Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happiness and Sorrow: Life has Both

When I look around then I often feel that I am much happier than most people around me. It was a very shaking experience for me last night as I experienced the strongest earthquake in my life. Well, it was I think a 4.6 magnitude earthquake but since, it originated just 75 kilometers from my home, I really became scared. Although I am not a very religious man, I remembered God at that time.
After the earthquake, I realized that in life, we often destroy our peace on small and trivial things. Obviously, I have this disease and I know that most people I have seen in my life have the problem. Thus, we do not need an earthquake to destroy our peace. We have already destroyed our mental peace with small matters.
I do not want to criticize anyone here. I am stating my idea and the experience with this earthquake have helped me to change my attitude. From now, I will try not to bother about little things in life. Of course, it is impossible to change this habit but I will try my best about it.
I am not in any way suggesting that you should not be sad when a sad thing happens. Of course, we cannot control ourselves. What I am suggesting is that try to make a list of the small things that make you sad too much and try to come out of them.
Until the age of 20, I was a big fan of sports and especially football (soccer). When my favorite team failed, it gave a lot of pain to me. I know that there is no shortage of people who have this kind of feeling about sports. Well, at the age of 20, I realized that it was useless to stop eating or talking for a game. After all, it is just a game and it will come back every season every year.
Thanks everyone for reading and following this blog. Today, I noticed that this blog has 33 followers now. This gave me a lot of happiness and from now, I will try to be regular in updating it. 

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