Thursday, May 06, 2010

Female Writers are not Popular in Internet

This is impression I got looking after a list of 50 most popular women on the web. Not one of them is a writer. You can perhaps call Oprah some sort of a book enthusiast but she is not anyway a writer. So, I could not find a single female writer in this list. You don’t get any point to rightly guess that most of the women who made the list were actresses and singers who like to show their body parts much more than the average women even in USA.
Most of these 50 most popular women on the web are always seen with their make ups and they have no interest about education or studies. Still, you can find huge number websites and blogs writing about them because they are very popular and hot and sexy.
Seeing this list reminded me of the movie Alex and Emma. Emma is a very ordinary girl but she is a good girl. She is not a hot or sexy type of woman. Rather, she is a hard working and honest girl who can be a great girl friend of a wife. On the other hand, Polina is a very pretty and attractive woman. In the end, the hero, Alex realizes that happiness is with Emma not with Polina. I wish that most men could realize this simple truth. Then the world would have been a much better place.   

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