Friday, May 07, 2010

A Book Hero and a Real Life Hero

We, the writers, create characters and try to make them alive. We try to make the characters exceptional and memorable in the mind of the writers, we make our heroes do impossible things or at least try to do. Sometimes, they get defeated but most of the time they win in life. They win not because they are heroes or heroines. They win because they are determined to win and they try with all their heart. Yes, this heart factor makes a difference in life in the end. They don’t make excuses, they don’t care for obstacles. They know that life is not rosy. They just try against all the odds.
Today, I was thinking of this matter because in my life, I need a heroic effort at this point of time. 4 years ago, I did something extra-ordinary when I started blogging. I got a blogging job and I had had little idea about this field. I was good in writing, I knew my field but I did not have any idea about how to make people read my content. In blogging, at the end of the day, this is all what matters and what it counts. No matter how good you write if it is not read by several thousand people a day, you cannot earn enough money to pay your bills. This was the reality 4 years ago, this is the reality today.
Four years ago, when I started professional blogging, I just tired with all my energy. I spent night after night working and for 10 months, what happened was that I woke up from sleep and then I sat on my PC. Then worked as long as I was awake and then I left my computer and then went to bed to sleep. My wife was very supportive and she used to cook and bring food and helped me with typing when my hands gave pain. We just got together after waiting almost 4 years in Internet. I know that it was painful for her as she never dreamt of a husband who would from first day sit on PC and just work. It was very painful for me too as it was not my dream either. However, we both knew that this was the only way to make our couple life comfortable.
As far as producing content or writing blog entries is concerned, I think that my skill has improved. I have become a better writer, better researcher. My health was bad but now, I am fine again. I feel that I have become a matured writer and with each passing month, my knowledge is improving.
Again, the problem is that it does not matter if I can write well or if I am improving a lot. What matters is that I have to get thousands of people to read my content. Without Paypal or any kind of credit card or online transaction facility, I am really against all the odds in blogging. In fact, this is the challenge in my life. If it was just writing everyday, I had no problem. I love writing and it is in my blood. Both my father and mother were journalists.
Well, as I said, a hero tries from his heart and with all his heart. I am happy that my health has improved a lot and I feel much natural. So, it is second beginning for me in blogging. It is again the time for a heroic effort. The economic recession and bad health have taken away a lot from me. I have to make my company successful not for the future of my wife and me but for the other 3 members of the company. I am just happy for one thing that this time, I have the skill and knowledge. I know what I should do. 4 years ago, I did not know what I need to do. I had to find my ways and I had to discover many things.
Of course, I am writing this entry to motivate myself but I guess that you can get some encouragement too if you read it twice. 

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