Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suffering is not bad if it Can bring Happiness in the END

I know very well that in the last one year, many of you have become bored with reading my entries in which all the time I complained about my health. It is true that I have suffered extremely in the last fifteen months. I could hardly do any work regularly and as a result my income suffered. Of course, there was economic recession in USA and it also hurt me a lot. Not only I became sick physically, I suffered a lot emotionally and I suffered a lot of stress. Fortunately, things are becoming better for me. My health is really much much better compared to one year ago. I do not have emotional stress and I’m hopeful that my income will also increase because economic recession has finished in USA.
Today, I was thinking about the suffering of last fifteen months and I thanked god because it has almost ended. What I did not perhaps tell you that in the entire time of fourteen months, I had to live alone without my wife because my wife became very sick and she went to her parents’ home in another country. I met my wife in Internet and we’re from two different countries. So, I also suffered loneliness and it made my life more miserable. My wife is coming to me in the next one month and this news has brought a lot of happiness in my mind.
I’m not unhappy or frustrated about the sufferings of last fifteen months because today I have realized that although I suffered a lot, I have become a wiser man. I have learned to give more value to the sweet sides of life. I have become indeed a happier person. I have learned a lot from my mistakes of the past and the last fifteen months gave me the time to think and contemplate about myself.
Therefore, I have learned that suffering is not bad if it can teach you some lessons. Of course you must have the attitude to learn from your suffering. The main lesson that I have learned is that I must not become impatient or extreme about anything and especially about my job. My biggest mistake was that I always had a very hungry heart about writing and I wanted to move ahead very first. This destroyed my health and mind both. It also put a lot of pressure on my wife despite the fact that I was a very good husband. In fact, I know that I’m a better husband than most men but only this mistake caused a lot of harm to both of us.
I’m happy that I have learned this lesson and now, I’m trying to increase the speed of my life. Now, both my wife and I do not suffer from any stress. Normally, I do not like to talk about my personal life in details but here I am sharing my experience with you because I have noticed that many people do the same mistake like me. Life is not Like 100m race that you must run very fast. Try to think life like a marathon race where you must conserve your energy to last for a long time. This is in fact the most important lesson I have learned and although my health has become better, I’m not rushing to work but I’m waiting that my health improves fully.
Thus, in the end I’m even happy for my suffering because it has brought happiness for me. Just one year ago, it was impossible for me to tolerate the suffering and find anything good about it. However, now when I take a look at the suffering of the last fifteen months, I think of God because I have got real blessing from God. Even if you do not believe in God still try to think about your own mistakes of the past. When suffering comes, then, think of the mistakes more and only then you can find happiness. To be honest with you, last month or August, 2010 and this month or September, 2010 are becoming the worst months in terms of earning money. I think that I had such bad income five years ago and in the last five years I never had this kind small amount of income. However, I have noticed that these two bad months are the happiest time of my life. It is a very happy time for me because I have improved a lot every way.
What about you? Why don’t you share your experience in the comment section?

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  1. Hi Razib,

    I loved this post, I hope one day I can get to this place too. I feel as though I have already learnt lessons but my struggle is yet to be over, but once it is I'm sure I will be able to look back on it the same way as you do.

    In other news.. I started up my blog! Finally plucked up the courage to write my first ever post....... I can't understand how to comment as my wordpress blog, so here is my blog address:

    and if you know how to comment as anything but anonymous do let me know!!! (Oh have managed to at least change my comment name now!!) Hope you are well, kitty x