Monday, May 03, 2010

I had a Dream to Become a Writer

One of the biggest problems in life is that when we suffer then we think that we alone are suffering. My whole life has been full of struggles for many years and sometimes I forget that I’m not the only person who is suffering in this world. Just think of the girl who comes every day and do all the housework in my home.
She does the cleaning, washing and cooking. Of course, she never dreamt that she would cook very tasty foods for another person but she would not have three decent meals a day. It is not that I am a cruel person but this is life. In fact, compared to most other people, I am much kinder with the servant. Still, I’m sure that she never dreamt that someday she will work in the house of other people and she would have to do it forever.
Compared to her, I’m very lucky because at a very young age I could stop doing jobs for others and enjoyed all the freedoms of a freelance person. Being a freelance or self employed worker has its own problems but the freedom is really amazing. Right now, I feel somewhat frustrated because I have to take care of so many things and sometimes, all the pressures put a lot of stress on my nerves. Still, when I think of the servant who works for me, I’m really a very lucky person in life.
I guess that this is one of the main benefits of studying literature in university. Literature opens our eyes and helps us to think better. Literature has taught me to think of other people and take a look of their condition. When I see most people around me then I feel that I’m very lucky because I have the job that I always dreamt. I have a very happy couple life with a very good wife. I have three students who are very dedicated and listen to me. Because of their efforts, I am slowly becoming a successful blogger.  
In the end of the day, I have frustrations, failures, stress but I have freedom, satisfaction, happiness and hope.
As soon as I can increase my income some more and get some stability in life, I can start writing books. I have many ideas about writing books and I am confident that I will become very successful as an author. The struggles of so many years have taught me many valuable lessons.
I can work very hard and I have acquired some very important skills like Doing research and taking interviews. I can find and collect information very rapidly. I have developed habit of browsing Internet and sitting with computer for long hours.
 So, I have developed many of the skills that are needed to become a successful writer. The only thing that I need to do is to earn some more money and focus more. If I can just forget everything for one hour every day and dedicate that one hour for quality writing then every month I can produce something that can bring satisfaction for me. In fact, from today I’m going to do just that and start to try to fulfill my dream of becoming a real writer. 

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