Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Giving Opinion in real life and Blogging

I like to talk a lot. I am perhaps one of them who have a kind of opinion about everything in the world and do not hesitate to voice their opinions everywhere. Today, I was thinking about it. Well, yes, sometimes, I make a fool out of myself by talking about the things I do not know that much. Secondly, I often get into heated argument or quarrel because of this bad quality of mine. Of course, sometimes, I am right too. Still, it is not a very good quality.
Well, today, I was thinking that I have to change but then a very good idea came to my mind. I realized that I can transform this quality from speaking to writing. In other words, I will try to totally become silent and stop giving opinions in real life but I will do it in blogging.
The good part is that I always try to say what I believe and what I really feel. I find it difficult to echo what others say. In fact, this is the thing that leads me to a thousand problem every month. In blogging, it is not a problem because many people indeed can get touched with my idea. Even if they don’t like they can argue with me in written form. In fact, 99.99% of my readers do not know me personally. Thus, there is no possibility of a head to head conflict.
If I can really implement this idea then my productivity in blogging will skyrocket indeed. May be at first it will again lead me to conflict with some bloggers. However, with the passing of days, I will perhaps get more readers who have similar ideas like me. In real life, it is impossible because my message cannot reach to many people. However, in blogging, it is much easier. This simple idea has reignited my passion and interest about blogging. Of course, I must remember that when I want to give my opinion on something I should have some understanding and knowledge about the topic. I should also try to come out of any prejudice.


  1. Hi Razib, I´m new in the blog´s world and with the same purpose as yours. I ussually talk too much in real life and that leads many times to discussions and perhaps misunderstandings... Maybe it is just the way we come accross to people... The way we talk... I have always had the intention of talking less and listening more with no much of a success. From now I will try to leave the talking to my blog and the listening for the "life relationships". Hope it works! Regards. Elena.

  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    hi razib, i have been reading your blog as i am thinking of starting my own but have NO idea how to start!! I was just wondering, do you know what you were so ill with? I am poorly too so I can't read back far enough in your blog to see what happened..!

  3. It is all about "freedom of speech", what we fight and die for...keep writing.

  4. Elena,
    Thanks for your commment. Yes, this is realy a good idea to express your opinions in Blog. I hope you can do it more often.

    I suffered a series of misfortunes in the last 18 months. The economic recession decreased my income from blogging as blogging is the only source of earning money for me. My wife got seriously ill. Then I suffered from teeth problem, cholesterol, obesity and I had to manage a small company. So, it has been a very rough 18 months for me and at last things are becoming normal.
    It is nice to know that you want to start a blog. When you do then let us know your blog address. Opening a blog is very easy.

    I hope that someday, people of every country can have freedom of speech. Thanks for reading.

  5. Anonymous9:06 PM

    oh goodness razib i'm not surprised you got poorly after all of that stress! glad you feel as though you are on the mend now :) i will be sure to let you know when i start my blog.. i'm finding it so hard to start it up though but i'm sure when i do i will get the hang of it.. maybe!! you are really great at writing and I am enjoying looking through your old blogs! kitty x