Friday, December 25, 2009

Is the NGO Model only way for Translation of Bangla Literature?

In Bangladesh, there are perhaps more NGOs (Non-governmental organization) than most countries in the world. Most of the time, they are non-profit organizations and they try to contribute in the development of the country. I think that it is high time we can have some NGOs that would try for translating Bangla literature. Of course, the first step should be even from digitalization of Bangla texts. In other word, the first step should be to type the texts in Bangla language and then upload them in a website or some websites. When the texts become available in Unicode then anyone who is interested about them can find them easily.
Our NGOs get funds for different projects. May be they can try some projects for translating at least the works of major poets and writers of Bangla literature. 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Translating Bangla Literature: Show me the Money

The reality is that there is hardly any money for translating Bangla literature in English Language. Yes, may be there is some money but not in Dhaka or Kolkata. This is the main problem and that is why, there is such a shortage of Bangla poems and novels translated in English. This condition is not going change in near future. Large companies in Bangladesh spend a lot of money on different events. I wish that they could spend some money for this thing. Of course, the companies want profit and this is not a profitable work.
Still, something has to be done and I hope to write about it in the next entry. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The importance of Translation of Bengali Literature in English Language

As I promised yesterday, I am going to write a series of entries about Bangla literature. Well, I am going to use the two words Bangla and Bengali indiscriminately because I believe that while writing in English the name of the language should be Bengali instead of Bangla. Anyway, this is my opinion and you do not need to agree with me. I studied in English Literature and English Language Teaching for my BA and MA respectively. I wanted to study Bangla literature or journalism but in Bangladesh, studying English means that you are safe in your career because money revolves around this foreign language. I wish it was just only money but there is some kind of status symbol associated with this colonial language. Anyway, whether I like it or not English is the dominant international language and Tagore got intentional recognition after his works were translated in English. After or before Tagore, this kind of international recognition did not come to any other poet or novelist in Bangla literature.
Secondly, Bangla is now one of the top 5 or 6 most widely spoken languages in the world. It also has a rich literature. IN 20th century, it surely had the best literature in South Asia with Tagore and Nazrul. Tagore is the national poet of India while Nazrul is of Bangaldesh. Still, in Internet, you cannot find the complete works of Tagore and Nazrul in English. Thus, it is a matter of regret that we have something really valuable but others don’t know. 

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bengali Literature: A Series of Entries

I am going to write a series of entries about Bengali Literature in the next few days. I planned to do so in the past but could not do it. This time, I am more hopeful. In the past, the main problem was that I had always lofty goals and always failed. Writing about this topic does not bring money and that is why, I could never dedicate my time for this blog in the last 4 years. I want to start with this topic of money and in the next entry, I will write about this problem. I often wish that I could get some kind of fund for translating Bangla short stories at least. I know that I could do a very good work because although Bangla is perhaps the 5th or 6th most widely spoken language in the world, very few literary works of this language have been translated. 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What are your Writing Goals in 2010?

2009 is almost coming to an end. 2010 is going to start after 12 days. It is the time to look back to the last one year and make some plans and goals for the next year. 2009 was a bad year for me. One after another problem made my life very difficult. The worst was the impact of economic recession. I suffered a lot for this matter as far as my income is concerned. So, you may wonder that increasing income should be my first goal for 2010. Well, more than that, I want to write everyday. This year, I could not write regularly and this is my main sadness for the passing year. In 2010, the only goal I have to write for my blogs every day and I want to create content of at least 2000 words per day for the blogs. The more I can create than this target is better.
What are your goals for 2010? Do you the meaning of Kwop Kilawtley? It is a phrase that is driving many people mad.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Will Cherrypal Africa Become a good laptop for Writers?

Don’t get fooled with the word Africa in the name of this laptop. It is a very basic laptop with 7 inches display. So, it may not be idea for most people. However, I think that it can be a very useful device for the writers because first of all, it is very cheap. Almost anyone can afford it any part of the world. Secondly, it is good for browsing Internet. Most writers like basically two things from their laptops: word processing (typing) and browsing Internet. Cherrypal Africa is good for both of these two works. Most of all, its size is very small and you can carry it every where. 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Character of Della in The Gift of the Magi

Yesterday, I wrote about Jim. He is a good husband and Della is perhaps an even better wife. She is a young girl but she sacrifices all her wishes and focuses on becoming a good wife. She has beautiful and long hair and the hair look very shiny and attractive.
Della is a very supportive woman. She knows that they are poor and she tries her best to adjust with poverty. She is not sad for poverty. Rather, Della tries to make couple life as happy as possible. She is a house wife and she does her duty in the best possible way.
The readers may get the idea that her sale of the long shiny hair is the best gift. However, I think that her best gift to Jim is a happy home. When Jim returns home every night, he finds that his loving is wife is waithing for him eagerly. He also finds that his wife is emotional and passionate and loving and caring. This is what Della makes a great wife. 

Character of Jim in The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi is one of famous short stories of O. Henry. James (Jim) Dillingham is the hero of this short story. He is a hard working but poor young man. He loves his wife and it is clear in the story that he all the time tries for the happiness of his couple life. He is ready to sacrifice everything for his wife.
Many men perhaps are not like Jim. They do no understand the beautiful part of couple life. You may argue that characters like him can be in literature only and they are not found in real life easily. Yes, may be you are right. However, if we look at his character then we can perhaps realize that becoming like him is not that difficult. It is not that he was a very romantic person in modern sense. He could not afford to take his wife to Opera or sea beach. He even could not give his wife that much time because from morning to night he had to work very hard. Still, he loved his wife from his heart.
If you are a husband then perhaps you can follow this quality of Jim of The Gift of the Magi. Just try to love your wife more from your heart. You can start it from today. It wont cost you any money or even any extra time. It is just a matter of feeling. You can respect her more. You can depend on her more. You can share your feelings and emotion with her more.
If Jim can do it, you can too.  

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tips about Internet for Would Be Journalists

I have to say that the distance between journalists and bloggers is decreasing significantly. Sarah Hartley wrote an excellent article that I could find in the website of the Guardian: Ten essential points for journalism jobseekers in a digital age
The title perhaps clearly says what it is about. If you are looking for a journalism job then you should read it. I found the tips to be valuable and I am sure that after reading it, you will agree with me too.
Some people think that Internet is very easy and all you need perhaps is just to link to something else. Well, it is not like that. The printed newspaper industry is suffering problem everywhere in the West. We hear of job cuts in famous newspapers of USA on a regular basis. Web is the future and if you are a journalist then you should not neglect the Web.