Sunday, October 07, 2012

Just Take a Year Off from Your Life

I am writing here almost after 6 months. I am happy to say that my health has improved a lot and I am very happy now. 9 months of the year have passed and the only thing I have done in the last 9 months is to take care of my health. Most of the time, I tried to do nothing and believe me it is the most difficult thing for me. All my life, I have been a hyperactive person and I love to work hard. However, in the last 9 months, I tried not to do anything unless I was forced to do it.
As a result, my health got the scope to heal and I am almost back to normal health. I am not suffering from insomnia anymore. My diet has changed a lot and I have become a much better husband for my wife. I hardly earned any money in the last 9 months but fortunately, I did not suffer from financial stress. An amazing transformation is taking place in my life in every aspect. I can handle stress much better and real improvement is taking place.
I have watched many movies in the last 9 months and listened to all the songs that I liked. I have read some books and watched some games. Followed my favorite football club Arsenal like a fanatic and read a lot about them. I tried to do the things that I like and it helped me to spend time and do nothing. Yes, doing nothing was a very big challenge for me but I have learnt an important lesson by watching so many movies. The biggest lesson that I have learnt is that if you keep on trying something, you get better at it.
May be, you don’t get success or win but you see life if really like a marathon not a 100 meter sprint. You really don’t need to win in every battle simply because you cannot. So, don’t get intense about that. I have realized that life is much bigger than I thought. I can see life from a different perspective now and this is the biggest blessing for me. I met my wife online 10 and half years ago and we have been online for most of the time. Even now, she is living in another country and I am here.
In January, it will be two years the last time I saw her and I surely miss her a lot. She also misses me a lot too. However, we chat via Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk every day. While most people that know me simply cannot understand how we can remain a real couple virtually, we both know that we are the happiest couple among all the people we know. Happiness does not come easily but comfort may come. I am happy that I have tried to select happiness and real love over comfort in life.
The sufferings of last 3 years have surely made me wiser and I consider myself to be lucky for this experience. Sufferings have turned sweet at last. There have been very tough 3 years of my life but after that, my happy days have started. Failure is the pillar of success and really, Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. So, my advice to you is that when you fail in life, just try to take some off and do the things that you really enjoy. If you are suffering from any disease then take a year off and take care of yourself.
My problem was not bad health alone. In fact, my health became so bad because of some serious non-health related problems. My condition worsened so much that I almost gave up hope of staying alive. What a dramatic turnaround for me in just one year? I am getting back almost everything in life- health, skill, speed and happiness. The only thing that I need to get back is my career or work. However, that really should and must wait for the time being. At least, I have to wait for another 3 months as I am not still 100% fit.