will power and doing extreme. So, I do extreme and when you do extreme for anything then your body and mind both suffer a lot of pressure and you become abnormal and weak.
In writing and blogging, I have the same problem. When I feel some good then I forget resting and just push myself to any kind of extreme. As a result, for last one year, I could not do anything except whining all the time that I am sick. Even when I was very sick, I tried to push myself and write. I used to give live scores and updates of soccer and cricket matches despite the fact that they did not give me decent money. When you are healthy then it is no problem but when you are sick then you are sick.
Because of neglecting this simple rule in life, I have suffered a lot in my writing career at the peak time. Even 5 years ago, publishing an article was a difficult thing for me in the newspapers and magazines. Even more difficult was getting the money in time for my published articles. So, I had to do more ghost writing as it was bringing at least the money in time.
Now, publishing my writings in some magazines is not difficult although getting money in time from my published articles is still a difficult thing as I live in a third world country. One of the foolish things that I was doing was trying to maintain a blog network. Thus, I could not focus on any particular blog. This was another extreme thing I did.
I have learnt some valuable lessons at last and I am going to try to make the best use of my life from now. I am going to totally focus on blogging this time and on a single blog. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Writing this entry while doing Water Fasting

I really wish to write regularly for this Blog. It was not exactly my first Blog, but my second and when I started it with a lot of emotion. My main goal was to write about the literature of my country and my language and I started it in a good way but at that time I was under too much stress about money. One of the main reasons of opening this Blog was to make a profile for myself so that I could get a job related to freelance writing or Blogging in internet. This Blog did its work and it helped me to get a paying job at Know More Media. When I applied for a Blogging job in a Blog network, I showed it as my profile in order to convince a Blog network that I had idea about the field.
Anyway after I got the job then I was forced to forget this Blog and although it is four and half years old it does not have even 300 entries. I am happy that I have started to post entries regularly. At least in the last seven days I am regular. I am happy to inform all my readers for this Blog that at last I found a very good way and I am hopeful now. Actually a few days ago, I decided that I will Blog only in one Blog for earning money and forget everything else.
I still have this attitude but I really have fallen in love with this literature Blog because of the encouraging comments that I received every week. In this age, most people perhaps do not care for literature or writing. They are more concerned with entertainment. It is natural and I have nothing against it. But I also know that I am among those few people who value literature very highly. I am fond of writing and I wish that people learn to give more value to writing and more and more people join Internet specially Blogging.

Today, I was thinking about the things that I could teach. I can teach English literature and language as I studied it, but I guess that in Internet most people are not interested because especially in this Blog most of my readers already know about English. Otherwise, they would not visit this Blog regularly. Still, it is not matter of teaching but I really like to share my ideas and thoughts about different novels and dramas. I hope that from now on, I will start doing it. In the past, one of the problems that I faced when I wrote anything about say “Pride and Prejudice” or “The Merchant of Venice”, the first idea that came to me was whether people will read them.
Now, I do not think about this matter because I have understood that some people will surely read. Secondly, I do not have any goal to earn money from this Blog. Even I do not have any dream to become famous with this Blog. So, I can easily write my ideas about different novels and dramas of English literature.
I really now do not care what others will say because if I start to care then it will be impossible to post regularly in this Blog. So, I need some help from all of you. I can see that this Blog has 35 followers and whenever I upload an entry you receive them easily. This Blog has also 145 or 150 Feedburner subscribers. If all of you can at least post a comment once a week then it becomes much easier for me to write. Matter is that when we write something and then there is no response then naturally motivation decreases.
Well, I have to understand that people are busy just like me. They surely do not have time and I have to try my best to put content and only then people will be motivated to write comment. So, if you feel that my content can make you think about something then try to come back and write a comment and share your opinion. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bringing Benefit and Food for Thoughts for the Readers

Earlier today, I wrote a long entry in South Asia Blog titled, Starting a Business with $10,000: What to Do?. What happened is that a reader emailed me and wanted to get my advice about opening a business with that amount of money. It was an around 900 word long entry and writing it brought some satisfaction. I know that this would not bring a lot of visitors but I got a lot of happiness from writing it. I got happy because I felt that I was writing well and I was giving good advice. Even if it is read by just 100 persons from South Asia, I am sure that there is something to think about for all of them.
What made me happy was the idea that I could write in a way that would surely touch the mind of some readers. I wanted to be a writer only for this reason- to touch the heart and mind of people. Of course, I admit that I could not do it well because most of the time I have to think of earning money rather than touching the heart of the readers. Still, I know very well that I have this dream in my heart and I always wanted to do it.
For the last 10 years, most of the time, I had to write for earning money and often it was like some kind of infomercial which surely brought some money for me but most of the time it took away my mental peace. Of course, you cannot be always ideal and upto to some stage in life, you have to struggle a lot and take whatever comes in your way.
When I get sad then I think of Charles Dickens who started his career in a warehouse. He had to do physical labor for 10 hours a day when he was a child. At the age of 15, he worked as a clerk in a law office and then most probably, at the age of 16, he became a freelance reporter. He could publish his first novel at the age of 21 and the reality was that all the time, he was trying to earn some money by selling his writing.
Compared to Dickens, I am a very lucky man indeed. There is still the rush for going after money in me but at the same time, my skill as a writer has improved a lot. At least, I have become much faster. I can write many more words in a day compared to a year or two. I also touch that I have become sharper. This is natural. When you are doing something day after day then you become faster, sharper and better in doing it.
Thus, I can make a balance at last. I can think of going after quality writing while at the same earning money. I am not talking about infomercial type of writing. I am talking about touching with heart of the people with whatever I write. I am talking about writing for helping others even if it is about technology or banking. I am talking about writing with a lot of care so that the entries I write can bring some kind of benefit or interest among readers. They just do not arrive to my blogs randomly from search engine results. Instead, when they arrive, they find something useful and some food for thought.
Thus, two ideas have come to my mind. My writing should bring some kind of benefit for the readers. For example, suppose a reader is searching information about something, say, for example about ten very good English novels to read. He or she finds the information in this blog: Ten Novels of English Literature that I enjoy a Lot
This list can save them some time and if they get happy from reading the novels that I suggested then surely there is some benefit and entertainment both.
When I was a teacher, my main focus was how to make my lectures interesting to the students. I wish that I could get the same skill as a writer or blogger. As a writer, I find that my tone is a bit serious and it really lacks humor. May be the main reason is that English is not my mother tongue and I do not have good skill in this language.
The second idea is that even if my entries do not bring any benefit but they make the reader interested about the topic and the reader thinks about it.
So, from now, I will try to remember these two things when I write. It is now 5 AM and again I am suffering from insomnia. Well, I am not that much concerned about it now because I have found my mental peace at last. This is the most important thing. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do you read what you Write?

Today, I was thinking about this question? I read my favorite short stories and novels a lot and often. I watch my favorite movies and TV serials often. I listen to the songs that I like often. Do I read my writings often? Have I written anything significant that I am tempted to write over and again?
I have to admit that I do not read my own writings that much. Well, there are some exceptions. I wrote a novel 13 years ago and I have been reading it for the last 13 years. Except it, I have not read anything written by me many times.
One interesting thing is that when I go to sleep every night, I think of a short story or a novel. I imagine the story, the characters, the settings, the places and the events. I just don’t write them as I really have no scope to sell short stories or novels at this moment. Instead, I do blogging as it pays my bills.
My dream is that when I will be free of stress about money then I will start writing these short stories and novels that I have in my mind for so many years. In other words, I am just waiting to save some money and be financially well off.  
So, to answer my original question: no, I do not read my own writings much but I imagine a lot about the stores and novels that I would love to write. Internet has brought hope for me.  

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fate and Destiny: Do you Believe?

It has been a very tough one week for me. This is the time of the largest festival and everything is closed. I am all alone in my home. I cannot cook and I am suffering from cholesterol. So, it was double loneliness, suffering and pain for me. I made a plan that I would write a research based article on Nepal during the holidays. I could not do it.
It was supposed to be an article of 3000-4000 word long. I did make the outline and I know what should be written. However, I could not even start it because of the miserable condition I have been passing for the last 5-6 days. It created double frustration in me. My tragedy now is that I know what I should do and how I should do but I cannot do it because of bad health.
Today, in YouTube, I watched the movie Love Story. Eric Segal was really one of the best writers of the last 50 years. I like his another book more- Prizes.
In the last few days, I have been watching movies and TV serials that I used to like in the past. Since I started blogging, I forgot about my favorite novels, songs and movies.
Sometimes, I wish that my life was much less complicated but then this is me and my life. I have hardly any belief about fate but may be it is my destiny to first suffer a lot and then enjoy. I feel that I am very near to finish the sufferings and pains.
If you are reading this entry then why not share your pains below in the comment section. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happiness and Sorrow: Life has Both

When I look around then I often feel that I am much happier than most people around me. It was a very shaking experience for me last night as I experienced the strongest earthquake in my life. Well, it was I think a 4.6 magnitude earthquake but since, it originated just 75 kilometers from my home, I really became scared. Although I am not a very religious man, I remembered God at that time.
After the earthquake, I realized that in life, we often destroy our peace on small and trivial things. Obviously, I have this disease and I know that most people I have seen in my life have the problem. Thus, we do not need an earthquake to destroy our peace. We have already destroyed our mental peace with small matters.
I do not want to criticize anyone here. I am stating my idea and the experience with this earthquake have helped me to change my attitude. From now, I will try not to bother about little things in life. Of course, it is impossible to change this habit but I will try my best about it.
I am not in any way suggesting that you should not be sad when a sad thing happens. Of course, we cannot control ourselves. What I am suggesting is that try to make a list of the small things that make you sad too much and try to come out of them.
Until the age of 20, I was a big fan of sports and especially football (soccer). When my favorite team failed, it gave a lot of pain to me. I know that there is no shortage of people who have this kind of feeling about sports. Well, at the age of 20, I realized that it was useless to stop eating or talking for a game. After all, it is just a game and it will come back every season every year.
Thanks everyone for reading and following this blog. Today, I noticed that this blog has 33 followers now. This gave me a lot of happiness and from now, I will try to be regular in updating it. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Walk To Remember, Love and Couple Life

No, I am not going to write any review of the movie A Walk To Remember. If you have not seen it then I strongly recommend that you do it as soon as possible. Good thing is that someone has uploaded all the parts in YouTube and tonight, I watched all the 10 parts. It was a small budget movie made with $11.8 million of budget and it earned more than $47 million in the box office. Thus, in any way, it was not a blockbuster movie.
Still, A Walk to Remember touched my heart very deeply. One of the songs of the movie called Only Hope has been viewed more than 18 million times in YouTube. I am adding the song here:

 Anyway, the movie touched me a lot because it has a touching story. I was thinking that in literature and in movies, we see the most romantic and touching depictions of love and marriage. Still, most writers, artists and actors have perhaps disastrous marriages. They get married easily and they get divorced easily too. It is indeed a mystery to me that while they inspire us so much and touch our heart with so touching stories then why they cannot follow their own words in their life.
Of course, there are some exceptions and my favorite couple is Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I am speechless when I read about their life.
If you have time, please read this sonnet of Elizabeth Barrett Browning:
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

I am sure that most of you have read this poem but still read it again if you have time.
I really hope and more and more writers have more success in marriage and couple life. After all, they are the people who remind us all the time that without love, without happiness in marriage, there is little value to life.
In the end, if possible read this short story: Living in Love
I wish all of you to have a happy life. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Curse is Over and I am back to My Life Again

It had been terrible 17-18 months for me. Just one after another disaster and nothing else happened. I suffered every way- physically, emotionally and financially. Now, things are becoming back to normal level in every way. I have started to blog again and my health is now much better. Yes, I am still suffering from low income but I know that if I can work regularly then it wont be a problem as I am indeed a very hard working person.
To be honest with you, I am not unhappy for the last 1 and half years. I have learnt a lot from my sufferings and the most important thing that I have learnt is that in life, we often become very sad from small matters. Life is too much precious to waste energy for small things.
As I was born in a lower middle class or a poor family, I had to suffer a lot of insults for most parts of my life. I guess that it is a common phenomenon everywhere that many rich people do not like the idea that a boy or a girl from a poor background outshines them. In a third world country, it can become even more tragic.
Before I became ill, these insults and bad memories used to offend me a lot and I wasted a lot of energy from sadness and I was too much preoccupied with thinking of revenge. This is the simple lesson I have learnt and I am happy for this change. Now, I know that the best way to take revenge is to be happy in life and do the things that make me happy.
Suddenly, I can find that I have many hours to work and my mind is now not preoccupied with revenge, anger or any negative feeling. Instead, I am happy with my wife and I am happy with my work. More than anything, I know that this happiness is a rare blessing from God. I am not exactly a religious person but I have touched God’s blessings in desperate situations all through my life.
The last one week has been highly productive for me. I could write some good entries for my laptop blog and I could finish writing a cover story for a magazine. I could even start a research article. I could read nearly 4 books in 7 days. The best thing that has happened to me is that I have found an excellent idea to do some in depth reporting about Cloud Computing in South Asia.
Until last week, I had shortage of ideas and it was difficult for me to decide what to do. Now, the situation has become just the opposite. There are so many ideas in my head that I am getting confused what to leave.
I am now looking for a happy beginning in life. I do not want to give any advice to any of you. All I can say that if you are suffering then try to have some kind of hope that good time will come. I know really believe it.    

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Giving Opinion in real life and Blogging

I like to talk a lot. I am perhaps one of them who have a kind of opinion about everything in the world and do not hesitate to voice their opinions everywhere. Today, I was thinking about it. Well, yes, sometimes, I make a fool out of myself by talking about the things I do not know that much. Secondly, I often get into heated argument or quarrel because of this bad quality of mine. Of course, sometimes, I am right too. Still, it is not a very good quality.
Well, today, I was thinking that I have to change but then a very good idea came to my mind. I realized that I can transform this quality from speaking to writing. In other words, I will try to totally become silent and stop giving opinions in real life but I will do it in blogging.
The good part is that I always try to say what I believe and what I really feel. I find it difficult to echo what others say. In fact, this is the thing that leads me to a thousand problem every month. In blogging, it is not a problem because many people indeed can get touched with my idea. Even if they don’t like they can argue with me in written form. In fact, 99.99% of my readers do not know me personally. Thus, there is no possibility of a head to head conflict.
If I can really implement this idea then my productivity in blogging will skyrocket indeed. May be at first it will again lead me to conflict with some bloggers. However, with the passing of days, I will perhaps get more readers who have similar ideas like me. In real life, it is impossible because my message cannot reach to many people. However, in blogging, it is much easier. This simple idea has reignited my passion and interest about blogging. Of course, I must remember that when I want to give my opinion on something I should have some understanding and knowledge about the topic. I should also try to come out of any prejudice.

I have found the Right Rhythm in Blogging

It seems that at last I have found the right tune in blogging. For the last 3-4 days, I have been writing in just one blog Laptopet and there, I have been writing about just one topic- cloud computing. I have searched and read a lot about this topic in the last 4 days and I have watched nearly 30 videos in YouTube about cloud computing. As a result, I felt happy and I could write with some skill.
My knowledge has increased about this topic and at the same time, I have been able to post 8 entries about it in Laptopet blog.
Before that, I felt stressed out and I lost my interest about blogging. Blogging seemed to me very difficult as I was going no where. Then, I came up with the idea to focus only in one blog and on one topic. Someone requested me to write a long article about cloud computing. Thus, it became a freelance project for me. So, I started reading about it and I have another 10 days to write that long article and give him. Thus, I am selling an article as a freelance writer. It has become a triple bonus for me. I am going to sell an article and get some money and fame. I have already written 10 entries about cloud computing in my Laptop blog. Finally, I have gained some indepth knowledge about this field.
Oh! there is a fourth benefit too. Today, I just realized that I can write a research article about cloud computing in my country. 

Thursday, September 02, 2010

When less is More and when less can bring Satisfaction?

Yesterday, I decided that I would change my style and try to write less. I took this decision for two reasons. First of all, I am still not perfectly fit. My health is improving but still it is not that good. Writing a lot means a lot of stress both physically and mentally.
The second reason was that I wanted to focus on quality. For example, today, I wrote this entry in South Asia Blog: Wimax Internet in Bangladesh: Facilities, Problems and Potentials. I was satisfied with it. I really miss writing this kind of long entries.  
The third factor that perhaps encouraged me to take this decision was that 4 and half years ago, when I started full time and professional blogging, I was alone. Now, I have a team of 4 bloggers under me and with me, the team consists of 5 members. So, it is time that I relax a bit more and still enjoy good traffic for my blog. Thus, this entry brought a lot of satisfaction. It was just one entry and would not bring extra revenue but the satisfaction was more important. At last, I feel better emotionally and my body did not suffer either.
Well, almost all the credit goes to my wife as she has been insisting for it for quite long time. Now, I dream of a day that I will just write one entry each day.