Monday, August 30, 2010

At last I feel Happy about Blogging

Since I started blogging, I had always the dilemma of earning money vs personal satisfaction. I had to do many things. The most important thing I had to do was to learn about blogging. So, I had to study a lot about Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Earning Money through blogging etc. I also made a huge mistake of trying to spread myself too thing and I worked in many blogs.
As a result, life became full of stress and I was working sometimes 16 hours day after day and month after month. I do not regret all the mistakes in the last four years because I have learnt a lot from the mistakes. Secondly, because I dedicated myself completely about reading on blogging, now blogging is not difficult for me. If my health was some better then blogging was indeed no problem.
I am now becoming better and I am grateful to God for that. Today, I have taken a huge decision of just trying all out for one blog: Laptopet. Thus, I feel almost no stress and exhausting about blogging. This is for the first time in four and half years, I feel very happy about blogging. In the past, I was happy too but there was a sense of tiredness, exhaustion and stress working on me as I was in a field that I did not have much knowledge and skill.
Also, from today, I am going to start doing some research. So, it has brought a lot of satisfaction in my mind. 

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