Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Difference Between Strong Will Power and Trying Too Much

Right now, I am passing 36th hour of another water fasting. In other words, in the last 36 hours, I have not eaten anything except drinking water. It is very tough but I have hardly any choice. I have to decrease my weight and change my eating habit. Both of them are very difficult. It surely needs a lot of will power to do water fasting. You lose your energy to work. However, I have to use all my mental strength.
I am planning to continue my fast for another 4-5 hours or and break my fast when 40-42 hours pass. I also feel some kind of temptation in my heart to continue the water fast for another 24 hours but I know that if I do that then I will become sick. Thus, if I try too much then I will become very hungry and then I will be forced to eat a lot and gain back the weights that I am losing.
After many months, I could finally manage to start exercising and I am doing some cycling everyday. Yesterday, I could cycle for 30 minutes but today because of water fasting, I could just do for 5 minutes. Today, I again felt the urge that I should do at least 20 minutes of cycling but I know that when you are in water fast then you should not do any intensive exercise.
One of my biggest problems is that most of the time, I cannot understand the difference between will power and doing extreme. So, I do extreme and when you do extreme for anything then your body and mind both suffer a lot of pressure and you become abnormal and weak.
In writing and blogging, I have the same problem. When I feel some good then I forget resting and just push myself to any kind of extreme. As a result, for last one year, I could not do anything except whining all the time that I am sick. Even when I was very sick, I tried to push myself and write. I used to give live scores and updates of soccer and cricket matches despite the fact that they did not give me decent money. When you are healthy then it is no problem but when you are sick then you are sick.
Because of neglecting this simple rule in life, I have suffered a lot in my writing career at the peak time. Even 5 years ago, publishing an article was a difficult thing for me in the newspapers and magazines. Even more difficult was getting the money in time for my published articles. So, I had to do more ghost writing as it was bringing at least the money in time.
Now, publishing my writings in some magazines is not difficult although getting money in time from my published articles is still a difficult thing as I live in a third world country. One of the foolish things that I was doing was trying to maintain a blog network. Thus, I could not focus on any particular blog. This was another extreme thing I did.
I have learnt some valuable lessons at last and I am going to try to make the best use of my life from now. I am going to totally focus on blogging this time and on a single blog. 

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