Friday, September 17, 2010

Writing this entry while doing Water Fasting

I really wish to write regularly for this Blog. It was not exactly my first Blog, but my second and when I started it with a lot of emotion. My main goal was to write about the literature of my country and my language and I started it in a good way but at that time I was under too much stress about money. One of the main reasons of opening this Blog was to make a profile for myself so that I could get a job related to freelance writing or Blogging in internet. This Blog did its work and it helped me to get a paying job at Know More Media. When I applied for a Blogging job in a Blog network, I showed it as my profile in order to convince a Blog network that I had idea about the field.
Anyway after I got the job then I was forced to forget this Blog and although it is four and half years old it does not have even 300 entries. I am happy that I have started to post entries regularly. At least in the last seven days I am regular. I am happy to inform all my readers for this Blog that at last I found a very good way and I am hopeful now. Actually a few days ago, I decided that I will Blog only in one Blog for earning money and forget everything else.
I still have this attitude but I really have fallen in love with this literature Blog because of the encouraging comments that I received every week. In this age, most people perhaps do not care for literature or writing. They are more concerned with entertainment. It is natural and I have nothing against it. But I also know that I am among those few people who value literature very highly. I am fond of writing and I wish that people learn to give more value to writing and more and more people join Internet specially Blogging.

Today, I was thinking about the things that I could teach. I can teach English literature and language as I studied it, but I guess that in Internet most people are not interested because especially in this Blog most of my readers already know about English. Otherwise, they would not visit this Blog regularly. Still, it is not matter of teaching but I really like to share my ideas and thoughts about different novels and dramas. I hope that from now on, I will start doing it. In the past, one of the problems that I faced when I wrote anything about say “Pride and Prejudice” or “The Merchant of Venice”, the first idea that came to me was whether people will read them.
Now, I do not think about this matter because I have understood that some people will surely read. Secondly, I do not have any goal to earn money from this Blog. Even I do not have any dream to become famous with this Blog. So, I can easily write my ideas about different novels and dramas of English literature.
I really now do not care what others will say because if I start to care then it will be impossible to post regularly in this Blog. So, I need some help from all of you. I can see that this Blog has 35 followers and whenever I upload an entry you receive them easily. This Blog has also 145 or 150 Feedburner subscribers. If all of you can at least post a comment once a week then it becomes much easier for me to write. Matter is that when we write something and then there is no response then naturally motivation decreases.
Well, I have to understand that people are busy just like me. They surely do not have time and I have to try my best to put content and only then people will be motivated to write comment. So, if you feel that my content can make you think about something then try to come back and write a comment and share your opinion. 

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