Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Decreasing Quantity while Focusing on Quality

Quality and Quantity most of the time have opposite relationship. If quantity increases then quality decreases. This is even truer in writing. To write in a good way, you have to give a lot of time and efforts. Of course, the more you try, you become better and faster. For example, I am almost continuously blogging for more than 4 years and 6 months. Naturally, I am now much faster when I write an entry compare to 4 years ago. That is perhaps why, this feeling has come inside me that I should focus on quality from now instead of quantity.
Well, at first, I had to focus on quantity as I hardly knew anything blogging, about earning money or getting traffic. Now, I am at the peak of skill in Blogging and that is why, I feel that it is time to focus on quality.
What is quality in blogging? To me, the definition of quality is simple. I should get maximum satisfaction after writing an entry. I have noticed in the past that when I wrote a quality entry, it brought good response. I got links from some influential blogs and social bookmarks. Of course, after writing a good entry, some promotional activities are needed or else others wont find my writings. So, I know that I can write quality content that gets linked by others.
The sickness, hard work, mental stress, getting the money after earning it, suffering disaster because of shared hosting- all of these took away my confidence and mental energy. I lost the motivation and ability to write the nice entries consistently. My health is coming back and this is helping me a lot.
I am an Aries and maturity became much later in my life. I guess that at last at the age of 37, I feel matured. I still feel very young in my mind but now, I have started to feel matured.
Perhaps the main problem now is to focus on a fixed topic for a long time. I can sit in front of the PC for many hours but I cannot focus on a topic continuously even for 10 minutes. I get distracted too much with many things. Now, the main challenge is to focus on something for nearly one hour. If I can totally focus on writing for one hour then in two hours, I can produce something not perhaps magical but I am satisfied with the quality.
Thus, this is now my main challenge. I love writing a lot and I am happy to be a writer. I cannot think of any other profession that would bring even 10% of happiness like writing. I lost track but here, I am back again to my very best.
It is time to enjoy writing again, take writing as a challenge and enjoy the challenge. Yes, this time, I am matured and happy. Writing is the thing that I can do best and I want to try my best this time.
One of the things that really makes me happy is that I can find happiness and satisfaction in any kind of writing. I am going to focus only in two blogs from now, South Asia Blog and Laptopet. South Asia Blog is a blog about South Asian Business and Economy and Laptopet is about laptop and gadgets. Still, I enjoy writing in these blogs. Especially, South Asia Blog is my most favorite blog. Unfortunately, writing about South Asia does not bring good money or else, I would just focus on South Asia Blog.
My life has been full of struggling against poverty and suffering from frustration. Unfortunately, my parents were never wise about money and wealth and as a result, as the only son and eldest child of the family, I had to earn money from a very early age. I am happy that this is past. Fortunately, God compensated with all my sufferings with a good marriage with an exceptionally good woman.
I am happy that I experienced the kind of love that I always dreamt and read in novels and watched in movies. It is indeed a fairy tale story for me.
Now, I am optimistic because I feel more peace and calm. After years of suffering, at last, I feel I can take some rest. It has been almost 18 years of long journey of hard work for day and night, for weeks and months and years. I have made many mistakes because of immaturity. I had to tolerate many cruelties in life.
Still, I had a dream to be a writer and now I feel that I am very close to fulfilling my dream. In the last one year, I was sick most of the time and I had to depend on my 3 assistants for the blogs. They are very dedicated and I really have no complain against them. They are still working with me. However, I am the type of person who loves to work and when I could not write myself but had to guide them then I felt helpless, frustrated and useless. I like to be in charge and I like to do things myself. Thus, it was a bad torture for me.
Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful to God for this break. The last one year has not only made me matured but also has changed me profoundly. God has helped me immensely to keep the blogs more or less intact and I can again come back to writing. So, with this entry, I am making a comeback and it is like a second beginning for me. 

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