Thursday, December 17, 2009

Character of Della in The Gift of the Magi

Yesterday, I wrote about Jim. He is a good husband and Della is perhaps an even better wife. She is a young girl but she sacrifices all her wishes and focuses on becoming a good wife. She has beautiful and long hair and the hair look very shiny and attractive.
Della is a very supportive woman. She knows that they are poor and she tries her best to adjust with poverty. She is not sad for poverty. Rather, Della tries to make couple life as happy as possible. She is a house wife and she does her duty in the best possible way.
The readers may get the idea that her sale of the long shiny hair is the best gift. However, I think that her best gift to Jim is a happy home. When Jim returns home every night, he finds that his loving is wife is waithing for him eagerly. He also finds that his wife is emotional and passionate and loving and caring. This is what Della makes a great wife. 

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