Thursday, September 02, 2010

When less is More and when less can bring Satisfaction?

Yesterday, I decided that I would change my style and try to write less. I took this decision for two reasons. First of all, I am still not perfectly fit. My health is improving but still it is not that good. Writing a lot means a lot of stress both physically and mentally.
The second reason was that I wanted to focus on quality. For example, today, I wrote this entry in South Asia Blog: Wimax Internet in Bangladesh: Facilities, Problems and Potentials. I was satisfied with it. I really miss writing this kind of long entries.  
The third factor that perhaps encouraged me to take this decision was that 4 and half years ago, when I started full time and professional blogging, I was alone. Now, I have a team of 4 bloggers under me and with me, the team consists of 5 members. So, it is time that I relax a bit more and still enjoy good traffic for my blog. Thus, this entry brought a lot of satisfaction. It was just one entry and would not bring extra revenue but the satisfaction was more important. At last, I feel better emotionally and my body did not suffer either.
Well, almost all the credit goes to my wife as she has been insisting for it for quite long time. Now, I dream of a day that I will just write one entry each day. 

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