Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back to Blogging Again

I had to give up blogging at the beginning of 2011. Then for 3 years (2011-2013), I could not blog at all and even writing a simple blog post in a day became impossible. I simply could not do any work. I suffered from bad health and mental stress. I feel that now, I can come back to do some writing and blogging is the thing I have enjoyed a lot since I seriously started it in 2006.
I am happy that it is not a false start. I don’t want to be a professional blogger- at least not at this point of time. I don’t want to suffer the stress of going after money through blogging. I live in a country where Paypal has not yet come. So, asking for donation for my blog or selling an ebook is out of the question. To make a living out of blogging would require a lot of efforts here. So, it is really not the time.
However, I can blog to get some recognition- getting some links from some top blogs and websites. Yes, I am going to blog for fun.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Ups and Downs: Downs and Ups

I just hope that this is not a false start. I feel that my health has improved enough to start writing again. Well, to be honest, my health was good even 6 months ago but sadly and unfortunately, I fell into a serious problem in life while trying to help others. Also, I had to do two big projects and had to make two trips abroad in the past six months. As a result, I suffered a number of false starts and at times, I almost gave up hope of coming back to writing not because of bad health but because of too much stress.
Health has really improved significantly over the last six months. Stress has decreased a lot too. I feel much clear in my brain now when I sit to write. In fact, last month (December 2013), I could translate a novel from Bangla to English. I translated around 37,000 words in a month. Well, the quality of the translation work was not bad either. So, I achieved something and it gave me a lot happiness. That is why I feel that it is not a false start this time.
This doing something concrete has given me real hope. I have gained a much needed momentum and all I need now is to just continue working on it. So, I like to come back to blogging and then I hope to become a successful writer in future. I always wanted to write and I have struggled a lot in life because of this decision. Anyway, we have opened a new blog on Bangladesh and I hope to write there regularly from now. It is an easy topic for me as I live here. Actually, I should have started a blog about Bangladesh much earlier.

So, after suffering a lot of downs, I hope that it is my time to go up in life. Health is wealth indeed and suffering in life is not bad. My struggles and sufferings have made me wiser. This wisdom has made me very happy. I don’t get sad or depressed like past. I also don’t get emotional over small and silly things in life. I am an Aries and like an Aries, maturity has come much later. I hope that I can make the best use of my wisdom that has come after suffering many failures.