Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Comfortable Chair is must for a Writer

A few days ago, I wrote that how LCD monitor for my PC has helped me to work with more comfort. Today, I could buy a new chair and it has brought me even more comfort. For many years, I could not afford to buy a good chair. However, when I could afford then I did not understand that what chair was good and thus, I suffered for the last 3 years for nothing. Now, I have really a comfortable chair and I feel very good to sit infront of the PC and write.
Somehow, I can work in laptop like most people. I am still addicted to my desktop PC and that is why, a good chair is a must. If you are a writer then try to make some investment on your chair and table. When it comes to table, I am taller than 99% people of my country. My height is exactly 6 feet or around 1.83 meter. So, the normal tables that I have in my city are not comfortable for me because of the height factor.  

Back to My best in Blogging Again

It brings a lot of good feeling in me as I have been able to write nearly 2500 words in the last 6 hours. It has been possible to do after many many months. Most probably, after one year, I could write this way. It brings a very sweet and good feeling in me. I really missed writing a lot.
It has been a year of continuous suffering for me. My health has at last become some better that I can start working again. So, today is the day that I really could work normally like past.
Well, I have tried to read a lot about blogging and this is now helping me a lot. My main blog is and it has received traffic of half million page views this month. Thus, the blog has broken all of my past records. It could happen because of the knowledge and experience I have gathered in the last 4 years as a blogger. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Dream of Writing an E-book

One of the best things that I have in life is perhaps a very good team. I used to teach in the past. It is not that I was very successful in teaching career. Yes, I worked in several universities both in the capacity of a teaching Assistant and as a lecturer. However, I was in a condition that I had to earn more money than a university job could pay, I wanted to be a writer, I found Internet to be something that I needed to master.
So, I left university teaching. Almost everyone who knows me felt that I was a sore loser and stupid man. I don’t regret at all because I have now much more satisfaction as a writer. Well, I am happy that I was a teacher because this profession helped me to find some young students who helped me a lot. I guided them to some exciting projects: publishing a real magazine or two, Online Magazine, CD magazine and several websites and failed in all of them.
Still, I have 3 former students working with me in my blogs. The deal is pretty simple: I teach them all the skills I know and they work with me. It is indeed a win-win situation. The only painful part is that it takes a long time for a student to become skilled and experienced and then work with me. For example, one of the students has been working with me for 3 years and it will take another one year for him to work with me in a level that I can be satisfied. The two other students were hard working and they are upto the mark.
The best part is that I have dreams and they have dreams. It is more or less like apprentice-master relationship. They have to work hard for some years and then they can join me in my projects. In USA, this is a very natural thing to do but not in the country I live. Anyway, I am very happy for this matter. When a student passes the apprentice stage, it makes a life (career) for the student and it brings a skilled worker for me. Well, in the past, I did not understand this matter. Now, I can see it and that is why, I give all my efforts to improve these 3 students who have the same dream like me.
Our dream is to write a good e-book. We do not want to earn money with it but we want any people to read it- as many as possible. We want them to read the e-book and admire our work. This is not an easy work because there are many e-books in Internet and it is very difficult or perhaps impossible to make sure that people would find it and read it.
Fortunately, I have good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and I know how to bring visitors for a website or a blog. So, the easy part is to bring people and some of them will surely bother to read our e-book. The toughest part is to ensure that they would love the e-book. Well, this is an area I have no expertise or experience because I am not a successful or famous writer. I am not a celebrity. I do not have even idea whether we should create an e-book on fiction or non-fiction. All I know is that I have a dream and I have 3 assistants who have the same kind of dream just like me.
What if it is a failure? Most probably, it will be a failure as now we do not have enough time. We are working very hard for South Asia Blog to shine and it is slowly shining. Most probably, for the next one year, we will be only busy with this blog to become successful. Still, it is a good thing to dream of writing an e-book that will be read by at least one million people. From my experience of one decade, I know that failures are not bad. They indicate that if we continue trying then success is waiting for us. No, I am not philosophical- I assure you that this is the reality.  
I feel very happy with this dream. I know that it is not a dream only. It really can someday become a reality. This month, already, 286,000 visitors visited our blog. They read our content. Of course, the entries are sort of one time reading content. The visitors are searching for something and they read it and then don’t come back. We mainly cover news and news is perhaps like that. Anyway, we have now 98 followers which is cool.
The good part is that my health has finally improved and I feel good after writing this particular entry.
Did you enjoy it? Most probably not. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Tough Days and the Happy Days

June 2010 is turning out to be a smashing month for me as far as blogging is concerned. My main blog South Asia Blog, is poised to have more than half million page views this month. After many months of sickness, suffering, failures, I am enjoying some decent success at last and most probably, this kind of success will continue and who knows, within a few months, my blog can emerge as one of the most visited blogs on Internet.
With this success, suddenly, all my sad feelings and tension are gone. I do not suffer from stress anymore and I have started to feel fresh and I am getting back my energy to work. No, my problem was not emotional. I was really sick. I had to do a very painful and difficult teeth treatment. It really made my body very weak and the stress of blogging also attacked me in the worst way.
The funny thing is that when I felt that I could not go anymore and almost gave up on blogging, success came and now I feel a lot of motivation.
Today, while I was writing, I found out that even my typing speed has come back. Now, I can think at a normal pace like past.
Anyway, I am finishing this entry by encouraging you to read this entry of Darren Rowse: How to have a ‘Middle Road’ Mentality and Grow Your Online Business
I like to thank all of you for supporting me in the tough days. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

At Long Last Back to Full Time Work with some Facilities

When I am writing this entry now, an air conditioner is working behind my back on the wall. I suffered a lot this summer. It has been a very hot summer and there was too much of electricity problem in my area. On March, April and May, often, there was no electricity for 6-8 hours a day.
There was no air conditioner either. So, the days were terrible and the nights were worse. Working in PC was a torture, eating was a torture, even sleeping was a torture as often I could not sleep whole night and after every 30 minutes my sleep got broke and I discovered myself sweating in heat. My health was already sick since last summer and this time, it reached to a very bad point.
At young age, we all can perhaps work in very tough situations. I worked under challenging conditions and I could overcome them. Now, it is not that easy. Thanks God that the air conditioner has come at long last. I know in rich countries, it is a necessity and almost everyone has it. In my city, it is indeed a luxury. I feel myself very lucky.
Anyway, I feel much better and fresh now and I am happy to be back to full time work again.