Thursday, June 17, 2010

At Long Last Back to Full Time Work with some Facilities

When I am writing this entry now, an air conditioner is working behind my back on the wall. I suffered a lot this summer. It has been a very hot summer and there was too much of electricity problem in my area. On March, April and May, often, there was no electricity for 6-8 hours a day.
There was no air conditioner either. So, the days were terrible and the nights were worse. Working in PC was a torture, eating was a torture, even sleeping was a torture as often I could not sleep whole night and after every 30 minutes my sleep got broke and I discovered myself sweating in heat. My health was already sick since last summer and this time, it reached to a very bad point.
At young age, we all can perhaps work in very tough situations. I worked under challenging conditions and I could overcome them. Now, it is not that easy. Thanks God that the air conditioner has come at long last. I know in rich countries, it is a necessity and almost everyone has it. In my city, it is indeed a luxury. I feel myself very lucky.
Anyway, I feel much better and fresh now and I am happy to be back to full time work again. 

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