Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Comfortable Chair is must for a Writer

A few days ago, I wrote that how LCD monitor for my PC has helped me to work with more comfort. Today, I could buy a new chair and it has brought me even more comfort. For many years, I could not afford to buy a good chair. However, when I could afford then I did not understand that what chair was good and thus, I suffered for the last 3 years for nothing. Now, I have really a comfortable chair and I feel very good to sit infront of the PC and write.
Somehow, I can work in laptop like most people. I am still addicted to my desktop PC and that is why, a good chair is a must. If you are a writer then try to make some investment on your chair and table. When it comes to table, I am taller than 99% people of my country. My height is exactly 6 feet or around 1.83 meter. So, the normal tables that I have in my city are not comfortable for me because of the height factor.  

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