Sunday, May 09, 2010

When Life Becomes so Artificial: Mother’s Day 2010

I am not one of those mother’s boys as from childhood I had my own individualism growing all the time. So, Mother’s Day does not mean anything to me. Well, even Valentine’s Day does not mean much to me either. I cannot remember giving my wife any gift in any Valentine’s Day. It did not decrease the love in our couple life. In fact, I think we are among the happiest couples among all the people I can see around us. We never thought of any SMS and Quotes to make us happier.
That is why, I see that Mother’s Day is becoming an artificial thing and it is mainly meant to celebrate the selling of cards with famous quotes about mothers and mobile phone companies making some more money with sending more text messages.
Of course, it is the day of the gift shops too as they can sell many products. There is nothing wrong in selling products, text messages or cards. They help to keep the economy running in any country and it is very important. However, the main problem happens when people start to think that they can buy happiness by SMS, cards and quotes about mothers. 

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