Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My CFS: A Blog about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Before going to the blog My CFS, I never heard of the disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This blog has been started by Kitty who is a regular reader of this blog.
Kitty has just started the blog and there are not a lot of entries yet. However, by reading her first entry, I realized that this disease is not a very enjoyable one. In fact, it is a new disease and the cause of it is still unknown. All you know is that you are very tired. Perhaps, tired is a sweet word since if you are suffering from this disease then your only feeling will be exhaustion. You have to rest a lot but even rest will not bring any cure. In fact, until now, there is no cure. If you want to know more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then visit this link:
For the last one year, I suffered a lot of exhaustion and after I was diagnosed with high cholesterol 5 weeks ago, I started taking a statin medicine, changed my eating habit and did exercise regularly. Today, I found out that my cholesterol levels have come near to normal. However, today, I found out that my ESR in blood is extremely high and I may be suffering from another problem.
Anyway, I wish Kitty and everyone suffering from CFS all the best. It is a very tough disease to fight since no cure has been discovered yet. I hope that she can share her experience in her blog so that others can get mental strength.
After visiting Kitty’s and another blog called Learning to Live With CFS by Sue Jackson, I really considered myself lucky as whatever I suffered, I know about my problem and with good treatment, I can get back to my health. I really admire their mental strength. Hopefully, they will become better soon.   

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  1. Ah! I read this the other night when I wasn't feeling too great, thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to look into it all, I am truly amazed!! x