Monday, September 13, 2010

Fate and Destiny: Do you Believe?

It has been a very tough one week for me. This is the time of the largest festival and everything is closed. I am all alone in my home. I cannot cook and I am suffering from cholesterol. So, it was double loneliness, suffering and pain for me. I made a plan that I would write a research based article on Nepal during the holidays. I could not do it.
It was supposed to be an article of 3000-4000 word long. I did make the outline and I know what should be written. However, I could not even start it because of the miserable condition I have been passing for the last 5-6 days. It created double frustration in me. My tragedy now is that I know what I should do and how I should do but I cannot do it because of bad health.
Today, in YouTube, I watched the movie Love Story. Eric Segal was really one of the best writers of the last 50 years. I like his another book more- Prizes.
In the last few days, I have been watching movies and TV serials that I used to like in the past. Since I started blogging, I forgot about my favorite novels, songs and movies.
Sometimes, I wish that my life was much less complicated but then this is me and my life. I have hardly any belief about fate but may be it is my destiny to first suffer a lot and then enjoy. I feel that I am very near to finish the sufferings and pains.
If you are reading this entry then why not share your pains below in the comment section. 

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