Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How the dream of becoming a Writer Helping me to fight for my Health?

 I am now in the midst of a water fast of 48 hours. I have spent 26 hours and still 22 hours are left. Well, I do not recommend anyone doing it as you will perhaps find that mainstream doctors are not very fond of water fasting. Anyway, I am doing it as I feel better each time I do it. In fact, for me, there is an added incentive. You see that I was totally spoilt when it came to eating habit. I was fond of all junk food items and goat meat and sweet were my favorite. Now, I am trying to go for mostly a vegetarian diet with some fish. Changing palate is really a nightmare for a person like me but water fasting helps a lot in this regard.
Of course, I am doing it for my health. However, I have added motivation. I want to be a good writer and in the last one year, I got some good offers in my city. However, I could not do any of them because of poor health. Even earlier this month, I made a plan and collected all the materials to write a research article on Nepal but could not do so for bad health. Also, my main blog, South Asia Blog, was nominated to become a media partner of a cloud computing event that would take place in November but bad health again stopped me from doing research on this field.
So, I am trying my best to change my eating habit and go to a strictly vegetarian diet that would make me healthy again.
Going to a vegetarian diet is very difficult for a person like me whose main food was goat meat, sweets, fast food etc. I have a very supportive and loving wife. I want to live long for her and I want to be in good shape. Then, I want to be a writer and want to write many cover stories, articles and books. With this hope, I am now trying with all my heart to change eating habit and improve my health. Well, the good part is that I feel optimistic because I have won in my battle against high cholesterol and I am hopeful that this time, I will become healthy and start full time writing again. 

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