Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to My best in Blogging Again

It brings a lot of good feeling in me as I have been able to write nearly 2500 words in the last 6 hours. It has been possible to do after many many months. Most probably, after one year, I could write this way. It brings a very sweet and good feeling in me. I really missed writing a lot.
It has been a year of continuous suffering for me. My health has at last become some better that I can start working again. So, today is the day that I really could work normally like past.
Well, I have tried to read a lot about blogging and this is now helping me a lot. My main blog is and it has received traffic of half million page views this month. Thus, the blog has broken all of my past records. It could happen because of the knowledge and experience I have gathered in the last 4 years as a blogger. 

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