Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do you read what you Write?

Today, I was thinking about this question? I read my favorite short stories and novels a lot and often. I watch my favorite movies and TV serials often. I listen to the songs that I like often. Do I read my writings often? Have I written anything significant that I am tempted to write over and again?
I have to admit that I do not read my own writings that much. Well, there are some exceptions. I wrote a novel 13 years ago and I have been reading it for the last 13 years. Except it, I have not read anything written by me many times.
One interesting thing is that when I go to sleep every night, I think of a short story or a novel. I imagine the story, the characters, the settings, the places and the events. I just don’t write them as I really have no scope to sell short stories or novels at this moment. Instead, I do blogging as it pays my bills.
My dream is that when I will be free of stress about money then I will start writing these short stories and novels that I have in my mind for so many years. In other words, I am just waiting to save some money and be financially well off.  
So, to answer my original question: no, I do not read my own writings much but I imagine a lot about the stores and novels that I would love to write. Internet has brought hope for me.  

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