Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I have found the Right Rhythm in Blogging

It seems that at last I have found the right tune in blogging. For the last 3-4 days, I have been writing in just one blog Laptopet and there, I have been writing about just one topic- cloud computing. I have searched and read a lot about this topic in the last 4 days and I have watched nearly 30 videos in YouTube about cloud computing. As a result, I felt happy and I could write with some skill.
My knowledge has increased about this topic and at the same time, I have been able to post 8 entries about it in Laptopet blog.
Before that, I felt stressed out and I lost my interest about blogging. Blogging seemed to me very difficult as I was going no where. Then, I came up with the idea to focus only in one blog and on one topic. Someone requested me to write a long article about cloud computing. Thus, it became a freelance project for me. So, I started reading about it and I have another 10 days to write that long article and give him. Thus, I am selling an article as a freelance writer. It has become a triple bonus for me. I am going to sell an article and get some money and fame. I have already written 10 entries about cloud computing in my Laptop blog. Finally, I have gained some indepth knowledge about this field.
Oh! there is a fourth benefit too. Today, I just realized that I can write a research article about cloud computing in my country. 

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  1. As you have found the right rhythm in the blogging then it can also be resulted in the return of the more appreciated results.