Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Another Month is Going to Finish

The month of May is finishing. It has been a very tough but successful month for me. I had to do a lot of works but not writing. I had to guide a team to get good traffic in our main blog, South Asia Blog. Now, when I look at the blog, I can find 58 followers and this month, we have been able to get nearly 370,000 page views. I am expecting 390,000 page views at the end of the month. Also, our all blogs have already got more than half million (500,000) page views. Thus, it has been a record breaking month.
It was a very hot month and the weather was very hot in my city. I have to work many extra hours to look after the team. I am sort of the editor of South Asia Blog. I do all the research and then write some too. My health almost became ok but then, it has become very weak again because of trying day and night for the blog.
Still, I am very happy because my efforts are finally paying off. I read a lot in the last 4 years about blogging.
I wish that some day, I can try the same way for this Literature blog. Today, I found that this blog has 25 followers and I felt happy that some people found something interesting in this blog.  

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